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MicheleC's Whole30


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I am currently on Day 2 so I am going back a bit here.

Day 1:

Felt hung over from overcarbsumption from the night before that made me realize I needed to start early.

B: 2 eggs fried over easy in coconut oil over broccoli rabe sauteed in coconut oil and a handful of blueberries and a glass of black iced coffee

L: ate outdoors under a tree and ate 3 chicken tenderloin pieces a large salad from farm share veggies and an olive oil dressing that I made and a handful of blueberries

D: was late because I was upset about something and didn't want to be in a kitchen when I am feeling that way because it tends to lead to bingeing. When I calmed down and ventured to the kitchen I made a wilted kale salad with Real Salt coconut oil and lemon juice (organic) and ate that with 3 scrambled eggs in coconut oil and homemade sauerkraut. I also drank a small glass of beet kvas (homemade and pink and fizzy and beet tasting (not sweet)) and had my fermented cod liver oil and felt a lot better

Day 2:

Got rest and woke up feeling well rested and ready to face the day. I also felt good that I sat with my feelings without reaching for any food and took care of myself.

B:Three scrambled eggs (I don't put anything in them just scramble the yolks and whites together with a fork) with coconut oil and more of the kale salad and sauerkraut from last night

L: I ate most of a large salad with flank steak (several large slices) I cooked ahead of time with a little olive oil dressing

s: a small handful of cashews and a cup or so of blueberries and mango

D: Went out to eat and had blackened sirloin tips and steamed veggies. Felt good that I gave my cornbread away and said no to pecan pie.

It felt good to have a relaxed day outdoors with my friends and I did my best with good choices while eating out.

So that's the past two days and so far so good! This is hard, but not impossible and I did make a friend feel a little uncomfortable when I said no to pecan pie and swedish fish but I was taking care of me and she is used to taking care of others with sweets so I'm not sure how to handle things like that besides just saying this is what I am doing for now because I really need to get in a healthier place with food.

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I have a friend that gets a lot of joy out of making special foods for others. Even though I tell her that I'm not eating wheat, she will still make me a baked good with no dairy (I have an allergy, so she's always made things special). I don't like being surprised like this because I feel so guilty turning these made-from-scratch things down. But I really don't want to eat them - W30 or not.

I think you just have to live with the guilt sometimes. All good friends get over it, though. :)

Great job so far! Especially great job with not eating upset feelings away!

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Day 3

Felt good today I took my time getting out of bed and was pretty relaxed. My meals ended up being on the later side than I normally would like though.

b: Leftover salad and steak from the day before and 2 eggs with a little olive oil dressing

l: 2 small chicken thighs with kale and turnip and carrot salad

s: fresh raspberries with a little almond butter

d: 1 chicken thigh with kale chips cooked in coconut oil.

Also went to see a movie with my brother and his girlfriend and it was good! The popcorn smelled awful and I wasn't even tempted today! :D

So all in all a good day. Maybe I should have gotten in a morning walk though. Tomorrow will be a full day.

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Day 4

Today was not as busy as I thought it would be. I did have some moments of agitation as I am working in buying a car from a person (not a dealer) and getting financing from my bank. There's paperwork and I had to deal with a paperwork mistake which is fixed now and so things can move forward,

So I feel a little stressed but kept practicing breathing techniques and reminding myself that it is going to be okay.

So my food today was:

B: a can of sardines packed in olive oil spicy sauerkraut and fresh raspberries and blueberries and a tablespoon of almond butter

L: 2 chicken thighs and salad from farm share veg with olive oil dressing I made and blueberries and raspberries with a tablespoon of almond butter

Dinner ended up being very late because my boyfriend was traveling home from a trip and his flight was late. So I had a snack of kale chips blueberries and cherries

D: a few chicken breast tenders and veggies sautéed in ghee

I also had a good conversation with my boyfriend about me doing this Whole 30 and why and he was very understanding and supportive. He likes that I cook healthfully and thinks what I cook is yummy so that has never been an issue. (Grateful!)

