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Hi Kat, I wouldn't say you're 14 days are ruined. I'm sure you'll still have reaped loads of benefit from them. Here are the W30 guidlines on supplements http://whole9life.com/2010/08/whole9-supplement-evaluation-checklist/

They do say no added sugar in any form so if you can happily do without the melatonin or find a compliant one then that's what I'd do. On the other hand medication trumps a W30 so if you need the melatonin and can't find a compliant one then I'd carry on taking them and just accept that your results may not be perfect but you'll still get so much benefit from the W30.

To be honest, I take melatonin for medical reasons and, since it's hard to get over here, I can't always get a compliant one, sometimes I have to settle for one with rice flour as an ingredient. We all just do the best we can. good luck

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