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Thyme Tincture


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Before I started the whole30 my chiropractor informed me I had candida in my gut and that was affecting my joints (apparently a week long sugar binge doesn't bring anything good to the party). To combat this he prescribed me a thyme tincture 30 drops twice a day until I've finished the bottle. I took it without a second thought and yesterday suddenly realised it may not be compliant and checked the ingredients. Though it doesn't list them all it does say it contains alcohol.

Now I know I'm only having 60 drops in total per day and its not just alcohol but I'm on day 10 and I've been so strict with myself, checking every label (just had to throw out my vitamins after only taking one dose as I realised they contain starch and sucrose) that I don't want to think I've failed on such a small point for something I've been advised to take. Have I ruined my whole30?

Thanks for any advice.

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