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  1. Hello friends -- Day 8 ended yesterday! My meals were not as balanced yesterday -- dinner was cauliflower fried rice and I think could have used more protein ... but it was SO delicious. Big fan of cauliflower. I wish I could say that longer sleep is one of my NSVs so far, my kids are sabotaging this. I've been going to bed earlier and earlier, but now one or both of them will wake up in the middle of the night crying for various reasons -- which they never do. So I've been having horrible sleep for two past few days, despite my best efforts :/ I think my baby is going through a growth spurt -- she seems to be nursing soooo much more than usual (And in middle of the night) ... and part of me is wondering if W30 is affecting my milk supply. I'm pretty sure I'm eating enough fat though --which is the big thing they always tell you, and drinking about 60oz of water a day. Other NSVs -- I feel sharper at work, have more energy with the kids, and typically don't feel the need to snack between meals. I had a chocolate-eating W30 dream last night that felt so real -- in fact, I even thought about THIS discussion board during the dream, once I realized what I was doing. I thought -- oh no, now I'm going to have to tell everyone on that board that I cheated!
  2. Hi everyone! It's the evening of Day 7, and feel so much better than any other day this week. I feel like my energy level is starting to rise, and I'm not as sluggish or cranky. @MtnGoat, I just picked up a few of these "RXbars" -- kinda like Larabars, but they also include egg whites. While not a meal replacement, they would be helpful and better than nothing for those times post-workout when you need to refuel. I'm no moderator (side note -- why don't we have any moderator love on this board??!!) but you might need at least a snack post-workout -- Especially if you are feeling hungry when going to bed. I always have poor/restless sleep when I'm noticeably hungry, so just a thought! Or, have you ever tried Epic Bars? I personally am not a fan, but they are just meat bars (bison, turkey, etc), and w30 compliant. Both are easier to carry around than an avocado! @nanners, welcome to the board! So great that you got your hubby to join, and amazing that he's seen results already! ... that was honestly my original motivation for doing this -- in the hopes that my hubs would do this too, or at least some of what I was doing would inspire him to change some habits. He's not doing the program with me, but I do think that over the years he's learned some things by osmosis @Dannelle stay strong!!! Today I was just reheating pizza and chicken parm for the fam, and definitely felt the lure of melty cheese and crispy edges. Ugh. Then, I made some fantastic scrambled eggs with spinach, plus these thyme and garlic-sautéed mushrooms that were EVERYTHING, topped it off with a lil hot sauce -- and was so much more satisfied that I would have been if I caved. Eye on the prize!
  3. Day 6 just finished! Am I the only one who feels like this is so much food?? I'm eating according to the meal template and limiting starchy veggies and fruit, and not really snacking, but I still feel that often I'm not hungry for dinner, but make myself eat a full meal anyway. And then part of me actually feels "guilty" for eating that normal meal, because I wasn't hungry at all -- and in the past, I would have just skipped if I felt so satisfied. I know all the reasons for not skipping meals, but this is one thing I'm struggling with right now. Full disclosure -- had a bout with an eating disorder many years ago, so I'm always aware of those nagging thoughts that can turn disordered. Otherwise, I feel good! Congrats to everyone on such a successful week! I hope we don't have any attrition aver the next 23 days
  4. Happy to help, Laura. And @kirkor, it's really the fact that in this recipe, cashew cream is masquerading as cheese, trying to be something it's not. That's definitely the iffy part. If it was just veggies and tomato sauce, like a ratatouille, that would be fine though!
  5. I'm no moderator (or expert), but I personally wouldn't make something like this. It seems to fall heartily into the "SWYPO" category -- replicating something using W30 ingredients that could trigger an emotional / psychological response. It's just like they say with off-limits paleo pancakes that are just egg and banana, right? It seems to be the same concept, just coming at it from a savory instead of sweet angle. Similarly.. what if you did something like create a savory "pizza crust" out of just cauliflower (something I've seen pop up a lot) or plantain or whatnot, and cover that with tomato sauce, cashew cream, and basil, and put it under the broiler until it looks like pizza... I personally wouldn't do that. I I think there's a real value in preparing and looking at whole foods on your plate, and not trying to replicate non-W30 dishes. AND YET ... I use cauliflower "rice" and zucchini "noodles" all the time, so is there really a difference? All this to say I don't have an answer...I'd only GUESS that probably there should be some personal reflection before making a compliant "trigger" food like this, if that's a problem for anyone.
