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  1. Jtandi

    Can I have homemade creamer?

    I would make almond milk for my coffee - I wasn't totally in love with coconut milk. 2c almond to 4 c water, dates, and, depending on your taste, cinnamon, nutmeg, unsweetened cocoa, whatever. strong blender (vitamix) until completely smooth, pour through nut bag, and you have your milk. I must say that this is borderline SWYPO. if you are trying to break a serious strong habit it's not really for you - I wasn't a daily coffee drinker. ALSO, I took very seriously Robin's post about remembering this is a journey and, for me, at the time, I made a conscious decision to use this as creamer.
  2. Jtandi

    Day 27 and no real results yet

    mayo - if you are using regular olive oil it's nasty. you need to find the light TASTING olive oil (not light olive oil. light tasting).
  3. Jtandi

    Not seeing benefits...

    I agree, I didn't feel much different until I ADDED something back in. then I was like - OH, shit! I did feel better!! but I will also say that there wasn't a huge shift for me as far as body composition, etc, until way late (and I did 100 days (not recommended!) ) but keep going. it has been said time and again that people don't feel different until that last few days (probably why it's 30 days...)
  4. Jtandi

    Trouble restarting

    I agree Juzbo! buddies are the best. I know you saw in our whole100ers reunite thread that I was just ready to quit. but then I went to CF and saw my buddies that are doing it there and then to work where some more are. and, of course, hubby (who is 1/2 in but still...). truthfully I would've quit about a week ago if it wasn't for them. I suggest you tell everyone you know (that won't judge you or make comments). that's what I do. then they, in some ways, keep me accountable. JUZBO! are you going through Nov 19th? that was my initial end date, but I'm not sure I will make it without adding back in small things (using butter instead of ghee...etc)
  5. Jtandi

    Trouble restarting

    I truthfully think the first whole30 is by far the easiest! I agree with Chris - is there anything you can bring back from your mindset of the first? I am going through this right now. I did 100 days in January, then another 30 in June, and am on another 30 for the month of October. going through this time I'm realizing a couple things about myself...I don't know that I will do another whole30. I have changed so many things about my life and nutrition that a reset for me might be more of a 14-21 day thing (for some reason I get really really antsy around the 21 day mark). I pre-set myself to do a whole30 every fourth month as a reset, but the process is still unfolding. I was so excited to get back this time that initially I wanted to do a whole50. instead I'm finding that I need to alter my "all the time" nutritional mindset and add back in only those things I know are ok for me. why are you doing another whole30? that might be the place to start. did you derail major? do you just feel like you want to rein in a couple things? maybe 30 days isn't necessary for what you want. find what works for you and make it succeed! maybe it's too soon for you to do another whole30 - maybe a whole 15 might be enough if for no other reason than to give you a chance to succeed.
  6. Jtandi

    HELP (for hubby...not me...)

    and just FYI - his childish behavior actually subsided a bit when he was being compliant!!! that's probably why it's so important for me that he continue and follow through, if I tell him now to just back off and do paleo I am 90% sure he will just go back to the way he was eating before. men.
  7. Jtandi

    HELP (for hubby...not me...)

    I feel that "allowing" him to eat banana pancakes or the like (compliant ingredients) is giving him the wiggle room to succeed. I got some great advice in my whole100ers group that made a lot of sense to me - if he is trying to change the quality of food he eats (and what he eats) then allow him to have the ingredient compliant foods, if he is trying to change the relationship then drop those foods. at this point I feel he is trying to change the food he eats and the relationship might be a bit down the road. whether I or he chooses to say he "did a whole30" really shouldn't matter to anyone but him and I. and I do hold on to Robin's words of wisdom in that original post. they have helped me through all the days I have done whole___'s even on the days I wasn't "perfect", it's a journey and the whole ride is really really great! I appreciate everyone's advice. I will see what tomorrow holds and go a day at a time!
  8. Jtandi

    HELP (for hubby...not me...)

    thanks for the feedback guys - Chris - no worries, not argumentative at all! in fact that would be the first question I would ask, too. I have invited him on my other whole30 journeys and he has always wanted to but hasn't been able/willing to commit. not really any of my business to be honest, I don't really mind either way, but as his wife I am willing to help him if he shows that he really wants to do this. for me that means eating the food I make. that's it. and he's done that. I don't know if either of you are married but I'm sure you can appreciate how different all of our relationships are. truthfully, before being married I think I would've been very confused by my current relationship (actually probably pretty judgmental - not saying either of you are!!), but after 14 years of marriage I've come to realize there are times to push my husband and times to step back. of course I am vested in his health on a personal level, but I am not his keeper and only he has the decision as to what goes in his mouth. but he is also a person who will easily and readily self sabotage and sometimes having another person pick you up and tell you not to quit is what you need applegirl - like I said in my post, he won't read the book, it's just not something he will do. not good or bad, just not him. I guess it's a matter of semantics. I know it sounds strange but "doing a whole30" can sometimes be a motivator in and of itself. saying and thinking you've done one can have great psychological effects and sometimes helps people believe they can continue on. having a strict 30 days off the things we eliminate during the whole30 will be more beneficial, in my opinion, than going paleo or primal. as we know - especially from the book, it's easier to do black and white for most of us (I CANNOT eat x, y, z for 30 days) vs I will eat primal or paleo which often means wiggle room for honey, sweeteners, grains, etc.
  9. Jtandi

