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  1. So, I'm restarting on october, 1. Will use the coming days to be better prepared. Although I will need to do some adjustments, bc some things are simply not avaiable or far too expensive here. If I buy sauces I will buy those without added sugar or at least the lowest sugar I can find for a reasonable pricing. I will still eat oats, bc otherwise I will not finishing it at all. I will buy meat, that it's not free range or organic. I'm on a small budget for 4 people (200€/month) and with my first trial I had to pay around 90€/week. For meat. I already looke
  2. Broke my W30 Today. But I do feel better and less lethargic. I will restart and meanwhile eat as W30 compliant as possible. At least I got rid of the brain fog. It wasn't nice.
  3. Ate more meat, more fat, more potaoes and fruits. Still feeling not good. I just want carbohydrates and I'm not sure how I should drive my 4 hours tomorrow m(
  4. Bought more meat, even though I'm so over it. It's prepacked, it was expensive. This whole diet is expensive if you try to buy animal and ecologically friendly meat. My choices were limited. Also bought a small fruit salad and a normal salad, which I will eat with a simple coconut yoghurt dressing tomorrow. My 3 yo is saying goodbye to her diapers, so she peed into my shoe. Like a cat, bc I told her all diapers have been stolen (and she can use the toilet). It's 36°C/around 100 °F. I wanna die and am in a bad mood. But I bought some coffee for the trip. And s
  5. Day 15: Energylevels Low. i have enough energy to do the chores, but I really should be studying bc I have 3 upcoming exams in 4 weeks and I'm not even remotely ready. So: I have more energy than when I'm eating junk food, but less than when I eat a more carb leaning diet with around 80 gr /Protein/day. I really don't know how I will pass, bc I'm not in the headspace to study. My brain isn't exactly foggy, but it's not clear either. I think I'm not a low carb person.
  6. Day 15, Went running (totally out of form). M1: Burger, sweet potatoe toast, cubed sweet potatoes, spinach and onion, also guac. Needing to use up everything bc we will be away for 2 weeks.
  7. Already did that twice xD But it's just not the same as oats AND you have to prepare them in the evening (which I forgot) m(
  8. Do you know how some people get over eating veggies and just want to eat meat? Or sweets? I'm getting over eating meat. I miss my seitan and I miss the simplicity of tossing pasta, veggies and some broth in my instant pot and having a finished meal in under 20 minutes. I also miss oats. Nothing simpler for breakfast than oats, chia seed, some fruits and some peanut butter.
  9. Also Today, 09.08.2020 M2: Baked sweet potatoes, fruits and guac M3: Lettuce, chicken from yesterday, cucumber, veggies from yesterday with a coconut joghurt, mustard and tahin dressing.
  10. So, we will travel the 650 km to my MIL the day after tomorrow and I was thinking: What should I eat on the road? ANd what should I eat there. As I wrote earlier they eat quite a quite carb heavy diet. So my idea was: Go to the organic store and buy organic deli and pre cooked meat. Enough to last 2 days, so that I can visit their local organic store on Wednesday to buy more. On most days my meal will probably look quite similiar to eating at home, but with less eggs. M1: Joghurt with fruits and fats, also some veggies. M2: Precooked meat with some veggies and pot
  11. Day 14 today. Nearly halfway through. M1: 3 Scrambled eggs, banana and raisins. Vanilla Almond Iced Latte (Home brewed coffee, Ice cubes, fresh vanilla bean and a bit of almond milk) M2: Will be either rest from yesterday or fruits M3: Meatballs in tomatosauce and zoodles. Hand is itching again, although I'm sweating and it is on the part of the hand which I lay down while typing on the PC or while writing. I will go to a dermatologist tomorrow morning to get some cortisol cream. I really want to get rid of it and it does itch terribly ri
  12. It was quite tasty! Best thing: Tradionally made it needs about 4-5 hours to prepare it, but with the Instant Pot I only needed about 1 hour, incl. prepping time. I love that thing! <3
  13. M3: Chicken Drums with roasted potatoes and steames broccoli, zucchini and pumpkin Snack: Grapes. Bc they are tasty and it is summer and I really don't care, that the book says "reduce your fruits" bc it's healthy, tasty and I don't eat much fruit the rest of the year (out of season fruits just don't cut it).
  14. I don't know. Could be something typically german? We eat them baked in the oven with some honey over it. It's a dessert on it's own. Cheap, fast, tasty.
  15. Also I want the Pasta in Cheesesauce, which the kids didn't finish...