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Day 26 - nauseous and frustrated

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Today is day 26. I have been 100% compliant. My typical breakfast is eggs along with veggies (sometimes it's some shredded sweet potato mixed in with my scrambled eggs, sometimes it's other veggies on the side). The eggs are typically cooked in 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil. I also typically have four or five almonds and two or three strawberries. Lunch is usually salad with some sort of protein (chicken, beef or shrimp). For dressing I typically use either my homemade mayo from ISWF or the avocado dressing from ISWF. Dinner is always about one and a half palm size of protein and plenty of veggies (a salad or green beans or sweet potato "chips" or carrots, etc).

The nausea has come and gone throughout my Whole30, but today it is ridiculous. I am so discouraged. I thought that after a full 25 days of eating GOOD FOOD I would not feel like this. I have always been very conscientious of my water intake, so I know I'm well hydrated. My sleep quality has been up and down, but that doesn't seem to correlate with nausea. I guess I need to start keeping a very specific food diary to see if I can figure out if something I'm eating is causing the nausea.

The nausea is negatively impacting my mood (who wants to feel like crap all day?) and at one point today I wanted to dive head first into a bag of Doritos (but didn't). Am I craving salt?

Any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance for reading and offering any wisdom you may have.


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