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  1. Oh @christine19, I am so sorry that you have lost your friend. I hope you are ok I found Easter really hard. I couldn’t make a decision about chocolate (which sounds so stupid as I write it) and I had injured my hip which really does impact how I feel because running was agony and my mental health was suffering. When I say ‘disastrous reintroductions’ it’s more that I ended up feeling very out of control with foods, I ate lots of compliant things that I didn’t need, and then a few things non compliant (a slice of toast, some chocolate, a biscuit) which again I know sounds ridiculousl
  2. this is my current thread where I pretty much talk to myself about food. You are welcome to pop in for a chat!
  3. @LadyM I’m around but I sometimes think I’m the only one! I’ve been doing this for 9+ months and I do occasional full whole 30’s but mostly it’s a ‘Whole30 + wine’ that I settle in.
  4. Just checking in. Coming towards the end of April I am looking bank over this month, I feel like it’s been a total rollercoaster. Some disastrous reintroductions and it’s thrown me off course quite significantly. I feel tired, I haven’t felt like this for a long time and yet my food had still been, pretty much, on plan. Certainly for the last week or so. The tiger blood feels a very distant memory. so with the remaining 5 days of April I am going to continue my round 4, and just try and claw myself back onto the straight and narrow so I can start May fresh. I am genuinely worried abo
  5. @SugarcubeODSurely though if you’ve got both protein and fat to hand as well you’d be better just eating those items (eg your meat stick and your mini pack of nuts)? I do remember reading in the book about baby food but it baffles me sometimes that certain things are ok when you can’t recreate them yourself (eg use puréed apple and coconut milk to make a kulfi for example)
  6. I guess it’s compliant ingredients - but not sure it’s in the spirit of whole30? Why would you eat this but not an actual apple or whatever? I can’t imagine a scenario where I would have this to hand but not anything else compliant that is better overall. Plus while fruit is compliant, fruit as ‘dessert’ is not, so you shouldn’t eg, freeze it as a sorbet or eat it as a pudding. after your 30 days you could introduce it but check your sugar cravings because I imagine it’s very high in natural sugars.
  7. Do you have a freezer? That’s where the secret is! I have a busy family and I’ve been doing this for 9 months now. My meal planning goes a bit like this: Write shopping list and menu plan at the same time. Plan all meals including 7x breakfast and lunches- sounds silly but you’d be amazed how much food you need, eg. 14 eggs, 7 chicken thighs, etc just for me! after shopping check the use by dates on everything and put everything you can except the next two days into the freezer. check your meal plan and if you didn’t get something, change the plan at this stage so you’re not stuck on
  8. Another day, another yummy dinner from my dr’s kitchen book. This time it was Vietnamese style chicken balls which I had with stir fry pepper, mushroom, spring onion, sugar snap peas and 5 spice seasoning. Lunch was a salad and boule eggs, new potatoes and mayo. I’m feeling that familiar tiredness today, a good indicator that w30 is underway. One thing I notice with each new round is that the side effects begin more quickly and subside more quickly too, so hopefully I will feel a bit better tomorrow. I didn’t run in the end today. My hip was -mostly- pain free and I thought I would give
  9. R4D2 today. Stomach growling a bit again this morning and I probably should have eaten something but I forgot to pack anything to take to work. I came home and immediately had chicken thighs, salad, and 2 boiled eggs. Had pre workout snack of an egg and some chicken, and now about to have spicy lime cauliflower and prawns. I’m starving! my hip was ok at circuit training so tomorrow I might try a little run after work- but I’m not going to push it if it isn’t 100% better.
  10. This is great, I’m glad you have felt such amazing benefits! I think week 3 is when it really starts to feel awesome, your food is sorted, your cravings have gone...well done!
  11. @SKUtahno it was from a recipe book called The Doctors kitchen, but it has a lot of compatible recipes or ones that are easy to sub. leave out the soy sauce or use coconut aminos loads more here on his website. tonight I’m having spiced lime cauliflower and sweet potato with prawns from the same book
  12. @Rebel RoseOne thing that helps me is to ask myself ‘am I craving the food itself, or am I craving the experience?’ ; it’s ok to want to engage in the excitement of pancakes with your kids or ice cream at the beach, or birthday cake. It takes practice but I find I can now separate the two and not eat it, but still enjoy them having it. What you will find is that when you finish your W30 and begin your food freedom journey, you’ll be faced with this a lot. I think this is why they say no baked replica treats: you need to wean yourself as much off the experience as off the food itself.
