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  1. Whole30 with Extreme Binge Eating Disorder

    I know this is an older post, but just wondering if you were able to complete your Whole30 and see change? I can honestly say I know exactly how you feel. I was Whole30 compliant for a couple of months. Never looked better in my life. When I say compliant I mean in terms of food, because at the very end, I actually binged on prunes. Yeah, you read that right. Nuts and prunes. Why? Because it was "compliant." I am trying to do this again but I haven't gotten past day 2 or 3. I hope you found success, and if you did, please share
  2. Thanks @SugarcubeOD do you have any idea for brands? Tried searching the forum but the ones I found that are supposed to be compliant have labels that say the soft gel contains glycerin, which I thought as of late is non compliant. That includes the NOW brand...
  3. Can anyone offer any advice on this supplement's compliance? Or lack thereof? Thanks,
  4. I have been looking for a compliant Vitamin D supplement and almost everything in capsule form has glycerin, which I know is out. So I decided to go the way of liquid, and I just got my order in (Amazon). Even though all ingredients appear to be compliant, its a liquid D3/K2 supplement because apparently those vitamins sort of need each other. So on the FAQ insert, it says the source of the D3 is lanolin from sheep's wool and the source of K2 is MK-7, which is Natto from fermented soy. The ingredients don't say "contains soy" so is it still compliant because the K2 is sourced from fermented soy but isn't the same as whole fermented soy? Besides the Vitamin D and K2, the only other ingredients are peppermint oil (to make not taste bad I guess?) and organic olive oil.
  5. How's everyone doing? I'm not doing so well again, I cannot seem to get my stuff together here. I am not giving up though. I did this before, and I can do it again. What I know now though is that I most definitely need to work on the relationship I have with food. I also have to deal with an ED that I am desperately trying to kick and its been really pushing me down lately. I'd like to think this is its last hurrah before it goes down in flames LOL. For good. So tomorrow is a new day, but I still look to Whole30'ers for my inspo. And I have listened to a few podcast interviews with Melissa. I wish her new books were coming out sooner then December lol. Have a great week all!
  6. Love love love this! I need to work on the emotional relationship with food part, so it's spot on for me!
  7. I did my first round to help with sinus issues and joint pain, and I have autoimmune thyroid disease. I find gluten gives me more joint pain as well so I avoid it always. I think dairy=more sinus trouble for me. But the call of the ice cream was too strong. I'm going to check out that podcast you mentioned for sure! I need to feel better about my body as well as my health!
  8. Let's check in here for motivation I need it too!
  9. Oh that's a bummer-I've been burned with supplement ingredients before and didn't realize they put rice powder or glycerin (aka sugar alcohol) in pills! My first whole30 got much easier after the first couple weeks, we can do this! 30 days got nothin' on us!
  10. I'm posting here for accountability. I hope everyone's doing better then me because I ate ice cream and whey protein bars last night. I basically fell off the wagon and then got caught in the wheels on Day 2. So, my Whole30 starts with Day 1 today, September 7.
  11. I decided I was going to do the September Whole 30 on August 31st, and after spending the weekend away celebrating Labor Day and the last days of summer, I went anti-Whole30 on Sunday and Monday. Like ate everything I could get my hands on that contained sugar (but not gluten because I just cannot go there). At first I thought since I had just finished 70 days of Whole30 a couple weeks ago, I didn't really need another one anyway. Yeah. Right. Sugar Dragon has taken my brain hostage. I was eating Kind bars in Target that I had not yet paid for. And that ice cream that had stayed untouched in the basement freezer for so long? The container now lies empty in the recycle bin, along with its plastic wrapper relatives discarded once the Salted Caramel contents had been consumed. I didn't even do a proper reintro, so I probably feel even more crappy. I know the September Whole 30 started a few days ago but you know what? Better late then never, right? I am gonna follow Melissa's advice in Food Freedom Forever. Its time for another reset, and Sept 5 is my Day 1! Who's with me? Good luck to all the Sept Whole30ers out there.
  12. MCT oil

    Thanks @ShannonM816! I read your post and searched google and saw it right away, should have done that beforehand. I have also been eating avocado in the form of guac (my family tells me the recipe in the W30 book is the best they have ever had) and olives, but probably not enough to be consistent. I overate a lot on this round, mostly the fruits, nuts and dried fruit. So not in the spirit of Whole30 and that's why I need to do another round. I have a history of dieting (restriction) and bingeing and I have to learn what normal is because it was always one or the other. No middle ground. Its really hard! Melissa's FFF book is the only plan though that actually makes sense in the long term. I am so glad I found W30
  13. MCT oil

    I'm sure this has got to be here somewhere, but is MCT oil as a supplement recommended? I think I'm limited by the number of letters when I search because nothing comes up. I'm interested in adding a tablespoon to my hot tea in the morning along with my collagen powder as a supplement because it seems to have a lot of health benefits and just using coconut oil to cook with I think is not enough. Plus, I don't use coconut oil at every meal, I use other fats (olive, avocado oil) as well. I'm just coming off 70 days of technically W30 but I need to work on the psychological relationship with food still and I'm starting another nut free, dried fruit free ((RXBar free) sugar dragon still Incinerating my pantry) W30 tomorrow. Thinking about adding MCTs to add even more nutrition and hoping to help with cravings too (extra fat maybe will increase satiety)? Thanks!
  14. Thanks! Not that I would wish this on anyone but its always nice to hear from someone who is tackling the same things as you are! please keep me posted on your progress for this W30!
  15. Thanks @AnnaK! I read your comment on my other topic and as much as I don't want to admit (bc I loveeeeee fruit), you are 100% right. I did also read FFF last week and love it, just like all of Melissa's books. I haven't strayed from compliant food yet in terms of the black and white lists (on day 70-something) but I am completely NOT in the spirit of Whole30. Full confession: I'm also battling binge eating disorder (see a therapist for that but nothing's really helping much) and have most of my life. So in the last two weeks I have managed to binge on Whole30 compliant foods (fresh and dried fruit, nuts and RX/Lara bars). Are there way worse things to binge on? Yeah. But it's still bingeing and still destructive. Soon I think I'll reintroduce dairy and non gluten grains and in the Fall when fresh fruit availabilty tapers off I'm going to do another round of whole30 without fruit and nuts. I'm hoping I can get a handle on BED again and then tackle sugar head on. It kinda feels good to come clean so to speak. I'm pretty quiet about the BED.