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Having a bad reaction to (home made) almond milk???

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Today is day 27 for me. Earlier in the week I was feeling stuck and bored, and instead of giving up, I decided to just get more creative with what I was eating. I've always LOVED coffee but because I like bottled, flavored creamer in it, I've been drinking hardly any coffee anymore due to the fact that I've now been drinking it black.

I saw a post here from someone who made their own almond milk and decided to do it as well, thinking I can use it in my coffee and bring back one thing I loved (and truly missed) so much. Well, even though I don't like almonds and never eat them, it's absolutely delicious!!!! However... I noticed yesterday that I was so achy in my joints and totally tired. Then this morning I can actually feel pain in my knees that I haven't felt in a very long time. The only thing that has changed in my diet these past 27 days is the almond milk. (it's important to know that I not only have advanced osteoarthritis, but I also have fibromyalgia. I 'cured' the fibro last year with Paleo. My diet got dirtied up since then so I'm here 'cleaning house' before starting back on Paleo... but with that said, even with these maladies, I've not felt this kind of aches and pains in a VERY long time).

Here is the link to the recipe; I didn't use the dates, and I used a combination of a little vanilla bean and a little vanilla extract. I'm guessing I've drank about two cups of it so far.

Could it be the almonds? The coffee? Any assistance/insight is appreciated!

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