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Day 5

I was kind of in Kill All The Things mode today as I spent 2 1/2 hours driving around to get financing for a car, delivering the check and getting the title and keys thing going to my insurance agent to complete paperwork for the registry. Thursday I will have to finish transferring plates at the registry. But on a happy note I have a car!!! And I had a great band practice tonight it was fun!

My food today was great especially considering how many times I passed drive thru junk places on my race against time to get stuff done. I thought to stop and get an extra iced coffee at a bakery but felt that I wasn't up for the challenge of looking at trigger foods as I ordered coffee.

B:1 chicken thigh and last of kale salad and sauerkraut and iced coffee and a few cherries

L: 2 chicken thighs and salad with olive oil dressing.

S: a few cherries in the car in my adventure today. Didn't know if I would have time for dinner later

D: I did manage time enough to scramble 3 eggs in coconut oil and eat that with a good helping of sauerkraut with a tablespoon of FCLO and beet kvas

Hactic but good day. And Car!!!! :D

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Today was great!!! :)

I decided to host a potluck today because there we're fireworks in town and I didn't want to be sitting next to "food" vendors all day so I had friends over and I could eat all but two dishes! I had myself covered with ribs from Paleo Comfort Foods and made a slaw from The Clothes Make the Girl blog and fresh farmers market berries for desert. Best of all I got to play games with friends and a bit of a firework fail ( tried watching from backyard. Could see the higher fireworks only) and lots of fun!

B: 3 eggs over easy cooked in ghee and spicy kraut

S: some cashews once fore a walk to farmers market

D: Several ribs a cup or so of slaw half a plate of green salad sunflower seed pate and berries!

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I had a pretty good day today. I ate leftovers from the party for my breakfast and lunch. I cooked dinner for my boyfriend and I and have some more leftovers for tomorrow. I don't mind being a little repetitive with my food but I do think I will try to get a few more different meats or something so I get a little more variety.

B: the last rib from the party some sunflower seed pate some cherries and iced coffee

L: spicy kraut a chicken tenderloin piece and sautéed veggies the last of the sunflower seed pate and the last of the cherries

D: two chicken thighs and roasted beets and fennel (roasted in ghee) it was yummy!

S: one more iced coffee at a cafe with my boyfriend

I am still working on reading ISWF and going through the veg and fruit chapter now. So far I really like the way everything is explained. I am looking forward to reading about the meal map I have a feeling that will help me out a lot. :)

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Day 8

Today was very hectic at work. And I started that time. And I was crampy and felt huge all day. I did pick up farm share veggies which was good!

B: didn't eat on time at all but I did manage to eat 2 chicken thighs and spicy kraut

S: drank some kombucha when picking up share (was Hot!)

S: Chicken thigh ate when I was super hungry

D: hake filet breaded in almond flour with sweet potato, carrot, and summer squash roasted in ghee blueberries and peach with coconut milk ( was hungry)

Need rest now. Long day.

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Day 9

I definitely felt better after a night of rest. Possibly a perfect storm of stress and heat and emotions. Today was more low key and relaxed and I got a lot of reading done and played games with my boyfriend and ran errands with him today. I also got in a load of laundry (very important!)

B: (ate out at a local diner) Mesculin salad with greens, red cabbage, endive, grape tomato orange and grilled salmon drizzled with olive oil and vinegar.

L: two chicken thighs with roasted beets and fennel cooked in ghee

S: coconut milk with some blueberries and a small peach and cashews

D: 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil and sauteed broccoli rabe and spicy kraut. I sprinkled some shredded coconut on the greens and eggs.

Good plans for tomorrow include making my own pickles with cucumbers from farm share and ginger carrots as well! Also may try to make my own coconut manna. Also maybe a crock pot dish depending on what I find at the meat market.

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Day 10!

