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  1. NSV is a non scale victory. So some result that isn't tied to a number on the scale. Yay! At least that is something!
  2. WHOOOOO!!!! I am sure I am down at least 10 pounds too, but likely at least 5 are holiday bloat and the day before I had brunch (bottomless mimosas) and fast food....Those pounds hardly count since I probably would have dropped those within a week or so as long as I ate reasonably that week. haha
  3. Hope everyone is doing well! I think most of us are within a week of finishing! Any NSVs? I feel lots of energy and definitely have lost weight. Fitting in dresses that I have not fit in for a long time! Eating so many veggies and my nails already feel stronger!
  4. Day 25! Almost there! Breakfast: Veggies, potatoes a bit of sausage (what was leftover) and one egg. Definitely lacking on fat. Also felt like I was forcing myself to eat. Lunch: Leftovers of zucchini with carrots, onions and celery with red sauce and ground sausage. I wound up having a bit of the veggies left over since I was not really hungry last night. Lunch was big but I was trying to polish off leftovers. Definitely ate too much. Dinner: Roasted brussels. Likely roasted potatoes and whatever protein leftovers I have. Worst case I have a package of compliant chicken sausag
  5. Yep. I pretty much skipped dinner last night. So full from breakfast, post work out mini meal and lunch that I had like one bite of a chicken wing and like 3 bites of potato. Just needs to be compliant. Though you are going to do better and feel better if you largely stick to the template. I seriously have never been able to eat a serving size of 3 eggs. Never had an issue with fullness with two eggs, veggies and a plated fat. Every once in a while my "veggie" is potato, which barely counts and sometimes I miss a plated fat. I usually get hungry earlier when I do that, but hey, I stuck to the
  6. It's one day and they are also compliant. I think if you did that every day during your whole30 it would be an issue but since you are trying to see if you are sensitive to them I think putting it into at least two meals (or all) would be perfect
  7. Day 24! Less than a week left! Short update. crazy day ahead. Barely ate dinner yesterday. Couldn't eat lunch until 2:30 because I was so full. Quite frankly I could have gone longer. Not super surprised. Just had a chicken wing and a tiny bit of potatoes. Probably could have skipped dinner but figured I should eat something. Breakfast: lots of veggies and two eggs. No fat. By 11 I was getting hungry, but I knew I would. Lunch: Leftover ribs and veggies and a few potatoes with garlic sauce Dinner: last of the zucchini with carrots, onions and celery with red sauce and groun
  8. How did you freeze your basil? Never had a lot of luck freezing herbs not mixed in oil. I even tried a quick blanch like a blog suggested once and it was a no go (and a ton of work)
  9. Day 23 I take what I said back yesterday. I really should have known. I usually stay stagnant for like a week and then look like I drop a ton. Last night's stationary bike ride was fantastic. Seriously, definitely my best work out recently (still baby steps). Also last night/this morning it definitely looks like my body has changed dramatically. Very happy about it. This morning's work out was great too. 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes on the elliptical. Felt super good. Definitely tiger's blood. Also, still had tons of energy at like 9PM, even after a day of work calls. Definitely
  10. Well I assume you have already gone. Ask about what oil they use and if they add diary to their eggs? Most places do not or can omit it by cracking fresh eggs. So you can usually have a veggie scramble/omelet (with no cheese) or eggs cooked most ways. Worst case most places and poach, hard or soft boil eggs and those should be completely safe. They may have a compliant chicken you can add (but you would need to ask). Almost all cheap bacon, sausage, etc. would have sugar, soy or other non compliant items in them. Also, most hash browns have dextrose unless they make their own. A lot of ho
  11. So vegetarian fed means very little. It is still probably better than the one that stays silent to the diet. I think the problem is not the bugs and stuff that @SchrodingersCat mentions. Sometimes in the US, birds are fed bird parts and ground up bones (super gross). None of those are free range. The vegetarian diet is likely mostly corn. Really not the best either. But just do the best you can do. Free range and organic tend to be better (and more expensive). Honestly, from foster farms, you probably are not going to get the best quality meat, but I get it. I ate lower quality meat for years
  12. Yes! In fact they added something new (pea protein chorizo)! You can check what is in the Whole30 bowls. It is on the website and the app. I usually add the hot salsa on the side.
