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Help! First time dining out on the Whole30


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Hi all - I am on Day 5 of the Whole30 and am really nervous about this weekend. Tonight we are going out to dinner and certainly have some "cleaner" options, but it seems everything on the menu has something non-compliant. I don't want to totally derail myself by eating something I "thought" was a good choice. HELP please!

For example: Cranberry Chipotle Turkey Burger- Fresh turkey patty grilled & topped with

cranberry chipotle sauce and blue cheese celery slaw.

It doesn't specify what the turkey patty is made of, or how it's prepared..same with the chipotle sauce, but i would assume A LOT of non-compliant ingredients!

Am I better off just ordering a plain older hamburger, or fresh salmon with a side of steamed veggies instead of fries? And are sweet potato fries allowed if their cooked a certain way?

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Salmon with a side of veggies is the safest choice. Turkey/beef burgers may include unwanted ingredients in the patty and sauces often include off-plan ingredients. I have ordered sweet potato fries in restaurants. They have never tasted as good as those I make at home, which makes me wonder what they are putting on their fries that I don't.

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