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Dear Day 9, I hate you're stinkin' guts.

Liz M

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I have been religiously following Whole 30 and until today I wasn't finding it all that bad.

I've got awesome support from home, work and crossfit which seems to make it much easier.

Don't get me wrong, I did suffer from the usual 3pm sugar cravings (Damn you, Sugar Dragon!) spotty skin, mood swings and my constant jaw-clenched self affirmations "Liz, you don't need that". But it only took a few moments to shake off that feeling and suddenly i was back in control.

Today however, is a different story and nothing seems to be going right...

-Bad sleep last night so started the day off tired and cranky.

-My other half ate the last of the eggs which led to a dissapointing breakfast.

- Having a bad hair day (girls, you know what i mean!)

-Traffic was terrible, work was busy and I had to use all of my energy to resist from pushing co-workers off their chairs because of how annoying and intolerable they were.

- A work event tonight means having to soberly suffer workplace chit chat with a bunch of roudy co-workers.

-I keep thinking about plunging my face into a big tub of baskin robins chocolate mousse royale ice cream.

Day 9 is not a good day for me.... please let day 10 be much better!

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Well, while day 9 was horrible for you, you gave me a good giggle at the start of my day 21, so thank you!

I especially like the idea of pushing coworkers off their chairs :).

Day 10 will be better, and day 11 even better...keep going and tell the baskin robbins to shove off!

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