One third of the way through!!! Today was a prep day I did lots of prepping and got 3 1 quart jar of pickles fermenting and one quart of ginger carrots fermenting. I also got a chuck roast and put that in the crock pot and cooked some chicken thighs and made a fritatta with veggies and canned salmon. I also washed lots of lettuce and I think my theme for the week will be "... on a bed of lettuce" Then I went swimming as the roast cooked in the crockpot and i came home to a yummy tender roast beast! A good day overall!

B: 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil and sauteed broccoli rabe and sauerkraut on a bed of lettuce with a cup of blueberries

L: 2 slices of veggie and salmon fritatta on a bed of lettuce with what was left of my rosemary infused avocado oil

D: crockpot roasted beast with indian spices with sauerkraut on a bed of lettuce with turnip and radish

Tomorrow looks like I will be making some buffalo liver pate (wasn't quite thawed enough today to cook) and possibly trying to make clarified butter if there is time.

Well I am fading fast (swimming does that to me)! Good night all!

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Oh yes forgot to mention I also had a small glass of beet kvas with dinner! I make my own and do not sweeten. Yesterday I went into my local coop and saw there is a company making kvas but looking at the label they use stevia so I will have to wait to try it until after my whole 30 to compare it to what I make.

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Thanks guys! Maybe I am feeling the more energy thing because I have been pretty busy. Had a pretty good day at work then got hone and cooked the buffalo liver I had with onions and salt and pepper in palm oil. Then I prepped meals for tomorrow and packed them up because I had a class then to my boyfriend's house to stay over.

My meals for Day 11 were:

B: Veggie and Salmon fritatta (2 slices) on abed of lettuce with turnip radish blueberries and shredded coconut and some apple cider vinegar and sauerkraut and coffee

L: same thing as above minus frittata and coffee and had chicken thighs instead

D: liver and onions cooked in palm oil on a bed of lettuce with radish and turnip and a couple of fermented pickled cucumbers (yum!) and shredded coconut and some blueberries and summer squash and beet kvas

Tomorrow will be busy so no cooking will be eating what I precooked. Will have therapy then band practice after work.

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Today was busy but I did take the time to sautee some veggies between my appointment and band practice.

Day 12

B: 2 slices veggie and salmon fritatta on a bed of lettuce with a little liver and radish and turnip and some peach slices and shredded coconut and olive oil and vinegar and 2 pickle slices

L: The same as above minus the fritatta and liver and adding in chicken thighs

D: 2 slices veggie and salmon fritatta on a bed of lettuce with sauteed fennel and zucchini and ginger carrots and a couple of pickle spears and radish and turnip and a little liver and a couple of canned artichoke hearts and beet kvas (the last of the kvas for now)

Band practice was fun and now I am doing some computer work before bed. Tomorrow is a little up in the air but should be a good day.

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Day 13

Getting close to halfway there! I am feeling some of my clothes get a tiny bit looser and I am generally feeling good. Today I did take a nap for a bit because I felt a little headachy because I messed up my eating schedule. I think I have had enough liver because my body didn't want it but I don't want to waste good liver.

B: lettuce and buffalo liver and beef roast and sautéed fennel and zucchini and ginger carrots and a pickle - ate in 2 mini sessions

L: sautéed fennel and zucchini and canned artichoke hearts and liver and roast beef and ginger carrots and pickle - only ate half late in the day

S: a handful of macadamia nuts a couple spoonfuls of coconut manna and a handful of blueberries

D: a few pieces of flat iron steak and sautéed Asian cabbage with a little chili spiced avocado oil (was very spicy!) and some kale chips

I definitely felt better after the nap and dinner. Tomorrow will include a farm share pickup and meat/fish shopping.

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Today went pretty well I had an okay day at work and got to listen to a couple of Real Food Summit presentations (although it is killing my 3G time it is worth it). Got lots of farm share veggies as well and cooked a nice dinner. I am upping my fats a little to see if it helps with headaches and also not skipping meals. There have been some days where I haven't felt hungry but when I don't eat I will get headaches and not feel well.

