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  1. There is this article And some blurry pictures of an old vegetarian shopping list that did include tofu (among other vegetarian options for protein) so you might actually be okay
  2. No soy is allowed. So I would assume not. There is a vegetarian/vegan/pediatrician shopping list and there is no tofu on it. I don't think there are any rule concessions for vegetarians. There might be some pea protien things you can have?
  3. Day 17 Today has been off to a rough start. Breakfast was definitely not to template. I just was not hungry. Hopefully the rest of the day will go smoothly. Otherwise feeling good. Just did not want to eat veggies (or really anything) for breakfast Breakfast: Two small sausage patties. Handful of blueberries a few hours later. Still not hungry but packed a big lunch. Lunch: Salad with tomatoes, caramelized onions, burger pieces and ranch. Also brought two eggs to beef it up a bit if I am starving. Worst case there is a primal bowl in the freezer at work. Dinner: Whole Foods
  4. Me again. I know the seasoned olive oil is fine by me (not sure if they use the seasoned olive oil or the cajun on this). Same with the veggies. I would usually just order the veggies and fries and give the fries and half the fish to my daughter so I am not sure about the cauliflower rice. Seems like there likely would not be any added non-compliant ingredient, but best to call. I think the picked onions is the place you are most likely to find like agave or something like that. Again. This was not recent (two years ago), so I would just call and ask.
  5. I think a tiny bit of sugar is probably the least problematic thing, especially honey. I would totally do the same. On day two I accidentally had half a grain of rice. I was already thinking of adding a week or two on anyway (have not decided yet). At least it was day two so adding a couple of days probably is not a big deal. Day 15 would be so hard
  6. Day 16! Last night was a bit chaotic. Ex decided he did not want the kids last night, so I picked them up in the evening so dinner was a bit chaotic. I had my leftover london broil and potatoes I was planning on having today, plus some blistered tomatoes. Breakfast: Kinda small. The left over grilled veggies and a couple of breakfast sausage patties. Son "helped me" eat my breakfast. I know it was not enough but it should last me until lunch. He usually eats early. Also grabbed an iced tea and coffee this morning. It's going to be a rough day. Kid's bedtimes did not go well. Lun
  7. Might want to bring your own dressing or ask for lemon wedges. I don't believe they have compliant dressing At least around here, they do a pretty big lettuce wrapped burger and I add guac. As long as I am not starving, that is usually enough for me. Also, I am not really a pickle person. I have never asked if theirs are compliant. Just a thought.
  8. I mean it is naturally occurring in some foods but from what I understand it is fermented wheat gluten (sometimes sucgar cane, corn, cassava, seaweed, etc) with sodium added to it. Seems significantly less natural than most things allowed on Whole30. It's base is also one of the things specifically not allowed on Whole30. Like why MSG and not peanut oil, since most people are allergic/sensitive to the protein in peanuts and a good chunk of those with peanut allergies are fine with things like french fries fried in peanut oil. Or how some kombuchas have sugar in them to aid in the fermentation,
  9. Day 15! Halfway there (after today) Feeling good. Slept like a rock last night. Woke up a bit tired, but did some prep for the week this morning. Going to do some more tomorrow. Yesterday I had some cravings for something sweet (super weird for me). I ate a comp stick and it did nothing for me so I had a larabar and that did it. Probably not good giving into a craving, but it was a weird craving for me. Dinner was whole foods chicken, spicy broccoli and onions and a small side salad with egg and baba ganoush. Super yummy. Breakfast: Couple of small red potatoes, grilled veggies (carr
  10. The burger is. Not the mushrooms. At least two years ago when I last did it, the burger, mustard, tomato, grilled onions and avocado are good to go, but I would make sure when you go. The chicken was also not complaint (sugar). Not sure about the tuna. Not really my thing.
  11. The sugar free ones are usually fake sugar. I would get regular sugar ones if it is not corn syrup based. Feel better!
  12. No. They are like hash brown balls, deep fried usually. The frozen ones are already fried and you bake them. I would assume all of most of them here have dextrose. There are a few brands that are closed to a croquet with veggies mixed in. Super expensive and mostly targeted to kids. I have not tried them since my son is allergic to eggs and those all have egg, but I have had other things from the brand and they are pretty good.
  13. I agree. In the US, it is mostly in Asian food, stock cubes and things like Doritos. I don't think I have ever seen anything that has MSG that is otherwise compliant. Maybe stock cubes? But I have found several brands of broth that are already complaint. Really the bigger issue is the sugar in stock/bullion and not the MSG. Most of the MSG stock cubes I have seen are ones that I really would not buy anyways (think super low quality). It really does seem weird since MSG has been tied with turning off your brain's receptors to stop eating. Heck, a lot of Asain ingredients here are marketed
  14. Yes. The non full fat ones are usually labeled light or low fat
  15. The dr. prager ones are technically complain (the ones for kids). They have egg in them so my son can't have them, so I have never bought them. Not sure how crispy they get but they are veggies and potatoes with egg and arrowroot powder. That brand is pretty pricey though. I do like their veggie burgers, though I am not sure if any of those are compliant.