  6. Hi all. Day 5 here for me. Past two days have had more work-related frustration than usual -- annoying and sometimes even sad. Feeling a little bit of mild "kill all the things" I guess -- feel like I have a shorter fuse and that I don't have as much patience as usual (hah! ... I don't have a lot to begin with), and that I'm more emotional (double "hah"!). Maybe a good thing the husband is away on business. Trying to work on my response when I get upset -- letting myself feel the emotions, acknowledging it / naming it, and then moving on. Often, it's easier said than done and takes longer than I'd like . But when I don't just pour myself a glass of wine at the end of the day as part of a chill-out, it's great to come to terms with the things I'm going through, and really experience them / deal with them head-on. I'm also exhausted, and NEED to start going to sleep much earlier -- my goal for the weekend is to improve this. Going to a yoga class tonight which should help me get my zen and mojo back. Sorry for the less-than-uplifting post, all!! Happy St. Paddy's Day from NYC!
  7. Day 4! Reading your posts has become part of a great start to my day. Like many of you, I don't really see changes in the mirror yet or in my clothes. In fact, I think I look a little bloated. @alexd8, that's a good question about skin appearance. In yesterday's W30 daily email, they included this important blurb about what to expect around this time: Detoxin’: You may be experiencing some physical symptoms; the result of your body starting to heal from the damage done by your old less-healthy food choices. Acne and rashes, worsening allergies, and digestive distress are common during this first week. Sometimes, things get worse before they get better, but know this is a common, even healthy stage as your body starts to heal. Be patient—by the second week, these should be largely resolved. Anyone have the crazy W30 dreams start yet? Last night, I dreamed I was scarfing down this huge bag of pretzels -- they weren't even good, and at the point when I realized what I was doing, got so upset. Even when I woke up, I had to think for a second: wait, did I really do that? This morning I had leftover roasted branzino for breakfast, with some shredded broccoli slaw sauteed in coconut oil. Delicious!! A good reminder for me that breakfast doesn't always have to be egg related.
  8. @RoseyGW I'm no expert but can't see how that would be a problem. I'm going to call our ped. about this actually... I too am looking to start supplementing breastmilk soon for my 1 year old daughter -- I work FT out of the home and also will be going away on a work trip for about 4 days soon. I don't have enough breastmilk saved up to last her for the full 4 days and although she eats a lot of solid food, drinking is still a major comfort for her and a part of her routine (especially in the morning and at night). Coconut milk is a great idea. I'd probably supplement that with some liquid multi-vitamin drops that our pediatrician prescribes. I'd personally much rather go coconut milk (or honestly even cow's, goat's, or nutmilk) rather than formula.
  9. Day 3 here. So great to read all these posts -- I'm inspired by everyone's dedication! You are all rockstars. This morning I was feeling super tired, and really NOT feeling W30. After trekking my kids to school in the ice and snow, all I wanted was one of those amazing almond croissants and coffee from our cute local cafe/bakery. Had a little argument with myself and eventually just made coffee at home. To calm my cravings and my cranky mood, I had a tiny spoon of almond butter and coconut butter, waited 10 mins, and then felt amazing. I read somewhere that on this "tired/cranky" day, or whenever cravings hit, to turn to fat instead of fruit. I think it made a huge difference. My first instinct when I got home was to grab a banana, but the almond butter/coconut butter mix was so much more satisfying and didn't leave me wanting more. Breakfast was then some eggs scrambled with all of my leftover veggies from yesterday thrown into one pan -- an odd but ultimately delicious mix of shishito peppers, cabbage, and cucumber (!). Weird but it worked. And just now finishing a fantastic lunch of chicken salad -- shredded chicken, homemade mayo, celery, cashew, and a little chopped apple and date. Fantastic. So good, it might be my dinner too, with broccoli and/or sweet potato. @asbren13 Good luck with your date night on Saturday and ENJOY! And good for you for calling them up in advance to find out about ingredients -- that's some serious planning right there. I too fear restaurants / eating out on W30 because I hate being "that girl" with all the dietary restrictions. But these days, it's much more accepted ... and if you mention you have an "allergy", you bet those servers will make sure to accommodate you Also, asbren -- I can't stand shopping in most Manhattan grocery stores -- even Whole Foods. These days, most of my food shopping (esp in the winter before our farmer's market opens) is done via FreshDirect and Amazon Fresh. I can take the time to look around at the selection without feeling like I'm blocking someone's path with my big-a** double stroller, and it's much easier to find exactly what I need.