B: 2 eggs and a few slices of steak and Asian cabbage with anise and coconut aminos (yum) and blueberries with a couple spoonfuls of coconut manna and black coffee

L: a slice of beef roast and a little liver (last of it!) and sauerkraut and sautéed fennel and zucchini and blueberries with a few spoonfuls of coconut manna

D: a chicken leg quarter with roasted beets onion carrot zucchini summer squash and garlic and sautéed kale sage and scallions (ghee was fat of choice)

all in all a good day. :) I also played a game of go and won!! :) And started reading the meal map and getting lots of ideas!!

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Day 15!

Halfway through! It was pretty hot today so I had a snack for dinner. If I feel hungry later I will have a couple of eggs on a bed of arugula. I got a ton of arugula this week and tatsoi and kale all great veggies that I like! I am glad to have a veggie CSA and I hope to find a meat one or save up for a meat one soon.

So today:

B: 1 chicken leg quarter with kale and squash and beet and carrot cooked in ghee and blueberries with a few spoonfuls of coconut butter

L: same thing as above with sauerkraut

S: was feeling like eating coconut butter and I ate about 1/2 cup or so then felt very full. I still feel very full from that and with the heat I do not feel hungry still. I am feeling I may have ate too much coconut butter today. Tomorrow is a new day and I will be making some clarified butter.

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Day 16 and 17

I had a good weekend not super exciting but I did a lot of food prep work and went to a burlesque show and had a relaxing weekend with my main man. :)


B leftover roast beef with leftover kale on a bed of arugula with blueberries and coconut cream

L same as breakfast

D ground beef scramble with grated carrot, kale, garlic and ginger, fennel and Bok Choy

Sun - ended up just eating two meals with a nut snack - was really hot and I didn't move too much

B 3 scrambled eggs on a bed of arugula with blueberries and coconut butter with olives spicy kraut and pickle on the side

S handful of macadamia nuts

D flank steak on a bed of arugula with blueberries and coconut butter and olives spicy kraut and pickle on the side

All in all a good weekend got to relax from family issues that have been percolating for awhile.

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Day 18

Had a pretty busy day today work was busy with people out and then I had a chiropractic adjustment then vocals practice for the band. Vocal practice was fun and flowed well with a new singer in the group. I love using my voice in that way and am excited for our upcoming gig on Wednesday. We will get a drink ticket each and I already know I am giving mine away. Alcohol isn't a temptation for me really I only would have a drink or two on rare occasions so there is no emotion there. More difficult will be my bosses birthday Friday and I am planning on getting her a little gluten free treat just for her because I know her friends will get her cake or cupcake with gluten most likely and she has celiac disease. It is harder to pass on those things when it is someone's birthday and there is an expectation to share in the treat because it's a special occasion. Pretty much I will have a compliant snack with me just in case I am hungry and want to join in but most likely will say happy birthday then retreat to my desk and wait until others have scarfed down the "food".

So today I had:

B ground turkey on a bed of lettuce with blueberries and coconut butter

L ground beef on a bed of lettuce with olives, spicy kraut and wet sauteed kale

D ground beef on a bed of arugula with wet sauteed tat soi and ginger carrots and sauerkraut and olives

I bought some avocados today so when they finish ripening I will make some tuna fish with avocado and probably some avocado dressing! :)

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Also wanted to mention that I talked with my chiropractor (who eats Paleo and Crossfits) if getting rid of eggs and nightshades would help my arthritis and she said yes especially nightshades so for the rest of this whole 30 I will do that and reevaluate depending on how I feel.

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Gosh I was so good at journaling then I had my gig and got super busy. I was compliant with Whole30 but I did end up eating out at a Moroccan restaurant and got tomatoes and peppers in my meal one time. Starting August 1 I will do the Whole 30 autoimmune style to see if it might help my tailbone issue. I have arthritis and spondylolisthesis, which means a disc in my lower back is pressing against another disc which I can't do too much for besides strengthen my core with planks and Supermans (back extensions) I also stretch the area too and try not to sit too long which is hard because I have a desk job.

