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Starting tomorrow 5/4/13!


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Weighing, measuring, and taking pics tomorrow morning...and then I'm off...!!! :)

I can do this! I already planned my menu for the week.

I know we can't paleofy foods to try to make pancakes and pizza and stuff, but can we make meatloafs and casseroles? I think yes. I should go search. I just thought of that question so I forgot to look before.

Anyway, I turned 36 two weeks ago. I have a 21mos old son. I work part time, but most of it is from home. My goals are:

- to stop having a negative relationship with food! (No more rewarding bad days with food or celebrating good things with treats)

- stop craving and thinking about food all the time

- reduce bloat

- increase energy

- sleep better

- lose fat

I'd ideally like to lose about 10 lbs, but I don't expect that to happen in 30 days.

I'll be checking in all the time. I know I can do this! I've been eating paleo-ish for the last month anyway. The only big change for me will be no dairy and no sweeteners since I've been using honey in some things. I also have had fruit/veggie smoothies everyday and I know smoothies are off limits. I'll miss those. I'll still make them for my son.


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Hi Elliotsmamma, welcome to the W30. Yep meatloaf and casseroles are fine and good standbys. someone else was asking about paleofying things and here's what I wrote there

When in doubt I ask myself:- 1)are the ingredients I'm using healthy and compliant, 2) is the end product going to contribute to my health or 3) am I just trying to recreate a not-so-healthy food because I'm missing it? If i can answer *yes* to the first 2 and *no* to the 3rd then it's liftoff :)

Never be afraid to ask questions, it's a really friendly bunch here. good luck

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I think you're on the right track! Planning ahead is key! I keep a cute notebook on my counter along with all my paleo recipe books. I list all meals for the week and a shopping list. This way I don't get anxiety ha, and I don't buy random stuff when shopping. (Type A much??) but anyway, I found it really helps!

Good luck!

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Good luck! Meatloaf is one of my favorite Whole 30 meals. The kids like it and if I make enough, I have a ton of leftovers.

As for the weight loss, I dropped 10.5 lbs when I did my Whole 30 back in Feb-March. I gained a few back after re-entry, but I have found that a strictly compliant week gets me back very quickly.

You're going to love how you feel!

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I started May 5 too! I'm really excited to start feeling better! I have eaten a very restrictive diet for the past year and have seen some results, but was still eating some grains and a bit of dairy. Have you read It Starts With Food? It definitely gives a lot of perspective and motivation to stick to it! Life- changing book!

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