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  1. Feb 27 Reintro Group!

    Seems like you're doing well! I have slipped a little bit but keep referring back to Food Freedom Forever for reminders and inspiriation. I am facing the fact that I should probably be avoiding dairy. Ever since reintro I have not been able to properly clear my throat because of extra congestion. Yes it could also be due to seasonal allergies but the timing is on dairy reintro is too obvious for me to ignore. I also think I want to stay away from gluten. Though my side affects weren't crazy apparent I now have noticed some bloating and general swelling the day after bread. This has to be my new Food Freedom and I need to adjust! :-)
  2. Feb 27 Reintro Group!

    How's everyone doing post Whole 30?
  3. Feb 27 Reintro Group!

    Today I am going for dairy. Started out the morning with actual cream in my coffee and cheese on my eggs. The cream tasted way to heavy and I went back to my sugar free almond milk for the second cup. Even the cheese in my eggs I wasn't all that into. It's sad-- I always thought I loved cheese! I felt a little wonky afterwards if I am being to totally honest to my feelings. I'm not sure I even want any dairy the rest of the day. I have laughing cow cheese wedges for lunch and thought I may get some fro-yo later. We will see. I want to see how I feel after dairy and I was so excited for cheese but then-- disappointment. I'll check in with how I feel later or tomorrow. Gluten comes on Sunday which works out since we are hosting a BBQ so I will have a burger with a bun.
  4. Feb 27 Reintro Group!

    Ugh just typed a whole bunch about my reintroduction and it disappeared. The long and short of it is... 1. I did legumes. No adverse reactions.lon 2. Since I am slow-rolling I have had some foods that have added sugar but will not have any straight up sugar for a long time I am hoping. No candy, cakes, dessert until at least Easter and I'd love to just kick the habit for like 95% of the time. 3. I drank alcohol--- Magner's cider to be specific. I did not reintro it as properly as I should have but feel totally normal besides being a little tired from a crazy long and hectic weekend. 4. Tomorrow will be the reintroduction of non-gluten grains. I am so excited for popcorn I can barely stand it.
  5. Feb 27 Reintro Group!

    Ugh just typed a whole bunch about my reintroduction and it disappeared. The long and short of it is... 1. I did legumes. No adverse reactions. 2. Since I am slow-rolling I have had some foods that have added sugar but will not have any straight up sugar for I long time I am hoping. Like no candy, cakes, dessert until at least Easter and I'd love to just k 3.
  6. Feb 27 Reintro Group!

    I had the same thing about 10 minutes ago! Bought a few at Target. The price is a bit much but were good for on the go.
  7. Feb 27 Reintro Group!

    I'm sure the moderators will know better but I think you can add the beans in for a day as long as you go strict whole 30 for the next two days. I am kind of doing something similar. I don't really want to fully begin reintroduction until at least Sunday because I am a musician and playing in a show and just don't want to risk not feeling well with that kind of pressure. I have decided not to be crazy strict with sugar watching until I am following up my reintro days. Today, the one thing I wouldn't have had on a strict Whole 30 were some kettle chips* that were packaged and had a few "sneaky sugars" in them. The other not totally Whole 30 thing I did today was snacking, but to be honest it was more because of my schedule. I packed as if to eat meals but just kind of had to eat them as snacks. We are in testing in NY schools so my first free period today was 8th period (1:45) and I knew I needed to eat but only had a few minutes here or there/inbetween periods/awkwardly at my desk while kids were working lol. And then with rehearsal for this show I kind of fell into the same pattern. Unfortunately tomorrow will be quite similar schedule wise so I am again going to stay basically Whole 30, no big reintros. I may be able to eat lunch at 1, but I would need to eat dinner at 4:15/30 so I will probably eat again after the show (say 10 o'clock) as well. I will see how I feel and go from there. *as for the kettle chips, I wanted to try something that isn't a terrible trigger for me but enough of one to work on going back afterwards. I started reading Food Freedom Forever and I am coming to terms with the relationship I've had with food in the past, during the Whole 30, and in the future. It is important for me to learn to have a "trigger" food and then move away from it (as Melissa talked about the Cadbury Creme Egg in the book I envied her ability to put it away for a year, and I guess ideally that's the goal, right?). The most interesting thing is that a co-worker asked me how it was, and, well, eh. They were crunchy which I missed, and that's about it. I'm excited not to go to that food again for a while. Food freedom...a work in progress.
  8. February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Alright all... I started a new thread for us in the REINTROS. You can find it here!! Be sure to follow so we can stay in touch. -- Jo
  9. Feb 27 Reintro Group!

