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  1. It will be a Whole 33 for me since I want a drink on Friday night and Saturday I have a small family gathering. But I will try not to introduce any gluten free snacks, grains or added sugar for as long as possible. I’m missing my almond flour crackers, they are grain free but I eat them like potato chips! Just placed an order for some more compliant dressings, sauces and ketchup (Primal Kitchen brand). Feeling slimmer and really need to keep that going. I shoveled snow yesterday for a few hours so I made up for not exercising all month! Cheers to us - we made it!
  2. I’m counting the days until I can have a glass of wine! Luckily, I just received my order of the Whole30 approved Humm Kombucha! It’s delicious and feels like I’m drinking hard seltzer. I’m feeling pretty good, I’ve been very busy at work but feel more energetic and getting up easier at 4:30am. Not as exhausted after a long commute. I did better this W30 with less nuts overall, but the past week I’ve been eating a lot of nuts and ignoring portuon control. The one thing I have not done all month is exercise - at all. No weights or my cardio boxing videos. I really haven’t had any cravings - ju
  3. Third weekend of W30 and I’m having food boredom. Most likely because I ate chicken all week and when I went grocery shopping today, I was focused on the cost of the meat instead of thinking about any recipes. I ended up getting a giant pork shoulder for my husband to smoke, a whole chicken to freeze, chicken thighs, whole butternut squash, spaghetti squash and Brussels sprouts. Other veg too. So, I’ll be eating pork all week. Planning to cook vegetables on Sunday, so tonight I just made a quick chicken soup - sautéed carrots, celery and onions, added chicken broth and chopped up chicken -
  4. Same here…I’m gluten and dairy free, but all grains seem to be “food with no brakes” for me and result in weight gain, especially when blended together. Things like gluten-free bread, pasta, crackers. Corn and most beans bother my stomach. My last Whole30 in January 2021 I only reintroduced alcohol and didn’t eat grains for a few months, Then, I went off the rails like I always do! My plan after W30 is to just introduce the alcohol - I have a family party on Feb 5 so it will be the first weekend after. But no grains or added sugar!
  5. Hi everyone - quick early Wednesday morning report that I believe the tiger blood is here! It’s day 17 perfect timing as I’m running around at work with new employee orientation - I’m a corporate trainer. I was up before 4am and ready to go! Finally less hungry too. Hope you all are having a great week …the W30 home stretch is in sight!
  6. Slept so well last night finally and feeling the most energetic yet, I jumped out of bed and went grocery shopping and totally forgot about looking up any recipes! Oh well, there are still a lot of supply chain issues and high prices, so I just buy what’s on sale and figure it out later. Got chicken thighs, beef burgers and compliant sausage and some veggies. We use leftover meat to add to soup especially during the week - my husband will add to bean soup and I make a quick soup with chicken broth, cauliflower rice and chicken since I can’t eat any soup in a can or box. I’m making my favorite
  7. I’m feeling a lot better. My headache has tapered off, and my stomach pains are gone. I think I ate too much roasted cauliflower too many days in a row. I’m out of food, ended up eating olives, nuts and bone broth for lunch and had roast chicken and broccoli for dinner. I thought about looking up some recipes in the “Well Fed” cookbooks, but I’m not sure what I’m in the mood for. Food boredom is starting to set in and it’s so cold I’m having a hard time eating salads. Grocery shopping on Saturday, so maybe I’ll get some inspiration! Here’s to another dry weekend - missing the wine for sure!
  8. Me too! I’m on day 10 and my headache is back. And I’m sooooo tired. Just need to get through the next few days to get to tiger blood on the other side! I’ve never had a headache this bad with previous W30s. I don’t eat much fruit, sometimes in the summer. My sugar detox is from wine and gluten-free snacks. If I’m craving something sweet, I’ll have olives, leftover sweet potatoes or celery with a little fresh almond butter. Trying not to snack on too many nuts this time around so trying the olives as I can’t eat as many, 1/3 of the way over. Time for bed! Dreaming of tiger blood
  9. Great to see everyone is making it through week 1 pretty well. My headache finally went away after 6 days and I slept a lot over the past few days. Not really missing the booze, probably because I really overindulged in December and need a break. We had a snowstorm Friday and the weather will be bad again today, so I did my grocery shopping yesterday and today is batch cooking so I have leftovers for the week - trying to keep this W30 simple by just mixing different meat, veggies and a sauce. My husband does not do the W30 but he will eat anything I put in front of him which is easy and then e
  10. Hello everyone and welcome to all the newbies! I’ve done several W30s since 2013, my last one was in January of 2021. Five years ago I stopped eating gluten and dairy, so I’ve never reintroduced those. Was doing pretty well until late spring and then went way off the deep end with too much junk food, sugar and booze. Gained weight but was still active until I started a new job in September and then my workouts stopped too. Feeling crappy, busting out of my clothes and a few hip pains returned that went away during my last W30. So I’m back to get re-set and rejuvenated….started on Jan 3 and I
  11. Thanks for your condolences @Rebecca001 I’m doing OK. it’s definitely interesting and super crappy that some foods trigger eating others. I’ve actually been thinking of trying some dairy again but soooo worried about it - it’s been 5 years and frankly think I’d spin out of control. But some of what I have read says the cows have in the United States have hormones and mutations over the years that European cows don’t and the European milk / cheese is more easily tolerated. Have you heard that? Also goats and sheep milk/cheese from Italy or Greece is better to digest for the same re
  12. Last week was awful, my friend passed away and it all happened so fast. Then I had my 2nd Covid vaccine, and only felt flu-like for one day so that wasn’t too bad. Lost my appetite for a few days and had wine all week long. Honestly, drinking and eating some crap food didn’t comfort me at all only made me feel worse. After eating some GF grains, I definitely have an issue with multiple grains mixed together. So I can have some jasmine rice alone with not much effect, but I had GF pasta (corn, rice, quinoa blend) last night and I have a headache and my hands hurt today. I’ve ha
  13. Good luck with W30 @Rebecca001! I know you will rock it! I’ve been a little down lately, I have a dear friend who is fighting cancer and took a turn for the worse and is in ICU in the hospital and does not live close by. Of course, COVID complicates things and no visitors are allowed. So, I don’t want to say I’ve been eating food for comfort, rather I have been being kind to myself and not stressing over eating certain things. How’s that for rationale? Over the past few weeks, I have had some jasmine rice, gluten free toast, gluten free pancakes and a few corn chips....and white wine. Su
  14. I’ve been drinking a little too much this week myself. Having the pecan pie and then a gluten free cupcake on Easter started me on a little relapse of carb craving so I also had some jasmine rice too this week. I don’t actually feel terrible, but I can tell my taste buds are affected where now my sugarless ketchup and sauces taste a little bitter instead of sweet - after eating real sugar. So I’ll pull back now since there’s really no reason like a holiday to go off the rails. I had a reaction to my first vaccine, apparently it’s called “COVID arm” a big red and purple circle on my a
  15. @Rebecca001sorry you are not feeling good, I can attest hip pain really is the worst! I haven’t been able to exercise until today. Soy has been an issue but I never attributed it to joint pain. Like if I have gluten free soy sauce, my stomach doesn’t feel well. I know it sounds crazy but pre-Whole30 i ate a lot of regular mayonnaise, especially in the summer, because I make dipping sauce with it instead of dairy and use it in coleslaw or tuna salad. I’m not sure that a few tablespoons of it would make one hip hurt, so I’m trying to remember if I hurt it doing something else, it’s finally