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Pumpkin Bread???


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Hi ... I am hanging for some breadlike food

1 large cup of cooked (boiled) pumpkin

2 ½ cups of almond flour or other (sunflower seeds can be ground into flour)

3 eggs

1 tablespoon of duck fat (preferred) or coconut oil

Other: Oven paper

Mix ingredients in a glass bowl with hand held mixer on low. (do not over mix – just enough to ensure all ingredients is mixed and combined well)

Line your bread tin with oven paper and pour ingredients in. Place in oven and cook for one hour.

When you take it out of the oven, be sue to take it out of the tin immediately to let cool by lifting the loaf out with the paper sides. This will avoid a darker crust because burnt nut flour is not very nice. When it has cooled you may pre-slice the loaf and place in a pyrex dish with a sealed lid and store in the fridge.

Suggestions: Nice with some avocado or nut butter. You can make thin slices and crisp them in a dehydrator which is great for dipping in soups. The bread is also great for dippity eggs.

..................... Is this receipe compliant or am I being too creative!!!

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You can pretty much bet that anything called "bread" is not W30 and definitely SWYPO. The idea is to fill your plate with nutritious food. This crowds out veg and meat, and also doesn't help you change tour relationship with food. Technically all your ingredients are ok, but paleo-fying food (I.e., bread) is not.

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We could call it loaf instead of bread if you like?

Nice but no cigar :D a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, bread by any other name is still strictly off limits on a W30 ;)

As Beets said, W30 is about changing your whole relationship with food, eating good nutritious foods. Paleofying other things like bread, cookies etc is out. Now after a W30, you can eat whatever you like and you may well decide to incorporate foods like this rather than going back to eating grains, that's your call. :)

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