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  1. Oh no! That is such a bummer! I think starting over is probably the right thing to do! Those labels are so tricky. I hate it when you do your due diligence and ask what is in something and then you find out that is not the case (you with the muffins and me with a black iced coffee at starbucks, though I was able to just take one sip before I figured out they added sugar) I hope you can figure out what affected your mouth. Maybe just add those items individually to your reintroduction at the end? I am curious what you packed for camping. We may try to go on a trip this fall/winter and if I
  2. I know right! Even before doing my first Whole30 5+ years ago I would have laughed at that. Who is eating that for breakfast? Maybe on a dessert menu, but it was like the first item under their breakfast house specialties. I hope someone from my group gets it so I can see how insane that "breakfast" dish is. It's literally sugar on sugar! I don't think I would have ordered it when I was pregnant and experienced my first sugar dragon!
  3. Day 4 of Food Freedom! (Tuesday, Whole30 Eating) Ate Whole30 today (and plan to Wednesday too with a similar menu). I really do feel better eating Whole30. Breakfast - Hard boiled eggs and strawberries with coconut Lunch - Pineapple slaw (so good), hot link and roasted potatoes Dinner - Just some of the slaw. I really was not hungry. I am not sure why. I did not snack or anything. I figured it was better to eat something than nothing at all. Not sure if I have time to post this weekend, which is probably good since I suspect all of the day will be off plan in at least
  4. Totally get your point. I really like keeping one log so that I can go back to it without having to find several different logs. I think I am also keeping within the forum guidelines posted by Melissa (included a snippet below and point 3 does address it) and have seen several other logs that have included mini resets, reintroduction (there is a separate forum for that as well), food freedom and people that say they are eating whole30, but clearly have missed the mark. I think I have been doing a decent job of labeling non-whole30 meals and have been making it clear that the last few days are
  5. Day 3 of Food Freedom! Back to Whole30 eating today. Went pretty well. Making choices does seem to be easier this time around. I am sitting in a room of snacks and still have not been tempted. Whoot! Breakfast - Hard boiled eggs and strawberries with coconut Lunch - Pineapple slaw (so good), hot link and roasted potatoes Dinner - Just hash browns and a fried egg. I really don't have too much food at home and we are leaving town soon so I am not trying to buy more stuff.... I have some "better for you" snacks for my trip. We are planning on shopping for breakfast stuff
  6. Also found out that my almost two year old also liked it too! I am not too surprised, because she is a pretty adventurous eater but it was definitely a new flavor profile for her since it think we have only had Thai food a few times since she was born and none of those times she has come with us and had never had a Thai curry before.
  7. Day 1 and 2 (Saturday & Sunday) - Food Freedom! I was hoping to keep it going, but some good opportunities to practice my food freedom came up. All of my breakfasts and dinners were compliant, but my lunches were not. On Saturday, I had some Pad Thai. I looked through the menu and while nothing was really complaint (i would suspect fish sauce and peanuts at a minimum), something like a curry that would have been very close just did not seem worth it. So I choose the Pad Thai and gave the egg roll to my daughter (Whhhhatttt!!!!! I Seriously did not even take a nibble!) It was so worth
  8. Day 46 (Friday) Friday was 100% Whole30, which was planned since I had food prepped my breakfasts and lunches for the week....Energy was good but I did get a tall coffee from Starbucks. I was going to get a decalf, but they could only do a pour over and I was trying to get out of there for my morning meetings. Still feeling good! Breakfast (8:30 AM): chorizo hash (onions, carrots and celery) with avocado Lunch (12:00 PM): green curry with chicken. I added potatoes for some starchy veggies. Dinner (7:30): Hash browns and prosciutto. Still not good, but I didn't really prep f
  9. For the bloating, it could just be normal (see the timeline), but I also know some people have issues with nuts/laura and RX bars and I see those popping up a lot in your diary and certain veggies. So if the bloating continues, you may want to see if some of the things you are eating are triggers. Otherwise, I think around day 8 is pretty common for bloating! It gets better!
  10. Thanks! Yeah. I am not sure about the break out cause it is not a certain time of the month or ever consistent. I's guessing some is stress and some is that I touch my face a lot. I changed up my face care routine and that definitely seemed to help, but in the 10+ years that I have tried to figure it out, there really does not seem to be an obvious pattern. I am most nervous about food freedom just because I am an all or nothing type person. I have had varying success after whole30s and this one and my last one are post baby. So that has really changed things a lot. I failed pretty misera
  11. Day 45 (Thursday) WHooooo! Officially my last day but there is really no reason I won't be complaint today (Friday). I also have not told my husband I am officially done, since I am trying to continue it until next Thursday, so I don't want him to get any ideas :). I'll probably tell him this weekend if he complains about it. hahaha. Breakfast (8:30 AM): chorizo hash (onions, carrots and celery) with guac Lunch (12:30 PM): green curry with chicken. I added potatoes for some starchy veggies. Also had some dried mangoes around 3 PM. Didn't really need them, but oh well. Dinne
  12. Thanks! I really think it was lack of sleep. Not sure if you read earlier in my diary, but we were having issues with my daughter sleeping because she was not feeling well. I had some tiger blood pretty early on, but it disappeared after not sleeping enough. I definitely have more weight to go, but I am definitely happier and someone said my face looked like it was glowing last a zit yesterday, but that's my first one. Though I will say my zits don't seem to be food related. I'll go months without them and then just randomly get them for a while. Usually not more than one or tw
  13. P.S. I accidentally weighed/measured today thinking it was already day 46 (i.e. 45 days done). Instead it was day 45. Whoops! But definitely some more great results! Another 5.2 pounds gone and another quarter inch off of my waist and hips! I tiger blood is hitting again, because I feel like I am in a great mood. Even my husband mentioned it earlier this week. I am also in love with how strong my nails are. I have never grown them out this long and even without them painted (I got a gel mani last week), they were significantly longer and stronger than ever before. Tried on a dress I was
  14. Sprouts also makes compliant chorizo too! It is made in the store so it may be different from store to store.