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Guar gum

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I've noticed that "guar gum" is the last ingredient in two products, both of which are listed as approved products on the Whole30 "Pantry Guide" http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Pantry-Stocking.pdf

Thai Kitchen canned coconut milk lists guar gum as the last ingredient.

Cholula hot sauce also lists guar gum as the last ingredient.

I'm just wondering if we're allowed the consume products with "guar gum" listed in the ingredients?

I thought this was a prohibited ingredient so I was left wondering when I saw the above items on the approved list. Can anyone shed some light on this for me, please?

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Guar gum is an acceptable ingredient.

When I look around the internet, I find fear mongers proclaiming the dangers of almost everything you could possibly eat, including guar gum. It is very important to know and evaluate where you get your information. I made a decision back in 2010 to accept Dallas and Melissa Hartwig as my food gurus. I figured I was too busy to become a food expert and after studying them for a while, I concluded that they exercised good judgment. Despite my plan, I have learned a thing or two about food on my own over the past few years, but I still recognize the Hartwigs as my gurus.

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