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Hi There, I am starting whole 30 tomorrow the 25 of April.

Its part of a weight loss/ fat reduction program a trainer in Phoenix is

supporting for his clients and non clients.

I have been interested in all the "stuff" I've been

"making up" to resist committing to the program.

Hopefully by owning this it I will give all the excuse making

less power.

Two things that I would like to get past is my discomfort

in using the computer for communication. I am not all that

computer savey and already in getting signed up I have

run into some issues. (those will have to be addressed when

I find more time to do so)

The second concern I have is the "planning" aspect.

I like the paleo concept and would hope it can be done without

having to spend an extensive amount of time meal plannning etc.

As with probably everyone my life is quite busy and very full

and I don't want to add a couple of hours a day to manage my

eating. If I buy the right foods as indicated in the rules and prepare them

simply or juice veggies or go "raw" does that work?

I welcome assistance and feedback and look forward to kicking some

major booty this next 31 days

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Juicing/smoothies are really discouraged on the W30. Have you read It Starts With Food? It would be very helpful for you to understand the reasoning behind all the rules. There's simply no way around the time committment required for this diet. You will get faster with time, but the fact is that it takes more time to prepare real food than what most of us used to eat. The best plan for most people is to dedicate one or two days a week where you do the bulk of your cooking, then the rest of the week you can just reheat. I was really discouraged by the amount of time I was spending cooking in the beginning (as I work full time and go to school part-time), but I did learn to do a lot of things quicker...and just had to accept that this is necessary for my health. Good luck, if you follow the plan you should hopefully be feeling great in a few weeks!

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A moderator posted these links in another thread. There is a separate forum section for supplements, so you might find some insight there as well.

By the way, i think you're going to want to skip the whey protein for now. Isn't that dairy? And I don't know what powdered greens are, but that doesn't sound like something that's OK during a W30 either. Are you saying you make a breakfast smoothie with those ingredients? Smoothies are discouraged during W30 but it would at least be better if you are consuming them with a normal meal (with solid food).

Here is a link to a recent post where smoothies are discussed:


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Hi Welcome to the W30 and to the forum. As JJB said smoothies and juices aren't really recomended. W30 is all about eating real foods. The meal template http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf really is your friend here. It sets out really clearly, the ideal way to be eating.

Unfortunately whey is dairy and so not admissable but to be honest all protein powders and green supplements take away from our relationship with real wholesome nutritious foods. I know the amount of work involved can look quite daunting at the beginning nut there are loads of ways to cut it down. Good luck with your W30 and don't be afraid to keep asking any questions you have.

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I am interested in what you comment about the greens

Its my multivitamin , if you will.what I use for supplement injestion

I will show the label later as I need to get to the pool.

However I just watched a video on u tube that if you folks havent

seen, which I would be surprised, will be a huge interest

as it so supports your philosophy and is such a dramatic statement

of recovery from , not only MS , but of a life time of eating incorrectly

It is fron a Doctor Terry Wahls called " Minding Your Mitochondria"

As I mentioned I'm reasonably sure you folks have seen this material

but if not , it is dramatic and she is a role model for "doin the deal"

as we say in recovery.

thanks for this great source of support and information.

I feel I have a chance at recouping what I have given away , my

natural vibrance, and energy.

I have been very active and health conscious for much of my life and in

the last 3 years since bi lateral knee replacement, I have slipped into

believing my age myth which on May 5th will be 70

I have been in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction for 30 +

years and now need to be in recovery from a less than stellar eating

and fitness regime.

I look forward to your guidance and the opportunity to give as well as receive support.

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isn't she an absolute awesome role model?

I find that Im having a little bit of problem figuring out not how to eat but more of what do I eat.

I don't know if that makes sense especially since this is day 1

but I have been working at home today and just went into fridge and took out 2 about 7oz

of range grazed lamb chops (from one of our great markets, Sprouts) and a quick searing in coconut

oil with a plate of raw carrots was what in a short time I came up with to be compliant.

Although not overly exciting , very satisfying and hopefully was accurate fron what Ive read so far.

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