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  1. Wow... I just read thru this whole forum topic looking to see if anyone else had this exact issue! Yesterday was my legume reintro. I did peanut butter with breakfast, soy sauce & Edamame with lunch, and black beans with dinner. Today I am experiencing some GI issues (bloat, some gas and slight diarrhea- sorry if TMI). I think it is great that I can pinpoint these issues... But have no clue if they are from "legumes" or one of the specific kinds that I ate??? I am not particularly interested in the impact of peanut butter... I actually found (thru reintroduction) that I prefer almond butter. Cool, huh? I was thinking about adding some reintro days at the end of my 10 day reintro to specifically call out soy vs. beans. I did some research on FODMAPS and think there may be something there. So, if after testing the other groups (non gluten, dairy, gluten and alcohol) would adding a soy reintro day and a bean reintro day (with the two W30 days in between) be an acceptable way forward? And keeping on with this pattern for any other questionable subsets (cow's milk vs goat's milk, etc)? Thanks!
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