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  1. Howdy! I do a whole30 reset every 6 months and I was due to start my next one (reset #6) at the end of August...but was on a 17 day road trip Just got back Monday 9/6 evening and got all my groceries this afternoon to start cooking tonight and will start 30-ing it up tomorrow! Anyone else? I know it's a pretty random day to start but figured I'd reach out Lauren
  2. Hi! I do a whole30 every 6 months and reset #5 will start on Jan 4! Anyone else with the same start date?
  3. rachelmaria33, welcome! Glad to have you here April 26 start date must mean you are completing Day 9 now, right? How's it going for you? I started on 4/20 so I'm wrapping up Day 15 and yes- still plugging along! I'm with you on the cutting out gluten. Well, I don't always do it but given an option- I usually select gluten-free items. I noticed how much stomach pain I had during my very first whole30 when I tried to reintro grains with gluten. I was very surprised! Very hard for me to be dairy-free when I'm not doing whole30 because I love ALLLLL the cheeses, hehe!
  4. Studentoflife81, welcome! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply...I had in my head that no one else was going to be joining this forum. Glad I checked! How is it going for you??? I guess it's Day 16, yes? Woohoo- go you!!!
  5. Hi Rindaloo- I can get delivery from Whole Foods through Amazon Prime Now, however- most of their time slots have been completely full whenever I've checked. My husband lucked out once and was able to order a bunch of broccoli, tuna steaks, and some compliant whole30 turkey bacon. So that was a win! But I've mostly just trekked on the bus to Whole Foods. I've only had to go 3 times so far and I got enough stuff this Saturday to hopefully hold me for 2 weeks before I needs to go there again. As long as I make a trip to my local grocery store before then, I should be set for this and next w
  6. Congrats Revelate! You must be done with your initial 30 days! Day 34, right? How are you feeling? Are you reintroducing items now?
  7. Revelate- how's your whole30 going? Are you on Day 20 now? Amazing! Sorry it looks me a while to respond! I didn't start on 4/12, but I DID start today! I ended up going to a different Whole Foods location than my previous trip a month ago on Saturday (braved mass transit and took a bus, stayed far away from the only 3 other people on it) and waited outside in a line in the rain for maybe about 10 minutes total. This Whole Foods had literally everything I needed from my list EXCEPT 1 item...which I can make from scratch, I just usually avoid doing that since it's time consuming- but I hav
  8. I should say, I'm THINKING of having this be my start date. I've had this in my calendar as my future start date for the past 6 months...but then this pandemic hit and now I'm concerned it will be difficult to get my shopping done at Whole Foods- since it's not near my apartment. I live in NYC and I'm not taking public transportation right now for the obvious reasons. My local grocery store doesn't carry a lot of the Whole30 compliant brands / items I use with many of my recipes (this will be my 4th Whole30, I do one every 6 months). Plus, I don't trust the meat at my local grocery store as mu