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How late?


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For those of you who's periods were made late by w30... How late were you? I should have started spotting three days ago and should have started my normal flow yesterday. Are we talking weeks late? I

'm day 30 but I'm not reintroducing grains or dairy at all... I may reintroduce legumes for a week or so before I do my whole60...

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I'm typically 28 days like clockwork. During my first Whole30 (mid-January to mid-February) I wasn't late at all, in fact I believe it was the opposite and I had a 26 day cycle. During my second Whole30 (officially started March 1) I was around 6 days late. It made me incredibly nervous since usually I spot for 2 days and that hadn't happened either. 3 negative HPTs and 6 days later, I pretty much skipped the spotting and headed right into my normal cycle. I wouldn't worry too much about it. If it gets to be WEEKS late, consider contacting your doctor if you're concerned --- but in my case, I think my hormones are still just a bit out of whack. Hoping to resume a normal 28 day cycle within a few months.

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I was 6 days late (I should have had it on day 27 of my Whole 30), and, although this is likely a coincidence, it arrived immediately after I had some chocolate. I thought I was going to miss my period all together because of stress. I was going for a Whole60, but I've got to start over now.

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I pretty much skipped an entire cycle during my first Whole30 - I didn't get my period until 60+ days after the last one (which means I probably just didn't ovulate that month). That was UNHEARD of for me, as I had always been a 28-day cycler (like clockwork) in my previous low-fat/veggie-saurus life. I found my 28-day rhythm again starting with the next cycle, so I believe it was just a transitional thing. I'm in my second Whole30 now and my period was on time, but I think that's because I Whole30-style 95% of the time now, anyway...

Anyway, my point is don't worry - your cycle will find itself again!

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Argh, this is so frustrating! I'm on day 28 of my 1st whole30, was due on Saturday and am now 2 days late. Had mild cramps and kept expecting it but nothing. Teeny bit of spotting last night but nothing since.

What makes it even more frustrating is that we've decided to start trying for no. 2 but until I get my period, I won't be ovulating! And I'm really not known for my patience.

On the wonderfully plus side, I weighed myself this morning for shits and giggles and I'm down 12lbs - I love doing the whole30 but I'm so reluctant to add dairy, grains, wheat, sugar, crap back in (not wine, wine and I have a special bond that will last beyond the years). I still eat sweet potatoes but probably need to add a few more back in this week to jumpstart everything. Most frustrating!

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