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  1. I let my boyfriend's 10-year old daughter name it whatever she wanted, and she chose Margaret, but Maggie is just cuter. Don't feel bad about those scoby layers in the compost. They had a greater purpose than just kombucha!
  2. SweetEnough

    Day 16 and burnt out....

    Hi @Caitibird! I definitely think the elimination of coffee is affecting you. If you've had a steady daily routine of drinking it for some time, then what you are going through is completely normal. For me in the past when I've abruptly cut out coffee, it's taken about 4-5 days to feel normal again. Headaches are normal too, but hopefully you aren't have those. I had never heard of Crio Bru until you mentioned it here. I just looked it up online and I'm intrigued! How's it taste?
  3. SweetEnough

    Started Today August 14th.

    This is awesome! I found the same to be true last week when my very picky 10-year old who "hates zucchini" happily cranked out a whole bowl of zoodles and then gobbled them down like it was her job. These are life skills we are teaching them now so they don't have to learn them at our age.
  4. SweetEnough

    Soda is the Devil!

    Great idea! Thank you, I will try this too!
  5. SweetEnough

    August 7th Start Date

    You can do this, @amandamay83! If you don't make a big deal about it, no one else will either. There's so much power in the resolve of "no thank you."
  6. SweetEnough

    Doing My Homework

    Right on! I could not agree more. I read a lot about how expensive it is to eat this way, and how complicated it is. I think it can be if you choose to make it that way, but I've managed to keep it super simple and within my regular very small budget. Meat+veggies+healthy fat ... easy. Bored? Add fruit!
  7. SweetEnough

    Binging before start date

    This is such a valid question, @Scott W. I think we can all relate to mourning the emotional connection we have to our various old habits, even ones we want to part ways with. I can understand wanting to have one last hurrah with food/drink, knowing big changes are coming, but yeah... it's pretty much voluntarily toxing up right before detoxing, and it'll be a more difficult transition if you binge. We're here to support you either way. When do you start? And what are your personal goals that inspired you to do Whole30?
  8. Hello, kombucha homies! I am hoping to revitalize this thread to connect with others who are currently brewing. I am brand new to this craft and should have my first fermentation ready this week. Very exciting! I'm attaching a photo of Toby, which I grew myself from a bottle of raw, unflavored GT's kombucha, and also Maggie, who I purchased over the weekend from a Craigslist ad. I'd love to see your pics too! I'm sure in the next several days I'll have questions, so I'm hoping there are still those of you out there who are actively booching.
  9. Thanks for this update, I have been wondering how you're doing. Please do fill us in on progress for these next couple of weeks. We all carry each other.
  10. SweetEnough

    August 7th Start Date

    I have, and I absolutely LOVE the hazelnut flavor! GOD BLESS NUT PODS!
  11. SweetEnough

    August 7th Start Date

    You're not odd! I love to read and I find the science and psychology behind Whole30 fascinating, but I found It Starts With Food impossible to read. I use it as a reference only.
  12. SweetEnough

    August 7th Start Date

    @MarieC1978, thank you so much, this post makes me smile. Isn't it funny how sad it can make us feel when someone takes a sip of their coffee and then goes "mmmmmmmmmmm" ... haha! I love that you have this agreement with him to keep quiet. I also love that he's supporting you through your 30 days in his modified way. There really is strength in numbers!
  13. SweetEnough

    Olive Oil Substitute

    I just bought a large bottle of avocado oil for $8.99 -- it tastes wonderful both as a cooking oil and a dressing oil. I also use coconut oil for cooking, and a little bit goes a long way.
  14. SweetEnough

    Cashews and peanut oil- OOPS!

    @Ferguson, I sooooooo feel your pain. I have had some setbacks like this. And I try not to think of it as 'starting over' but instead I figure I owe it to myself to 'begin again,' because if I just press on through without giving my body the full 30 days on whole foods, I'm really robbing myself of the chance to get the full benefit. My first round of Whole30 revealed that I am intolerant to peanuts, peanut butter, and peanut oil. I never had known this, and having been a vegetarian for many years until just recently, peanuts had been a regular source of protein/fat for me. The intolerance explained some of the issues I'd been sort of blind to. Sorry to ramble. It's your decision, but I do think your reintroduction will be more useful to you if you begin again now.
  15. SweetEnough

    Adjusting to no alcohol

    Yes, agree with all this 100%! I did address it with him immediately, and he apologized and and reminded me he was joking. But the problem is that it's NOT just joking; it's actually a really passive-aggressive form of sabatoge, even if unintended. It brings to mind one of my favorite quotes...