    HELP (for hubby...not me...)

    thanks! and so true about the kids. I have completely changed myself and my food but haven't done really anything about the way they eat. in ways I feel like I needed to give myself a year to truly get the hang of it for me and the next year I hope to focus on family. but I have recently started to take gluten out of their diet. little steps. and truthfully I will make them things like paleo pancakes/etc, especially in the beginning. maybe next year will be about getting them off sugar/gluten and then the following year can be about weaning them off the breads/pancakes/etc. it's a process. I have to remind myself of that. I might be able to jump in but they might need to ease... and funny you should say that about competition - we are super competitive! my daughter said the best thing to him this morning when he was having his tantrum about quitting "DADDY! we do NOT QUIT in this family!" I love her.
  10. I need some hubby troubleshooting. seriously. for me whole30 is not a problem, and truthfully I can eat the same thing for an entire week if I make it and it's yummy. I eat eggs and hash for breakfast every morning. this is somewhat old hat for me since I was with the group that did a whole100 starting last January 1, did another 30 in June, and started my last one October 1. (this one will actually be a whole50 since that brings me to the day before my 40th birthday)...so I have about 150 days of whole30 under my belt this year so far... this time my HUSBAND said he would join me! I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am, he has mood issues and I have always know that food is a huge part of it (we are both sugar addicts). SO, I have been doing all the cooking/etc, but he is sick of the food. seriously tired of it (he says). he doesn't want any more eggs for breakfast and doesn't want leftovers or other food. this past week he had a work function and they went to a Thai restaurant (of all the places to go...) and he ate off plan. his mood was horrible the next day (super asshole of the year) and I think he finally got it. up until that day his mood has been better than it has ever been in our 14 years of marriage. but now I'm really worried he's going to quit. SO, here's where I need help and opinions. I want him to finish his 30 days (despite the "bump") with adding a little more time at the end. I am thinking of "allowing" him some paleofied foods...making him some paleo pancakes/etc. obviously without any sweeteners/etc (only whole30 approved ingredients). as I said before, I am somewhat of a whole30 veteran. I KNOW THAT THIS IS NOT ALLOWED ON A WHOLE30 (so please don't say "you're not supposed to eat that on a whole30...") but just need opinions. I love Robin's post about not overthinking this, and I am wanting to broaden this a bit to ensure that he can make it through. I have already "allowed" him to have nuts/dried fruit/etc. this is a guy who works nights in an busy ER and was drinking 2 or 3 Rockstar a night, coming home with McDonalds in the AM. he hasn't read the book, doesn't come on the forum, etc, and he's not going to (I know him well enough to know this). I know the decision is ultimately mine (he basically just relies on me for info, etc) but I always love to have opinions and, I guess, in some way "permission"...anyways... let me know what you think (especially if you agree with me!)
  11. ugh. I went to Pedersons Farms website to look to see if they sell near me...nope :*( I have checked repeatedly with my WF, too. there are only a few there that are sugar/sweetener free (mild pork sausage is the one that comes into mind)
  12. Jtandi

    Iced Tea

    I drink seltzer water, too. and black iced tea with lemon...
  13. Jtandi

    store bought broth

    I agree with missmary...super easy to make (esp if you have a crock pot - I leave mine going for almost 48 hours) and the TASTE?! WAY better~! if you want you can buy some bones at whole foods (only beef).
  14. Jtandi

    Salt, Spices and Fat Question

    if you were eating the SAD prior to starting your whole30 there is almost no way you could even come close to eating the amount of salt you were before. it would be very very hard to get "too much" salt eating this way. and I agree with all the other people, don't weigh yourself! promise no more, ok?! I did not lose any weight at all until the final week or so (I didn't actually weigh myself but I'm quite certain by way of how my clothes felt). don't think about any of this, just eat this way for 30 days!
  15. Jtandi

    Why is snacking discouraged?

    I agree with the 'need more fat' comment. I don't see much of it. for me I will snack if I'm not eating fats...and I tend to err on the side of more fat rather than less. I find when I do that I get by sometimes 6 or 7 hours before I'm even hungry again. I eat 4 eggs with sweet potato hash in the morning usually around 8 or 9 and find I'm ready for another meal around 2 or 3. FAT IS YUM!