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  1. Hello I was on track after doing some practice days the week before NYE to start January 1 officially. Then my long time furry animal companion (rabbit 7.5 years), Max died NYE. I found myself immediately doing my past bad habits. Hardly eating and then when I do eat - carbs, sugar, etc. I caught myself yesterday and am re committing - preparing again today. I am in a weakened state of grief. Nervous about sticking to it. But I really need to. I have gained 10 lbs in 3 months from stress and really need to stop the cycle. Just wanted to put it out there officially. Accountability is so im
  2. I'm in Northern Ca. where the wine is exquisite and abundant. I'm also grieving the loss of my pet rabbit who I had for 7.5 years and was my main companion. A glass of wine would be amazing - every single night for a couple weeks. But I committed to Whole 30. And the benefits of a clean and healthy (and lighter) body will outweigh the short term emotional urges. I know that. But need to remind myself constantly. I'm walking and drinking hot tea instead. And early bedtime. And crying more than normal for this huge loss.
  3. Thank you. Appreciate it. Looks thorough and helpful. I think I'll look online as well for some meals already designed. That's where I get in trouble. Have a wonderful eve
  4. Thank you Kirbz Really helps. I was eating one egg with the Frittata. Mostly because I don't like eggs much. I still haven't found clarified butter shopping (but will soon), so my fats are olive oil and avocado (I've been eating half the avo). I'll see what else I can do to up it. I think I'm probably low. I just took up jogging and it's super challenging for me. But it means exercise has increased. I haven't been eating protein and fat before a work-out. I've been eating after the work-out. Lastly, I'm following the meals in the book exactly because I tend to improvise to
  5. Does the hunger and blood sugar dips get better? I'm hungry all the time. I'm following the 7 day start menu exactly in the book. I do see inflammation decreasing - that's been wonderful.
  6. How do you upload a profile photo. never mind:::: just figured it out.
  7. I’m doing practice days now and officially start the 29th after the last holiday celebration. Good for you for your persistence. Following the whole30 book meals until I learn the ropes. Cheers
  8. Hello I am so inspired by this forum! Thank you all for sharing your stories and resources. I’ve been in a huge and stressful life change. Career. The chronic stress has activated bad habits and my weight is as high as it gets. I need to lose about 20lbs. I bought the whole 30 book. And I have shopped. I’m doing a few practice days this week but officially start the 29th. I tried weight watchers and actually gained weight. Whole 30 makes a lot of sense to me. I like the structure. Also will run and do a little yoga daily. So out of shape. Might just be a mile a day for a time. Baby steps.