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Hello :)

Dawn Mason

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Hi everyone,

I'm on Day 2 and enjoying myself so far. this forum seems chock full of really good ideas, recipes, tips and tricks and I look forward to this 30 day journey.

I'm blogging my way through too -http://startingoverwithfood.blogspot.co.uk/ partly to keep track of how I'm doing and partly to wean myself off all the MFP calorie counting I've been doing before. I'm so used to tracking 'everything' so far that is the one thing I miss.

I'm in the UK and had been dabbling in Primal for a while, but I'd managed to cheat-eat my way to a huge weight gain and started to exacerbate my pain issues. A Whole30 seemed the most logical way to go back to basics with food and re-establish a more healthy relationship between my brain, my body and what I choose to eat :)

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