  13. @christine19 sorry to hear about your friend. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating to be kind to yourself in these circumstances. You know how to pull it back if you feel that you need to. I did R1D4 yesterday, it went well. I made some sofrito chicken which I had for lunch with salad and mayo, and for dinner I had a lemongrass Thai curry with coconut and cauliflower rice. Really tasty, lots of veg. I did only have 2 meals yesterday however. I find when I am not running that my appetite drops significantly. I am just going to follow my appetite and eat when hungry today a
  14. Thanks @SKUtah i have had a good day today, R4D1. In fact, although my stomach was growling away this morning, I have eaten very lightly as I am really trying to actually listen to myself this time. I feel lighter and energised this evening, and despite returning to work after 2.5 weeks off for Easter holiday, I have had energy this afternoon for a walk, hung some washing out and did some housework. My food today has been lovely, a salad with sofrito chicken and mayonnaise, and then my evening meal was a lemongrass Thai chicken curry and cauliflower rice, so loaded up with veg.
  15. I’ve made the decision to do a full Round 4 W30 starting Monday 19th April - and I can’t wait!! I’m not going to go crazy before then, but we are away at the seaside so we did drink last night and with drink does come occasional ‘compliant ingredients’ snacks (salted veg crisps?) so.... I found the most amazing recipe book though, here in my parents holiday home, it’s called The Doctors Kitchen and I’d say 50% of the meals are compliant, plus it’s a vegan book so often it’s beans/chickpeas that are non compliant and I could sub that out for a different protein source. I’m excited to try
  16. I’m really gearing myself up for my next round, which will be starting on Monday 19th April, although I am not planning on going wild food-wise before then either. We are away at the moment and yes, did drink quite a lot of wine last night, enough to make me dehydrated and headachey this morning. My concerns about food were resolved though, we did a shop as soon as we arrived so we have plenty of compliant foods. My round 4 is going to be strict- no nuts or nut butter, no fruit if possible also, and getting that meal template really established. Reading other threads is very informat
  17. That’s brilliant. One thing I noticed when I did my first W30 was I suddenly felt like I had more time. I think it was because I just didn’t slump in the afternoons, and like you say instead of wanting to veg out in the evenings, I wanted to do things. I did all my kids baby photo albums that had been hanging around for 8 years!!
  18. @SKUtahyep, grazing is my worst habit. I really do believe it is a habit too, as in it is something I can change with practice, but it’s a behaviour I often revert to when I am tired or stressed. I feel so much better when I don’t do it though, I am very insulin sensitive and grazing really plays havoc with that.. I had a horrible day yesterday, felt really tired and washed out, had a nap mid afternoon which is very unlike me and just couldn’t shake the sleepy, worn out feeling all day. I ended up eating a lot of carbs and drinking wine which was not really a good idea. It all started wit
  19. @Rebel Roseand my other tip is always cook extra if you can. I use freezable plastic tubs (like takeaway dishes) and before serving out for the family I always take one portion out. Label them before freezing (unless you like mystery dinner)- I always label mine W30 chilli or whatever so I know in future that it is a 100% compliant meal.
  20. Hey @Maria Fernanda how are you getting on?
  21. So a week of healthier behaviour has paid off for me. I feel much brighter. My leg is still a bit sore to be honest, and I’m not running anywhere near as many miles as I have been it as I would like. I need to get back into daily yoga and generally self care a bit. definitely I know that 3 meals a day and no snacks is working better for me. I did weigh myself a few days ago and I was shocked to see I had gained 7lbs since 1st April! The following day I was very strict, I cut carbs right down and tracked what I ate, and the following day it was gone, so it was clearly water retention but eve
  22. @Lorna from Canada it sounds like you have been busy! I totally agree with your ‘worth it’ dilemma- I was the same around Easter. I felt my expectations of a chocolate egg were just too great, and it would never live up to it, so I didn’t have one, but I did for the first time since starting this, really really want one and I just couldn’t make the decision. i’m just ticking along here. I must admit I struggled around Easter and have thankfully now settled back into the plan, although I am being really strict as I know that’s the only way to get myself back on the straight and narrow
  23. Welcome, how are you getting on? I definitely agree to keep a notebook/journal. I’m 8, nearly 9, months in and I still write in mine most days. It really helps me to track back and compare fluctuations.
  24. @Nedster7 how are you getting on? I’d be mindful of incorporating Intermittent fasting into the W30 certainly for the initial 30 days. Having weight loss in your mind can override your good choices I think. I went from a fasting/Mediterranean diet to this and stopped fasting and still did lose weight in my first 30 but you have to trust the plan.
  25. Saturday morning here, and I have a slight hangover as I drank too much last night! And now going to outdoor bootcamp as punishment haha the week has been quite tricky. I feel like I can’t get my head back in the game and I have eaten a lot of compliant things that I know I shouldn’t really have too much of: fruit, dried fruit and nuts mostly. I’ve tried to go with it to a degree, I’ve not been running this week due to my hip and therefore I have felt quite down anyway, but I know that food is not the way to lift my mood. I can run again now, but I’m limiting to alternate days a