    Day 31! A spot for us to talk about reintros....
  10. February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Will do! I'll start one in the reintros and link it here tomorrow.
  11. February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    DAY 30! I hope we can all continue to post here about our reintros! Thank you SO MUCH TO EVERYONE ON THIS THREAD AND ALL OF THE MODERATORS. We did it!! I posted about my Day 30 feelings and am going to continue to post as frequently as possible but didn't want to clog up the feed. If you feel like following, link is below. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.
  12. February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Happy Day 30 Eve! So proud of us
  13. February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    @Melinaka Aww thanks!
  14. February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    @kellyfoss Sorry about the sneaky salsa! I am also feeling really great and was thinking about staying a little longer but I think I have successfully mapped out a preliminary plan for reintroduction that I am excited about. I have decided to stay away from alcohol for a bit longer, at least through the end of Lent. If pregnant ladies can do it for 9 months, I certainly can do it for 40 days! I am nervous about dairy and gluten. I have never had a serious issue with either that I know of, but the more I am reading about reintroductions, the more people I see who have had sensitivities. I don't want to feel sick which is maybe why I want to stay on longer. I am on Spring Break the second week of April so I am planning most reintros for that time period. When we started the whole 30 in February I was doing a good job of working out as well. I love to walk outdoors and enjoy lifting weights or using weight machines at the gym. I am not a fan of indoor cardio machines but try to use them on occasion anyways (the former Skyfit now Aaptiv app is helpful). Unfortunately, I hit a bit of a stall with the working out about day 8 or 9 when I was feeling particularly sluggish and I am finally feeling ready to jump back in. I have an absolutely CRAZY busy week coming up since I am music director of a show that goes up next weekend so I am prepping myself to get back into my walking routine on Monday, April 3. If time allows, I will do it sooner-- possibly even this afternoon (my last few hours of freedom until the show is over on Sunday the 2nd!). Hopefully the weather will warm up in the next several days! Now, to be slightly petty for a minute, I find that I am frustrated when I see people who sell shakes-which-shall-remain-nameless or fixes that last between 20 and 22 days on Facebook and other social media talk about clean eating. THIS. THIS IS CLEAN EATING. Don't get me wrong, do what works for you I truly believe that, but we have been eating seriously clean and whole for the past 26 days. I am so happy about the way I am eating, particularly the hoards of vegetables and proper plate set up. I feel like it's easy now. I know what I can eat and what I can't and it really is becoming habit. I just feel like there are so many lies out there about proper food consumption. Have I drank too much of the (sugar, gluten, dairy, & soy free) Whole30 hypothetical "cool-aid" that now I am extra aware of other food/diet fads that are just not the same? I just want to shout "NO!! GO BUY WHOLE30!!!" LOL. To me, someone who has tried IT ALL, this is the answer and this is how I need to approach food forever (which reminds me, I must buy "Food Freedom Forever" before it's all said and done!). By the way to everyone in this group...we ROCK. WE REALLY ROCK. I am so grateful for this forum and that I have a place to communicate how I am feeling and receive positive support from others in the same boat. This has been seriously helpful and you all inspire me to keep walking past that candy aisle in CVS!!!!
  15. February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Sorry to post again today but a lady at work gave me cookies for helping her with the computer and they sat in my room all day and then I let my kids who stay after school have some cookies. OMG talk about willpower. They looked so good. I was thrilled when the kids finished them!! Whew...that was a close one.