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Natural Calm "Problems"


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I've been taking Natural Calm for a few weeks now. After bumping my dose to 3 teaspoons right before bed I've been sleeping SO well. WOW.

But there's one problem...

Diarrhea. Big time.

Without getting into TMI, I mean that basically I'm voiding water with almost no color at all.

This is the only change in my diet which is otherwise 99% Whole30 compliant (hey, I'm not doing the Whole30 right now, give me that 1% :) )

Any thoughts on why this is happening or if it will stop?

I know that Natural Calm can be used as a laxative so maybe I just need to take less...


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I second the idea of lowering your dose of Natural Calm or splitting it into two doses. You might also try changing to magnesium glycinate if lowering the dose of Natural Calm doesn't work. It's formulated to be more easily absorbed so that it doesn't reach your colon (causing diarrhea).

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