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Day 4 - Stomach ache!!!!


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Hi! It's my 4th day of whole 30 - my best friend just finished hers and she loved it.

I'm not a sweets person - I turn my nose up at chocolate and ice cream (excepting special occasions) and cakes and candies. I'm 5'7'' and 148 pounds, so I'm not doing this to lose weight (well, maybe a lillllll), I just thought I would try it out for a healthy lifestyle. I have a historically bad stomach, so I try to keep it home-made, easily digestible foods. Not a big frozen foods/take out girl... So honestly, I'm not having a terrible time with the change in menu or cravings. I feel fine in that respect.

The problem is that my stomach is KILLING ME. I rarely eat this much meat or fish so maybe it's shocking my system, but I honestly feel so sick and would rather just not eat anything because of it. And it's not like I'm to full or anything. Has this happened to anyone else? Does it go away?


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