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Day 17 - When will the bloating go away?

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I also had this problem even 45 days into the whole30, mainly after eating sweet potato or yam with breakfast two days in a row. I also had WICKED sugar cravings with only a single piece of fruit that would last the entire day. I spoke to my gastroenterologist and she suggested a 21 day sugar detox (see balancedbites.com). The problem may be Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth. Here's my non-scientific understanding of it - the bacteria get out of balance when your gut's out of whack - like yeast, for example, can overgrow in your intestines just like it can overgrow and cause a yeast infection or oral thrush. When sugars or starches hit the small intestine and aren't properly dealt with quickly, the 'leftovers' from that disregulated digestive process feed the already overgrown type of bacteria, and they produce gas which results in bloating for you. The treatment - starve them out. The switch for me from whole 30 to 21 day detox meant removing sweet potatoes, yams, and fruit. So get ready to feel crappy for another several days as you adjust to even less sugar in your system, but my gut is happy, and no more bloat. I'm on day 17 of the detox, and plan to shift over to the specific carb diet (breakingtheviciouscycle.com) afterwards. So rather than reintroducing everything, I'll be limiting myself to the diet that cures SIBO for good.

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