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  1. I let my boyfriend's 10-year old daughter name it whatever she wanted, and she chose Margaret, but Maggie is just cuter. Don't feel bad about those scoby layers in the compost. They had a greater purpose than just kombucha!
  2. Hello, kombucha homies! I am hoping to revitalize this thread to connect with others who are currently brewing. I am brand new to this craft and should have my first fermentation ready this week. Very exciting! I'm attaching a photo of Toby, which I grew myself from a bottle of raw, unflavored GT's kombucha, and also Maggie, who I purchased over the weekend from a Craigslist ad. I'd love to see your pics too! I'm sure in the next several days I'll have questions, so I'm hoping there are still those of you out there who are actively booching.
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