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    Living the best version of me possible. Completed my first whole30 November 18th, 2016.

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  1. A friend needs help

    Thanks for your feedback SugarcubeOD..
  2. A friend needs help

    Hi all, I'm on my second round and have attracted a few friends to do the Whole30 with me. One friend in particular wants to get really healthy. She bought the Whole30 program, read the book, is cooking like a fiend and loves it. Her goal (and I know Whole30 isn't technically a weight loss program) is to loose 100 pounds. She needs guideance as she is reaching her 30th day tomorrow. She reached out to me to ask how she can go about staying mostly on Whole30 for a long time, until she reaches her goal. I have strongly suggested that she read Food Freedom and she will. I just wanted to ask if there are any other suggestions out there. I also suggested that she complete the reintro the long way. After that, she would indulge when it's really worth it to her. Other than that I'm not sure of what else to tell her. Thanks for any tips or suggestions you may have! Melissa
  3. Holiday Sugar Issues!

    Another thing that helps me during the weaning off of sugar is to increase my fruit consumption. I especially like bananas with almond butter, handfuls of raisins and nut, It may not be perfect but it gets me there.
  4. Holiday Sugar Issues!

    This is what I did to calm my sugar dragon. Let me start off by saying I had company stay at my house for 2 weeks over Christmas and they were the "let's get donuts" at least 3 days per week and the "let's have ice cream" at least 2 times per week. We had many treats laying around. My house was over stuffed with junk while they were here. AND, I have a serious sweet tooth. Nobody loves sweets more than me. Christmas holidays went something like this: I allow myself a special Christmas treat several days over Christmas and New Years. I knew this was going to happened and I wasn't going to fight it. Maybe just a bite on some days but an entire desert on other days or a glass of wine. By the time the first week was over I knew I had to get back in control. The first day was so hard that I decided, instead, to wean myself back to calm. So - each day I had less and less sweets. It took about 3 days before I could go one whole day without sweets and feel that my sugar dragon was under control. The next week I did the exact same thing. So here I am. Not feeling to bad but still fighting off the sugar dragon a tad bit today, I will allow myself a small sweet today but tomorrow even less. Eventually, I'll be back in control and I'll stay there for 2 weeks until my birthday when I will want to have another awesome desert and wine. So for me, I like to wean myself off the sugar.
  5. Holiday Sugar Issues!

    So - I am having a similar experience. My thought is, if you go a little crazy at Christmas with a few extra sweets and some wine (that's what I did)... isn't that part of food freedom? You wait for the things that you really want, eat them, then go back to your best food plan the next day? I definitely felt a little out of control today after indulging in sweets and wine last night. I even allowed myself a few extra sweets today but I also ate the best foods i,e.eggs, greens, ham, sweet potato, and fruit. After I get a good nights sleep tonight my sugar dragon will calm down. I don't feel I need to do another whole30..
  6. Meadowlilly, you have some great pictures. I too will not go to a gym. If it ain't convenience I ain't gonna do it. lol... BTW is there any way to change the viewing display for a particular forum so that is posts the lastest posts first? In order to read your awesome posts I have to go to page 62!! I love your attitude.
  7. 1st reintro - GF oatmeal

    I didn't think eating heavy carbs would make me feel that way but it makes sense. Carb coma perhaps!! Especially since I've eaten a low carb diet for this long. I'll give it another try and include more protein next time. Thanks for the response. I'v been searching all day
  8. 1st reintro - GF oatmeal

    After a 7 day mini-reset I reintroduced Quaker Oatmeal today. Unfortunately it left me totally feeling awful. Low energy, foggy brain, somewhat depressed. I love oatmeal and use was using it a lot before doing the whole30. I made it with almond milk, banana and blueberry. I also had un-curred bacon on the side. I did have 1.25 servings rather than just one serving. I can't believe how bad this made me feel. Quaker only has trace amounts of gluten so I don't think I can blame the gluten. Not sure what it is about the oats.
  9. This almond milk has WAY more indigence than the Almond Milk I've been drinking. I'll try another almond milk drink without the vanilla flavoring to see if I have same results. Thanks for your help..
  10. I recently noticed (after completing whole30) that when I consume a decaffeinated-skinny-vanilla-latte-with almond milk from Starbucks (my favorite Saturday afternoon treat) I get pain and gas in my stomach. I can't figure out what is causing this since I'm using almond milk and decaf. Could it be the artificial no sugar sweetener? Any suggestions?
  11. Starting Today--Oct. 20

    Otonya that's amazing. Thanks for sharing. Yes, the sweets are hard to monitor. I had some white chocolate and a little cheesecake for the first time yesterday. It tasted amazing to me. We love our new life style. I just need to find some more interesting recipes. My wife Kathy lost 11 pounds!! She's VERY pleased and likes this new way of eating because there is no counting calories. We still have not brought ANY bread back. We think we might never bring bread back. We did have some pasta but that's because we are on vacation and found ourselves after a long day of travel with friends who wanted italian. Also had some wine the other day. Are you planning to eliminate anything forever?
  12. Starting Today--Oct. 20

    Only 5 days left. We have felt so much better on the program. Definitely considering long term changes in the foods we eat, the amount of sugar in our lives, and the alcohol free weekends. Looking forward to a little chocolate though. Not gonna lie.. Hope everyone is well..
  13. Starting Today--Oct. 20

    Hi all..wifey and I are still going strong.. Our energy, mood and sleep have all improved. We got a little bored with our food by end of last week so I finally broke down and made the basic mayo AND the tarter.. OMG! I am in love with pickles and dill on salmon (the tarter).. My mayo did not have the exact consistency that is should but that did not matter.. The sauces are where it's at people!! lol..:))
  14. Starting Today--Oct. 20

    Good morning! My wife and I also started Thursday 10/20. So far so good. Did a BIG shop Friday night.. Great time to shop for groceries.. My fridge is transformed. Not really missing anything yet but I'm sure that will come. Tried Kumbacha for the first time while at work yesterday and loved that. The ginger is yummy.. Can't wait to make my own mayo.. Good luck everyone!