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  1. I’ve been drinking a little too much this week myself. Having the pecan pie and then a gluten free cupcake on Easter started me on a little relapse of carb craving so I also had some jasmine rice too this week. I don’t actually feel terrible, but I can tell my taste buds are affected where now my sugarless ketchup and sauces taste a little bitter instead of sweet - after eating real sugar. So I’ll pull back now since there’s really no reason like a holiday to go off the rails. I had a reaction to my first vaccine, apparently it’s called “COVID arm” a big red and purple circle on my a
  2. @Rebecca001sorry you are not feeling good, I can attest hip pain really is the worst! I haven’t been able to exercise until today. Soy has been an issue but I never attributed it to joint pain. Like if I have gluten free soy sauce, my stomach doesn’t feel well. I know it sounds crazy but pre-Whole30 i ate a lot of regular mayonnaise, especially in the summer, because I make dipping sauce with it instead of dairy and use it in coleslaw or tuna salad. I’m not sure that a few tablespoons of it would make one hip hurt, so I’m trying to remember if I hurt it doing something else, it’s finally
  3. Oh I forgot....regular mayonnaise has SOYBEAN oil as the first ingredient. My back and hip started hurting Saturday afternoon BEFORE I ate the crackers and dip. I had the mayonnaise on Friday night. Interesting......
  4. Ugh...I spoke too soon! Woke up with that pain in my hip again and I didn’t even eat the pecan pie yet! I ate commercially prepared eggplant dip and almond flour crackers yesterday, but nothing odd in the ingredients. Hmmmm
  5. Pecan pie for a second time if it goes well! It’s a cup of sugar and a cup of maple syrup plus the crust has rice flour. My family is Italian so I always make an antipasto platter and I won’t worry about sugar in pepperoni or salami. I had “real” Hellman’s mayonnaise with sriracha as a dipping sauce yesterday instead of the sugarless avocado oil Primal Kitchen one. So trying the “added sugar” in small doses in prepared foods. And I’ve been drinking white wine every weekend. Not feeling crappy but not drinking entire bottles of wine either! Sorry about the reaction to the vaccin
  6. Got my first vaccine today and feel fine so far. Hubby was yesterday and my parents on Tuesday, They all have some arm soreness but not much. With Easter coming, I’m going to splurge a little. I bought a gluten free pie crust and I’m going to make pecan pie this weekend to test it and if it comes out good I’ll make another! Of course it has sugar AND maple syrup in the filling. Yikes! And I probably won’t eat too much crust anyway since there are grains in it. Let’s see if it passes the “worth it” test!
  7. It’s been a crazy week, turning the clocks ahead one hour messed me up and it took a few days to adjust. It’s great that it’s lighter at night but I just wish we stopped changing the clocks twice a year! Today I was able to book vaccine appointments online for me and my husband this coming week, two different days and locations. Trying to grab an appointment before it disappears reminded me of trying to get concert tickets in the 1990s! LOL Nothing new on the food front, keeping the meals simple, I grilled a bunch of chicken thighs yesterday, burgers another day and will make pork chops
  8. Woohoo! Look at go girl!!!! No need to worry about what the scale says!!!
  9. Sorry you have been feeling rubbish @Rebecca001 I’ve been hearing a lot lately about COVID long-term effects. My sister in law has been recovering for several months and is just getting ready to return to work at a hospital. Hopefully your healthy eating will stave off any issues with inflammation. I went grocery shopping yesterday, I’ve pretty much out of my pandemic stockpile in the freezer, it’s just amazing how fast we go through meat and produce when that’s all we eat. I baked a nice wild fresh piece of cod last night with a macadamia and almond topping and some roasted broccoli and
  10. It’s been springlike here and the snow is almost melted, so my mood has improved as I’ve been outside more. Three days in a row I jogged up and down my long driveway (cannot be classified as running!) which is a big hill so it’s a nice workout. And my knees and hips don’t hurt one bit! Of course the rest of my legs do....LOL. Would be interesting to know if it is one food or all the missing food but I’m just so happy to not have knee pain or that hip pain when lying in bed. The only thing non-compliant things I’ve had since January 1 is stevia (which tastes terrible), hard seltzer, w
  11. Thanks for the scotch egg tips @Rebecca001and @SugarcubeOD. I’ll get some pork the next time I go for groceries. I like the crust idea so maybe I’ll do almond flour as I need to buy more of that as well. I made some crackers last week with just almond flour, egg and spices and I finished them on our Saturday drive, so I want to bake some more!
  12. @Rebecca001How do you make your scotch eggs? All the recipes I’ve seen have flour. Great job on the run and looks like you are ready for the week! I agree on the drinking, I had more than expected to yesterday and didn’t sleep well. And I haven’t even had any wine not diluted with seltzer water and ice cubes! I made pork chops for dinner with balsamic mushrooms, onions and peppers with a side of arugula. I have chicken and shrimp to grill, plus a lot of different lettuces plus salad fixings so planning for a lighter week of meals.
  13. @Rebecca001 I’ve never used collagen so can’t speak to that, any time I had leg cramps, for me I’m usually low on potassium so I would take that. We had a good day trip to see my family Saturday and the catering for the party had enough choices, so I didn’t feel deprived. I had salad (brought my own dressing), roast beef, potatoes and vegetables. Splurged on prosciutto and just one piece of salami (probably the only thing that had sugar in it). I had two white wine spritzers since my husband offered to drive the 3 hours back home! I live in Connecticut and they just move
  14. Wow @Rebecca001 that is fantastic! Good for you, that is a major change? Did you change your diet before you started running, or after?
  15. @SugarcubeODit was delicious! I used sweet potatoes, 4 hours on high in the slow cooker and just omitted the cilantro. Chicken was very tender and the potatoes didn’t completely fall apart and also thickened the sauce. Yummy and hearty for a cold day!