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  1. Same here. Just kicked in the last few days. Technically I'm not on Whole 30 anymore, I introduced butter after the 30 days (I started early). But I have no cravings anymore. Especially sugar just feels like too much. Huge for me since I was eating some kind of chocolate or something daily before this. Also, I tried half and half the other day in my coffee. No bueno. But I have decided to stay whole 30 for awhile. Reintroduce very slowly over the next month. Otherwise, I know I will drift back into old habits and I want this to settle in as my new lifestyle. I like the way I feel.
  2. Me too. I had to portion control a bit. I was getting a heavy feeling and even depression. Some of it may have been detoxing because I'm feeling pretty good now.
  3. I hear you. I started going to bed earlier that helped a bit. As well as magnesium and powdered vit. C. Also, I started a week early so am beginning to reintroduce. The only thing I have introduced is butter. I was surprised how much of a lift that gave me. On the other hand no sugar, wine or bread cravings. Sending you lots of good energy Kalina. Food testing from a naturpath helped me. i was surprised by a few things. You may have something going on with some of the foods in W30.
  4. This recipe is to die for. So delicious, light and satisfying. Thank you!
  5. I had the first great night's sleep last night. And am now having regular BM's which is amazing for me because I have IBS. The only thing I'm struggling with now is a sense of heaviness - fullness that isn't super comfortable. My metabolism is slow and this feels like a lot of food. My hope is that my metabolism will speed up in time. I swim 4 x's a week and walk as often as possible. Yesterday, I drank more bone broth and feeling more energy today. And cutting down on meat proportions is helping a bit. Hope you all are doing fabulously.
  6. Oh my! I'm shopping for this one tomorrow. Looks amazing. THANK YOU.
  7. In reading through all of these today, it seems many of us are hitting a deeper level of healing. I'm still not feeling great but stubbornly hanging in there. I do like the feeling of nourishment. But starting to add more fresh veggies vs. roasted and less meat. I think I just need a lighter version. So experimenting with more shrimp and sauces etc. Plus, it's freezing and raining - work outs are harder. I do everything outside vs. a gym. A long bucolic walk would help right now. And I'm looking into FODMAP elimination Shiela. And gut issue education. Sending you all good energy. Hang in there
  8. Sooo my hardest days are NOW. My body is starting to trust me that I really mean it about health. I'm getting regular sleep and digestion is happy for the first time in forever. But the cravings are HUGE. Chocolate, bread, butter. OMG! The fantasies are driving me nuts. I thought I would be in the opposite place. But not breaking my stride. I've come this far. Also, I'm pretty sure - zero - weight loss. Though that was my secondary reason, it's a little disappointing. Probably will happen slowly by sticking with it.
  9. Thank you so much Gina. I'm into them all now.
  10. Kalina, thank you so much for the websites to great recipes. I hope you continue to feel better and better. I have also been struggling with a bit of under the weather-ness. Feeling sluggish. But trying different approaches and recipes helps me dial into the foods even on Whole30 that aren't the best. I might try plant based next time. To our health!
  11. Yes, they do. I've had that happen. What helped me is a good dose of vit c powder and water and/or magnesium powder. Feel better.
  12. Thank you. Yes. As long as I take that opportunity, I'm feeling good. I hear that days 10-11 are the hardest. I have found that I lagged for sure. But renewing inspiration today with a yummy avocado - asparagus salad and chicken dish. The recipes are so inspiring. Thank you for your comment. Rock on!
  13. Adam, this is great.. that you see this. I use food to numb, distract and stimulate my need for excitement and motion in my life. I've always been this way. Stimulation junkie. I believe now that it's an escape from lurking depression. Now in my first whole 30 having removed the sugar and dairy etc. depression has hit. Knowing this helps me a lot. I see it as a process of connecting with other things in life that are overall more satisfying when food isn't the go to. Thank you for your post.