In general I have been feeling better and not having strong cravings for sugar like I was before I started this. It's not an obsession about what I will eat and I am not ashamed or guilty about my food either. That is such a relief for me to be able to breathe and relax and enjoy my meals without getting sent into a tailspin.

Going forward I want to find out if eggs, nightshades, or nuts could be an issue so will find out during and after my next Whole 30. I also need to start seeing my doctor about possible hormone imbalances (PCOS) and thyroid issues. I feel like my hormones have been way out of whack my whole life and my eating didn't help at all. I also was on birth control from the age of 14-35 and I am sure that has done some damage as well. All I can do now is take good care of myself and get in lots of bone broth and organ meats and eat as clean as possible.

So for Day 26 I had

B - 2 chicken thighs and a few chunks of watermelon and iced coffee with coconut milk

L - 3 slices roast beef with sauteed carrot summer squash onion fennel and garlic and a couple of homemade pickle spears and a few chunks of watermelon

D - 2 slices roast beef with sauteed veggies as above and ginger carrots (fermented) and a few chunks of watermelon

I have gotten away from as much lettuce because I am not sure if it is binding me up. I made some homemade bone broth and will be drinking that for the next few days to see if that helps. I have had some pretty nasty constipation in the past and it isn't as bad but I don't go every day and I think I should because it can be hard to pass sometimes. Probably way too much info but I am trying to troubleshoot a bit and want to figure out what is going on.

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Yesterday went pretty well in general. I had a pretty good day at work and then went to my farm and picked basil (4 kinds), lemongrass, and sage. I also got my farm share veggies in with more kale and beets! Then I had dinner with my boyfriend and his daughter he cooked and we had a nice time. Then I went contra dancing for the first time in months. It went okay because I took it easy, and did my back exercises beforehand, and stretched afterwards. And I walked to and from the dance so I felt that I got a good amount of activity in. The only blip was that my boyfriend make fried rice with white rice, peas, corn, egg, and turkey and that is what I ate for dinner. Today I feel fine and am eating my usual meals.

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Today was a good day! I felt a tad bit unprepared because I ran out of prepped protein but I winged it okay. I made some scrambled eggs in the morning before heading to work. Around lunchtime I started to feel hungry and went to the local supermarket where they had store roasted turkey so I got that and some olives and ate that with some sautée veggies leftover from earlier in the week and drank some black iced coffee. For dinner I picked up some catfish and fruit and went to my boyfriend's house where my farm share veggies are and made a fish "curry" with coconut milk turmeric and fresh lemongrass and Thai basil. I threw in an Asian eggplant, carrot, and beet greens for good measure. He liked the curry but thought it would be better with rice. Maybe I will try cauliflower rice in the future but today I didn't have time. He was hungry so there is no leftover curry but I know there are still eggs and I can go back for more turkey tomorrow!

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Today was a pretty stressful Day 2. I had a plan to wake up early which failed because I forgot to set my alarm, so I woke up at 7:30am instead of 6. Luckily I had protein and veg all cooked and ready to rock. I threw on clothes, my food in a bag, then went into work. It was a pretty busy day and I had a doctor appointment. In addition to my normal Thursday routine an auditor was in and I had to pull paperwork for him and it's our month end and needed to get things done today for that. I got it all done and listened to Chris Kresser while I was at it.

My doctor appointment was okay. I was hoping to look into my thyroid a little more but she focused on my constipation and said I should take stool softener and fiber and drink plenty of water. I will do that and also take some betaine HCL after reading a post on the SCD Lifestyle blog.

I did get a little headachey today probably because I am not drinking caffinated coffee for this Whole 30. I am sure that will pass soon and I will be feeling great!

Tonight I did more prepwork so I will have an even better day tomorrow. Sweet potatoes and cold avocado soup are in my future this weekend!!! :D

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