  10. Morning, everyone -- Day 2 for me. Crazy snowstorm here in the Northeast! Last night my husband brought home a bunch of really fantastic wine to ride out the storm with, and it took every ounce of restraint not to take a sip -- but there's my first "victory", I guess... Breakfast was a heaping pile of the cabbage I sauteed yesterday, with some eggs and chives -- all cooked in duck fat. Today for lunch I'm having some of the leftover roast chicken from yesterday, and some zucchini noodles -- sauteed with sundried tomatoes and onion. @asbren13 -- you said you "missed the butter" in your dinner -- what fat did you use? Ghee is delicious and still has that buttery flavor you're looking for. I have def expanded my pantry of cooking fats since Round 1, and it's made a big difference. The first time, I only used ghee, coconut oil, and olive oil. This time, I also have pork lard, duck fat, goose fat, (compliant) bacon fat, coconut butter, sesame oil, avocado oil... the list goes on! I try to think about the food I'm making when I consider what fat would be the best accompaniment. Also -- try making some spice blends and sauces like the ones you can find in Nom Nom Paleo, Well Fed, or any paleo/W30 food blogs. Or just buy good, compliant spices and sauces -- they bring life to food! @Danelle, congrats on your commitment to quitting smoking!! You got this!! Are you taking up meditation, or yoga, running, etc to "replace" the soothing feeling you'd get from smoking? On my first W30, I kept a list of activities that were like little "treats" when I felt like I might go off track -- a quick walk, painting my nails, reading a fun article or a chapter of a book, calling a friend, brewing some really nice tea in a beautiful teapot, etc etc... even just coming to this forum and reading stuff. Happy to be here for you when you need encouragement ALSO, MODERATORS: Is there any way to revise the Wiki page for the W30? When you search "whole 30" in Google, it's a little depressing to see it defined as a "fad diet" in the Wikipedia right hand sidebar. I know Wiki pages go through a ton of peer review and it has to be an unbiased description, but still -- it makes me so sad to see it called a "fad diet", which it is not It makes it harder for people going through this program too -- when they tell people (like family members) what they're doing, and those people Google it, it's going to look like something potentially harmful or cultish.
  11. Hey y'all! This board has so much energy and enthusiasm, LOVE IT! It's the morning of Day 1 for me, and I feel so pumped. @MtnGoat (and others) -- as far as how to quickly shut down questions about what you're doing and if it's a "diet" (yuck!)... In my circles, saying you're on a "detox" seems to be universally accepted and understood. While it might not be 100% accurate to define what we're doing, it's much easier than saying "I'm cutting out grain, sugar, alcohol, processed food..." because then (the uninitiated) people might look at you like you're nuts, or on some crazy-restrictive diet, which couldn't be farther from the truth. Another way to frame it: In certain situations, I've said in the past -- "For the next month, I'm trying to cook more and only eat food that I cook." I've said that I'm doing this to provide better food for my kids, to help THEM cut out the junk in their lives, etc., which is also true. However, the best advice I've gotten is to not even worry about crafting a response to people. Most of the time, you should just be able to say "no thanks!" and move on. If you don't make a big deal over it, others won't either.
  12. OOh, yay! So excited to see so many people joining this thread, this is going to be great. And Karib, congratulations on the new little one! I'm breastfeeding as well and know the feeling of wanting to make the food you eat as good as possible for baby And Mtngoat -- I too am a sweets bandit. I love the W30's ability to completely banish those cravings and temptations.
  13. HI Rosemary! I'm about the same age, with two young kiddos, starting March 13 too (my 2nd W30). Just posted in / joined a thread titled "Starting March 12". Maybe we can all congregate there to post regularly and support each other.
  14. Hi there! I'm officially starting on March 13 and would love to start a bandwagon here with other people starting the same week. My first successful W30 was 2 years ago and I remember it so fondly. Since then I've had spurts of W30 (a few days or a week), but excited to immerse myself for the full 30 days again -- it makes a big difference. You will do great and will have a great time too! The number one contributor to my success were the daily emails (look at it first thing in the morning!), and secondly, this forum (accountability at the end of the day). Things I loved the most -- dramatically expanding my cooking repertoire, and cooking every day (you might think this is a "limiting" program, but quite the opposite), and feeling increasingly more vibrant, energetic, and happy as the month went on. Who else is joining the party?
  15. Hi All! Only Day 2 for me but feeling much better than yesterday already. Re. the naysayers talk -- that brought me down a lot on my first W30 round, especially the criticisms from family, etc. I definitely let it get to me more than it should -- now I would like to think I'm a pro at letting things roll of my back and just focus on feeling good. I also had issues with dieting in the past but anyone who does this program knows that it's not a diet, if you do it the right way. Eating a ton of green veggies and fruit today, but still a little 1st trimester nauseous at the thought of meat /fish/eggs. Gargh. I do eat a little but then literally want to throw up. Hoping this will go away maybe as I get re-acclimated to the program and pregnancy progresses. Any ideas anyone??? PS this board is the BEST. Love the enthusiasm, it's contagious!