  13. @tiffysquid Yeah. I think this Whole30 has been pricier since I have been relying on more pre-prepped stuff, but definitely cheaper than eating out a lot (like in November/December). It has been nice. I will definitely continue to do so after my Whole30. I think cutting out cheese for most of last year due to my son's allergies helped to quell my dairy cravings. Definitely that and french fries are my food without breaks. I do want to add back dairy (cheese) but limit it to a couple of times a week for "worth it" foods. I think what I want to do is 80% whole30. That is how I used to eat when I
  14. Day 22 Weekend went well (I think). Did order something this weekend that supposedly did not have sugar, but based how sweet it was, I have my doubts. I still ate it because I was told there was none and out of the things that I am worried about the least, is a bit of sugar in a marinade. IF I cheated, it was not knowingly. I still feel great, slept well, everything, so IF something was wrong, it did not seem to effect me. Very busy weekend. Need to shop today. Running out of food! Plus it sounds like I will have my kids for an extra day so I will need to figure that out. Breakfast:
  15. Day 19 Made it to the gym this morning. Nothing major. Just getting a bit more active Breakfast: Grilled veggies and potatoes, two eggs and a dollop of garlic spread Lunch: Last of the peppers and onions from earlier this week and chicken thighs in enchilada sauce. Probably some avocado. Dinner: Likely leftovers. Give the kids an array or partial items to clear out space. Might stop by the grocery store today. Need more vegan eggs for my son. He was pretty sad I couldn't make him any (they smelled a bit funky)
  16. Yes! It's my work busy season. Working 60+ hours a week. Doesn't matter if I am in "Tiger's blood". I am going to be tired. Just less so than I would be otherwise. My plan (tentative) plan is to likely do a Whole45ish and then round out Feb being mostly Whole30. I have a girls weekend mid March so I definitely need to reintroduce alcohol a few weeks before. This weekend will be a "worth it" weekend and something I haven't done in years. I have done reintroduction in the past so I might do some of them end of Feb, but I've done them a few times and never really had issues. I am doing my Wh
  17. @MizRik Up to you. Was sugar one of your biggest problems before? If so, maybe just add some extra days on, like a Whole45. Also, is this your first Whole30? If so, you might want to consider the effect on your reintroduction and add extra days on. If not, I would lean towards no?
  18. Day 18 Dinner was hash browns, eggs and crispy prosciutto. One of my favorite whole30 meals, albeit, missing veggies. I was not really hungry. Lunch was big, but event at 8pm when I ate I was not hungry. Just must have been one of those days. Also, body is definitely changing and feeling super confident. Ordered a medium dress based on measurements (did not take them, but based on measurements prior to Whole30 and then I did take an inch or two off) and it was too big! Ordered the size down. Granted the material is stretchy so not really expecting to be down that much. Just guessing they
  19. There is this article And some blurry pictures of an old vegetarian shopping list that did include tofu (among other vegetarian options for protein) so you might actually be okay
  20. No soy is allowed. So I would assume not. There is a vegetarian/vegan/pediatrician shopping list and there is no tofu on it. I don't think there are any rule concessions for vegetarians. There might be some pea protien things you can have?
  21. Day 17 Today has been off to a rough start. Breakfast was definitely not to template. I just was not hungry. Hopefully the rest of the day will go smoothly. Otherwise feeling good. Just did not want to eat veggies (or really anything) for breakfast Breakfast: Two small sausage patties. Handful of blueberries a few hours later. Still not hungry but packed a big lunch. Lunch: Salad with tomatoes, caramelized onions, burger pieces and ranch. Also brought two eggs to beef it up a bit if I am starving. Worst case there is a primal bowl in the freezer at work. Dinner: Whole Foods
  22. Me again. I know the seasoned olive oil is fine by me (not sure if they use the seasoned olive oil or the cajun on this). Same with the veggies. I would usually just order the veggies and fries and give the fries and half the fish to my daughter so I am not sure about the cauliflower rice. Seems like there likely would not be any added non-compliant ingredient, but best to call. I think the picked onions is the place you are most likely to find like agave or something like that. Again. This was not recent (two years ago), so I would just call and ask.
  23. I think a tiny bit of sugar is probably the least problematic thing, especially honey. I would totally do the same. On day two I accidentally had half a grain of rice. I was already thinking of adding a week or two on anyway (have not decided yet). At least it was day two so adding a couple of days probably is not a big deal. Day 15 would be so hard
  24. Day 16! Last night was a bit chaotic. Ex decided he did not want the kids last night, so I picked them up in the evening so dinner was a bit chaotic. I had my leftover london broil and potatoes I was planning on having today, plus some blistered tomatoes. Breakfast: Kinda small. The left over grilled veggies and a couple of breakfast sausage patties. Son "helped me" eat my breakfast. I know it was not enough but it should last me until lunch. He usually eats early. Also grabbed an iced tea and coffee this morning. It's going to be a rough day. Kid's bedtimes did not go well. Lun
  25. Might want to bring your own dressing or ask for lemon wedges. I don't believe they have compliant dressing At least around here, they do a pretty big lettuce wrapped burger and I add guac. As long as I am not starving, that is usually enough for me. Also, I am not really a pickle person. I have never asked if theirs are compliant. Just a thought.