Eating on 2x-a-Day Workout Days

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Hey Guys,

I'm finishing up Day 7 and feel great! I'm taking today to cook (lots of veggies, some chocolate chili, and sweet potato hash so far) and had a question I'd like to pose to the group:

What does a meal plan look like for someone that works out twice a day?

I sometimes like to wake up and go for a run - 2mi to 5mi, generally - in the morning and I have Crossfit some days (with more days coming). Following the guide, if I'm working out I should have 5 meals, so does that change when one is doing two workouts a day?

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You might want to look at Fenderbender's report at

It seems he was eating about 6 times per day while doing 2 daily workouts. You would need to adjust amounts to suit your size and the duration and intensity of work.

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