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  1. Today was my day 2 and its in the books!!!! WOOOOT! i was so hangry earlier in the morning but I mellowed out after I got some potatoes in me haha. @hawaiiandeb i feel you on that!! there literally is sugar in sucks, but i hope you got through it!!! what day are you on?
  2. Hi guys I started today, but figured I would jump into this forum since it was close enough! I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to hearing about your journeys This my Round 2 of the Whole30! I did my first one last March and it was tough, but so worth it!!
  3. alexd8

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    Wow!!! Congrats on getting this far!!! A day in the books is a day of challenges YOU were able to conquer! In terms of maybe not getting enough carbs in, my favorite thing to eat when I did my first Whole30 was sweet potatoes or regular potatoes!! I did a mix and match some days. It was the necessary fuel I needed for the day and gave me energy. Since you are running/exercising/being active maybe that will help get the carbs you need in!
  4. alexd8

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    Day 2 in the books!! Last time around I remember the novelty of the program pushed me through the first couple of days, but boy oh boy the ONLY thing I could think of today was chocolate! I am still excited about this program, but since I know what to expect I can see it's going to be challenging early on. Today I ate scrambled eggs with spinach using coconut oil in the morning and for lunch had a rainbow salad of spinach, red peppers, cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, chicken, and olive oil drizzle! Some NSV my face is ALREADY starting to clear up!! Last time it took forever for my skin to clear up especially because I suffer from cystic acne, but too much sugar is what causes the breakouts so I'm limiting my fruit intake to the 2-3 servings recommended. It really makes a difference.
  5. alexd8

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    @EatingSun Those mini teacups are the best ;-) So nice to hear I'm not alone in the struggle of the reintroduction phase! I'm going to look into Paleo and see if that's something I can do once the Whole30 is over, thanks for the tip! Also, congrats on day 6!! & congrats to everyone who are continuing to conquer each day!! I'm on Day 1 today (I accidentally wrote in my previous post that I was starting tomorrow 3/13, when tomorrow was actually 3/14)! The best day is Day 1 when you feel on top of the world, but honestly I'm exciting for this journey and to defeat each challenge day by day and make myself a healthier, stronger person!! Can't wait to hear about everyone's day today!
  6. alexd8

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    Hi everyone! I wish I saw this post over the weekend, so I could have joined your journey yesterday, but that's ok! Tomorrow, March 13, will be my start date. I am super exciting to join everyone on their Whole30 journey. I successfully completed my FIRST Whole30 a year ago on March 12, so it feels really great to start my second journey exactly a year apart! A little background on how it went last year...I lost 9 pounds, had great non-scale victories such as clearer skin, less bloating, stronger nails, and overall boost in confidence. The hardest part was the reintroduction phase, so that is something I will be working harder on this time around. I can't wait to hear about your daily victories and join this awesome community again!! 30 DAYS HERE WE GO!