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  1. HazelSkye

    My face is a tomato

    So I had peanuts and beans yesterday, and leftover black beans at bfast today. At around noon my cheeks got very hot and very red. I don’t feel feverish anywhere else. In fact, my hands are ice cubes. Is this an allergic reaction? I’ve never had a reaction like this to nuts or beans before in my life.
  2. HazelSkye

    Day 31 Assessment

    Somehow I managed to make it through! Time for a wrap-up assessment. PROS: - I lost 9 pounds in a month!!!!! I can’t even believe it. I stepped on the scale twice this morning to check. This was huge to me because I felt like I hadn’t lost anything with eating “fattening” foods/meat everyday. I still feel/look fat, and my goal is to lose about 10 more pounds and be back within a healthy BMI range at least. - My blood pressure dropped 10 points on systolic and diastolic! 107/70 is great! - I am a morning person??! I don’t feel as tired at work in the morning, which is really great for my focus. I’ve always been a night owl, and I still struggle to go to bed early. But, at least now I don’t have to deal with the repercussions as much - I managed to survive a whole month with no sugar. I don’t think I’ve ever done that for myself in my life. It’s so good for me and I really want to try to stick to keeping that at a minimum in my diet. CONS: - Can’t say it’s a “miracle diet” for medical issues. My acne improved some, but is still very prevalent on my back. My two psoriasis patches didn’t clear up at all. I had two gallbladder attacks during my Whole30, which is unfortunate. I still need to be careful about consuming fatty meats. As before, I’m fine with plant fats like avocado and cashews. - Expensive. We spent more on this diet than we normally do in a month. Fresh food unfortunately doesn’t come cheap. - Exhausting. Lots of trips to the store as it seemed we were always running out of something. And a lot of time spent cooking and cleaning and doing dishes. As someone who spends two+ hours a day commuting, when I get home at 6 or 7 all I want to do is relax. It is unfortunate that I have less free time now than I used to. - Stressful!!! Reading all of the labels definitely caused me a lot of extra stress. I didn’t have nice food dreams like other people seem to report. I had food frikkin nightmares. I’d dream that someone handed me a chocolate covered peanut that I absentmindedly ate, then freaked out at myself so upset that I’d have to start over and messed everything up over a small mistake. Waking up from those nights was such relief, finding out it wasn’t real.
  3. HazelSkye

    Starting tomorrow, 9/25!

    How was bean day everyone? I feel fine so far, no bloating, but I’m realizing I can live without peanuts and black beans. Never been a huge fan of either. They just don’t taste that wonderful to me that I’d go and buy them in store or restaurant. I do like edamame, but I didn’t have any today. I know that there are a lot of additives in things, especially with soy, so maybe I can try something with it later on after reintro.
  4. HazelSkye

    Fed-up Feeding Feelings

    Lemme tell you. Today is my day 31. I was the biggest skeptic on the planet, but my wife really wanted to do this. How could you lose weight and get healthier by eating fat and meat right? I lost 9 pounds and my blood pressure dropped ten points on both systolic and diastolic to 107/70. It’s worth it. It’s worth the 30 days. And I TOTALLY had a couple of burger and fries days in the mix. Pan fried some patties, drained; julienned some potatoes, tossed in olive oil and baked them; ate with tessamaes ketchup and a salad or broccoli. Was very satisfying and compliant. You can still have things you like or are craving like that, just don’t go crazy.
  5. HazelSkye

    Starting tomorrow, 9/25!

    Dude, I did my weigh-in this morning. I lost 9 frikkin pounds. Maybe I don’t want beans today. @—@
  6. HazelSkye

    Starting tomorrow, 9/25!

    We made it guys! I don’t think I’ve ever gonna whole month with zero sugar or sweeteners before in my life. Proud of us all for sticking through it!
  7. HazelSkye


    I usually have a few boiled eggs and a piece of fruit for breakfast, and leftovers from dinner for lunch. Of you have time to cook in the morning, you could try making some eggs to your liking (scrambled/over easy) and cooking a sweet potato & apple hash, or some regular “home fries” with peppers and onions.
  8. HazelSkye

    Starting tomorrow, 9/25!

    One more day!! Ready to have some peanut butter and black beans.
  9. HazelSkye

    Starting tomorrow, 9/25!

    I can't wait to eat beans next Wednesday. I've never been so excited for beans. And CHEESE. I miss cheese. I don't think I'm really "craving" sugar anymore. Like if I think about eating a brownie or something the idea sounds nice, but I don't feel like Omgihavetohavethat. I also miss sushi. Definitely getting my sushi on when I can.
  10. HazelSkye

    Alternatives to Advil?

    I know that. But are there foods* that have anti inflammatory properties? It may help just to eat some natural remedies if there are recommendations, but I don't know any.
  11. HazelSkye

    Alternatives to Advil?

    I'm on day 25 of my Whole30 and just now getting my period, and some pain. I usually have pretty awful cramps for the first couple of days. Ibuprofen is my go-to. Tylenol doesn't work. Acetaminophen doesn't work. Advil is my bff. But, I know Advil is off-limits if you can help it. Any suggestions for other pain relief? I'd sit in a hot bath all day if I could, but alas my office won't agree to bring-your-tub-to-work-day.
  12. I think it's important to eat what you like for protein during your whole 30. Variety is good, but if it doesn't help you stick to the plan, or if it's not what your body really wants, then there is a lower chance at success. So, if you want just fish, eat fish! I was a pescatarian for 7 years until I was married and never craved meat really. If you want steak everyday, have steak everyday. Try adding some spices/flavors you know you love into the mix. Love Mexican food? Make your own fajitas or lettuce wrap tacos. Love Chinese food? Use a bit of coconut aminos, sesame oil and/or fish sauce with lemon and other spices to make an Asian inspired stir fry or other type of dish. There are a lot of flavorful options, but it does take some work and creativity to get there.
  13. HazelSkye

    Fresh Market vs. Whole Foods vs. Publix

    Rotisserie chicken is usually not compliant as a heads up. Publix has some sugar in their marinade/rub. They have an ingredients list on their website.
  14. Sorry to necro this thread, but I'm concerned over this issue since the labeling hasn't changed in the last six months... doesn't seem right that they haven't changed it back yet if their process never changed.
  15. HazelSkye

    How often do you grocery shop?

    You really have to shop with meals already in mind - a plan on how to use them. (This diet takes a lot of organization). Some veggies naturally go bad before others, so eat or cook those sooner in the week rather than later. If you can't get to it, try freezing it! Also so very important to pay attention to the sell by dates on the proteins you buy. Same thing, just freeze it and thaw it later if you can't get to it in time.