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  1. Wow! Great job Rebecca! I remember you mentioning coconut cream the other day. I put a can in the refrigerator and pit got nice and thick - spooned it into a cup of chai tea. Better than almond milk!
  2. My last Whole30 was back in 2015, but in 2017 I was on a similar plan recommended by my doctor who specializes in women’s hormone issues. I did that for several months as I was overweight, having brain fog and swollen ankles. I never reintroduced dairy (except butter) or gluten. That plan had pea protein shakes and bars which have stevia. Recently I’ve still been drinking the shakes, but ditched them for the Whole30. Corn and beans are very problematic for me but very curious about the peas too! This Whole30 is much easier to navigate not having to deal with craving gluten and da
  3. I’m feeling much better today. Cranky mood is gone and had a good workout - I do cardio boxing videos. My husband volunteered to go food shopping with me today because I saw that turkey tenderloin was on sale so he is going to make it with his recipe of apple, sausage, celery and onion stuffing. I’ve decided to try to incorporate a little more fruit as part of meals, that seems to prevent me from wanting to snack at night. I cleaned a cabinet out yesterday and had to move all the booze! After January, I think I am also going to have wine or tequila and keep the food Whole30 for awh
  4. I woke up cranky today. I’m surprised that I’m not more energetic 2 weeks in but I am sleeping much better. It was raining, so I spent the day cleaning and organizing. Just had simple meals today, grilled chicken over salad and grilled shrimp over cauliflower rice with a spicy sauce—-normally I make it with regular mayonnaise and sriracha that has sugar so I had to use avocado oil Mayo and compliant Sriracha and it was very good. It’s hard not to get on the scale! But my jeans fit better and my face is thinner - I get puffy when I eat grains. And I’m definitely less hungry, which is wonderful,
  5. That dinner sounds amazing! Still want a cocktail but, we are on the back half now..happy weekend!
  6. I made it again for dinner tonight! Cut it in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds (they look like pumpkin) and put it flat side down on parchment paper with a few sprinkles of water. This is what it looks like after it’s roasted at 375 degrees for 40-45 min. Just take a fork and scrape the “spaghetti” strands out! It’s very neutral so it goes with anything, just top it with your sauce, protein and veg!
  7. Do you have plain ground pork available? Then you can add brown it and add spices and it will taste more like sausage. Can’t help you with the hot dogs though! Lol
  8. I would say you need to eat, and probably more fat, you shouldn’t be hungry. Your body will naturally adjust. My lunches are probably half the size from my first week. It’s hard not to worry about the calories in an entire avocado, but in the beginning days I just eat, the cravings are bad enough without having to worry about portions. Do you have the Whole30 book? The chapter called “Your whole30 plate” is helpful. Olives are good to add to salad or on their own too! It’s half-time! Woot woot! Still looking for Tiger Blood.......
  9. Hi @Saieeit’s spaghetti SQUASH not actual spaghetti... but sure does act and look like spaghetti! I make it roasted from the recipe in the Well Fed Cookbook by Mel Joulwan. Pork sausage is’s on the list of protein, you just need to make sure that there is no sugar in it. Be careful with chicken sausage or breakfast sausage, those can have added sugar. hope that helps!
  10. I’ve successfully ignored the 3 bags of Alexia All Natural Fries in my freezer and I roasted potato wedges last night and not only were they delicious but more filling and satisifying. Usually I eat French fries like a vacuum cleaner.
  11. Day 14 is done. Made pork chops and roasted veggies for dinner. Had a headache all day and I was tired again. Fingers crossed for Tiger Blood tomorrow or the weekend!
  12. Congratulations Lorna...a voluntary extended quarantine is just the thing to do in your new home!
  13. @Lorna from CanadaThat Buffalo cauliflower looks amazing! Now I need an air fryer! Speaking of Buffalo sauce, I found this sriracha tahini dressing and surprise.... it unexpectedly tasted just like buffalo wings! I’ve used it as a dipping sauce or a drizzle on lettuce wraps with grilled chicken breasts or thighs, here’s a pic if you can find it in your grocery store. Says “Whole30” right on it!
  14. I find if I put a wedge of fresh lime in my seltzer it makes it feel like a cocktail! also, compliant Kombucha is allowed (with fruit juice but no added sugar) I had a little yesterday and it hit the spot! Good luck and enjoy a weekend away!
  15. Ok so I’ve been avoiding the 3 bags of “natural” French fries in my freezer that I nearly forgot I can make my own! Thanks for that reminder! I have been eating sweet potatoes but woohoo I have 3 russet potatoes to make with cod tonight. So I’ll have fish and chips too! @Rebecca001 I feel better today, I think I too was not eating enough carbs and had butternut squash soup yesterday and some red grapes (eating the wine!) is the tiger blood peering around the corner???? Plus I thought for a minute today was the 12th and now I’m excited that it’s the 13th! It’s almost Whole30 halfti