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  1. Did you start reintroduction yet? Sometimes reactions can happen faster than you expect and it's possible that whatever is causing your skin issues will show you some other ill effect upon reintroduction before it even shows up in your skin.
  2. I'm glad it's going so well! I hope you feel that Tiger Blood soon.
  3. Day 30 More loud storms off and on last night. I am glad I set out everything last night to make my coffee this morning. It's difficult for me to think in another language when I'm tired. It stormed through half of my meeting and interestingly enough, it was storming over there in that part of Japan too. The sauce I made last night turned out to be amazing on some tiny potatoes I quickly tossed in the microwave and cut (half mashed) this morning to go with my eggs. It was originally going to be a scallion wasabi aioli but then I decided to make it a dressing instead before I turned
  4. Salad dressing is very easy to make. If you don't have an immersion blender, now is a good time to get one since it makes it even easier to whip up batches of mayo and salad dressings, etc. Once you start making your own dressings, you'll realize how fast it is and how much more economical. It pays for itself pretty quickly especially if you're a fan of blended soups. I usually make mayo and salad dressing at the same time and just do the mayo first then, without even washing the stick blender in between, use it to do the salad dressing. Look up "dump ranch " salad dressing for a super ea
  5. Day 29 I went to bed early last night but still got woken up from noise, bad luck. Work was frustrating but I got everything done that I needed to and have been able to relax a bit. I don't feel as brain dead as I did yesterday. I'll try going to bed early again anyway. And maybe just plan on making a coconut milk coffee before my 6am Skype meeting. Breakfast- Coconut scrambled eggs with roasted cinnamon-sprinkled sweet potatoes Lunch- African stew with green beans in coconut curry sauce Dinner- Baked Cajun salmon, onion, and cucumbers with creamy wasabi dressing
  6. Day 28 Due to outside noise beyond my control, sleep was very lacking but I powered through the day. I made a fresh jar of cashew milk plus a jar of coconut milk for whatever I might decide to do this weekend. I did feel pretty brain dead by dinner time and went to bed early. I kept my notes in my personal journal through the day though. Breakfast- Scallion omelet with leftover sauce from yesterday's breakfast and roasted butternut squash Lunch- Pork and carrots in gravy plus a healthy side of sauerkraut Dinner- African stew, heavy on the coconut cream and a small cuc
  7. Day 27 Pretty normal day of my usual getting up early, exercise, work, etc. I'm feeling really good. I'm also pretty happy to know that I have enough leftovers in the fridge and freezer to last through the weekend. I don't have to cook anything new unless I really feel like it. My dinner tonight left me with 2 more meals' worth of leftovers that I'm already looking forward to having and I've still got a lot of soup, stew, and even chili. Breakfast- Basil chicken and green beans with creamy lemon sauce Lunch- Chili over green beans with a dollop of coconut milk yogurt
  8. Day 26 Busy day which started with my 6am Japan call. It's a weekly Wednesday and Sunday thing. I'm still staying away from caffeine, not even feeling tempted so I'm glad my few mornings of it didn't ignite a habit. My energy is good. Someone gave me a little gift of something I love but is non compliant (because of a small amount of sugar). Luckily it will keep until this is over so it's safely tucked away. Breakfast- African Stew with mixed veggies in cashew cream sauce Lunch- Italian wedding soup and a dish of sauerkraut Dinner- ginger lime cracklin' chicken with
  9. Oh, I forgot, I also had a side of sauerkraut with my dinner.
  10. Day 25 Feeling really good here, and getting a lot done. I actually meant to have stew for breakfast but woke up really wanting something else so I made that and saved stew for later. The stew was amazing and wasn't difficult to tweak to make it Whole30 from the original recipe I found online for the African Stew served at Mara's in Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World. I'll definitely be making this again now that I've tried it. Whole30s always inspire me to try making new things. Breakfast- poached eggs and roasted asparagus, both with freshly made Whole30 compliant hollandai
  11. Day 24 Felt pretty good and productive, made a pot of soup and a pot of stew. I portioned them out into separate serving size containers so they'll be easy to grab and eat for meals. Making meatballs for the soup was a bit of a drag so early in the morning but the payoff was so worth it. I can't wait to have some of the stew tomorrow! It feels pretty good to know I'm in the final week. After today, it's just 18 meals to go and then I can relax a bit. I haven't been able to find fully compliant bacon locally this time around and decided not to try ordering any meats this time either,
  12. I try not to eat snacks but sometimes I munch on some nuts or olives while cooking. If you're talking about pre and post work-out, check out the official Whole30 meal template which covers that. A lot of people like to keep some hard boiled eggs in the fridge in case of emergency. The theory is: If you aren't hungry enough to eat that, then you're probably not actually hungry and just feeling the desire to eat for other reasons. The first week is rough; congratulations on staying strong!
  13. Welcome to the logs. I can relate, so many people only seem interested in hearing about weight loss and don't understand why there could be another reason to do something like this.
  14. Thank you. It's the first time I did it so I procrastinated out of nervousness. Now I'm glad it's done and the pan performed beautifully today like when it was new.
  15. Day 23 Still working on getting used to sleeping in the new bed but determined not to resort to caffeine since it was never my thing and I don't want it to become a thing. Survived my 6am call from Japan and moved everything out of my kitchen, living room, and bathroom to thoroughly clean, sweep, and mop. By the time the floors were dry and I put everything back I was beat and just swept and mopped around everything in the other rooms. I figured it was a good day for it since I have so many things already made and waiting in the fridge. I realized though that I am out of soup so I'll