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  1. I think it's important to eat what you like for protein during your whole 30. Variety is good, but if it doesn't help you stick to the plan, or if it's not what your body really wants, then there is a lower chance at success. So, if you want just fish, eat fish! I was a pescatarian for 7 years until I was married and never craved meat really. If you want steak everyday, have steak everyday. Try adding some spices/flavors you know you love into the mix. Love Mexican food? Make your own fajitas or lettuce wrap tacos. Love Chinese food? Use a bit of coconut aminos, sesame oil and/or fish sauce with lemon and other spices to make an Asian inspired stir fry or other type of dish. There are a lot of flavorful options, but it does take some work and creativity to get there.
  2. Fresh Market vs. Whole Foods vs. Publix

    Rotisserie chicken is usually not compliant as a heads up. Publix has some sugar in their marinade/rub. They have an ingredients list on their website.
  3. Sorry to necro this thread, but I'm concerned over this issue since the labeling hasn't changed in the last six months... doesn't seem right that they haven't changed it back yet if their process never changed.
  4. How often do you grocery shop?

    You really have to shop with meals already in mind - a plan on how to use them. (This diet takes a lot of organization). Some veggies naturally go bad before others, so eat or cook those sooner in the week rather than later. If you can't get to it, try freezing it! Also so very important to pay attention to the sell by dates on the proteins you buy. Same thing, just freeze it and thaw it later if you can't get to it in time.
  5. Starting tomorrow, 9/25!

    You'll get used to plain tea and coffee. I used to put sugar in my tea, and eventually I just stopped doing it (long before this diet.) It's bitter at first but your brain adapts because the caffeine is worth it.
  6. What is the stance on labels that warn the product is made in a facility that also processes soy/wheat/milk or "may" contain it? Some of my spices (and I'm sure other compliant products) have this warning label, but the only ingredient listed is the spice itself.
  7. Starting tomorrow, 9/25!

    Started today. Going to be hard, but it's for the best!