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  1. Back on track today. Tomorrow's breakfast and lunch are prepped and tomorrow's dinner will be Whole Foods. I have been a bit more relaxed though. Did not really have much of a dinner since lunch was late and larger. Grazed off of my kid's plates. Did their roasted broccoli touch rice and ketchup? Probably. No visible contamination, but something I would not do during my 30 days. This was not eating after I was already full and I feel better about less food waste. Dog got the extra chicken nugget and some rice (haha), but I cleaned up the veggies.
  2. @tiffysquidunkown but likely the flu. Vomiting and such. I fell off the wagon, but I have a plan to be back on starting tomorrow. Between vomiting and not being able to shop and barely eating, I just struggled. Lost 14.6 pounds....but likely only 8-10 of them are real weight loss (see my post on my journal). I plan to pretty much be complaint all next week, though maybe I'll add like a gin and soda next weekend. Don't plan on deviating food wise though for the next 8 days. @MizRik Sushi would have rice, could have soy if you dip it. If you are having rolls, it could have all sorts of
  3. For those who care. I did lose 14.6 pounds and 2.5 inches around my waist. Though the pounds are probably skewed from brunch+fast food the day before I started and throwing up the night of day 30 (due to flu and not due to Whole30). I probably lost around 8-10 pounds I would guess based on my knowledge of my body. Pretty great! I did not stick to Whole30 on day 31 or day 32 because I was sick and barely eating. I do plan on doing mostly Whole30 (probably about 90%+) until my girls trip mid March. Want to make sure I don't blow up like a balloon on a fun weekend! After that weekend I do plan on
  4. Well I did not make it past day 31. Got the flu. Barely ate yesterday. I had some shu mai (wheat and soy) cause eating something at that point was better than nothing. I plan on finishing it today, but breakfast was compliant. I aim to have a compliant dinner and be compliant tomorrow. I desperately need to go grocery shopping if I want to be compliant tomorrow. We will see if I am up to it. Breakfast tomorrow should be fine, but past that I will definitely struggle. Pretty much out of veggies.
  5. Welp. I am going to do my best today, but I woke up with the flu. We will say if I can stay compliant (if I even eat). Ordered some coconut water for pick up.
  6. @tiffysquid That's great you did not blow it with two more days to go! So close! You can do it! If you are PMSing, maybe extend through after your period so that you end on a good day! I know I would be bummed ending it on a bloated day.
  7. Whole30 day 30!!!!!! (last day...kind of) Going to make it through today. I will weigh myself tomorrow just to see what 30 days looks like!, but I do plan on adding two more days and likely another week and a half. Then I plan on doing Whole30 during the week and mostly on the weekends. I will keep on updating this thread until I go into food freedom though! Breakfast: Grilled veggies and two eggs. Cooked in extra fat, but definitely not enough. Definitely forgot to buy plated fat (also got about 2 hours of sleep last night due to sick kids so brain is barely functioning. Lunch:
  8. @MizRik I totally get it. I am for sure adding two days because I had half a grain of accidental rice day two. Also it is Wednesday and Thursday so not a big deal. Ideally, I want to add another week or two on since I am clearly losing weight and that was one of my goals (first being to get back in the habit of cooking, eating veggies, etc which for the last few months I was completely off the wagon.) Friday/the weekend will be tougher to stay on track. I do hope to go until Super Bowl Sunday and then splurge with some fries (compliant ingredients, but not compliant in general) and a gin and s
  9. Last few days! Hopefully everyone is hanging in there! Is anyone extending the program longer than 30 days?
  10. Day 28 and 29 (what!!! tomorrow is the last official day, though I am for sure adding two days on for my half a grain of rice debacle and maybe a week or two more) Day 28 (sunday) - Survived a (nice) breakfast buffet. I had actually done some pre planning before deciding on my Whole30 since we tend to go every other Sunday (but we skipped two Sunday's ago so this was the first time I had to navigate it.) I had both breakfast and lunch there. I had fruit, veggie omelette, potatoes (if they had their hash browns instead, it would be a no go), steamed veggies and surprisingly the prime rib.
  11. @Barbara M I see a lot of greens and raw veggies. For me, those tend to be super bulky and it's way harder to eat 5 cups of raw spinach than one cup of cooked spinach (and that's probably the same amount of spinach.) You could also try some bulkier veggies like carrots (cooked are super yummy), broccoli, cauliflower. Also, how much avocado are you eating? At least half? Shrimp is super lean. You could probably eat like 10 of them (small - medium size) to get the calories you need (I know we don't count calories, but it takes a lot of shrimp to equate to 4-6 oz of chicken in terms of sustenance
  12. Day 27! Home stretch. Last night may have been boarder line SWYPO for me. At Whole Foods got some prosciutto and some fruit, veggies, and an egg and wrapped them in the prosciutto. I was not super hungry and it really hit the spot. I think it is okay since there were no cracker or cheese replacements and everything was 100% compliant. Also, yesterday I actually considered going to yoga in yoga pants and a bra top, I was feeling that confident. Ultimately decided not to (still have some body insecurities and definitely have some fat to loose) but I think this was the first work out in 5 ye
  13. Oh no! If you stayed compliant, just ate out of control, maybe just add some time on to the end and do a Whole45, 60, whatever. That way it does not feel like you are starting over and probably will feel more empowering. You still ate better and that is a victory!
  14. Day 26! Last night did not go as planned. I wound up having a Primal Frozen bowl for dinner. Not super ideal but it was that or I was willing to just not eat. Got less than 4 hours of sleep. Just exhausted Breakfast: Veggies, potatoes and a bit of sausage and garlic sauce. I had a good amount of veggies but lacking in protein and fat. Was not really hungry. Coffee and vanilla coconut milk Lunch: Brought lots of stuff to snack on. Two eggs. Carrots, tomatoes, garlic sauce, baba ganough. Dinner: Whole foods I guess. Feeling very uninspired meal wise today. Maybe I will grab a
  15. NSV is a non scale victory. So some result that isn't tied to a number on the scale. Yay! At least that is something!