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  1. @Saiee i am yet to find a compliant sausage (I am in uk) - all of ours have wheat added, or if gluten free they have rice flour added, even really expensive brands. Plus usually sugar. It’s one of the things I have missed most because my husband and boys have hotdogs on Saturdays after football and I can’t join them!
  2. @50andstillhere I just realised I didn’t exactly answer your question!! Personally from what you’ve said, I would eat more protein than those bars. I’ve never used those raw type bars because that puréed fruit is basically sugar in a different guise. But if you’re feeling low blood sugar (unless you’re diabetic, that’s different) you probably need to eat more generally by increasing your calories at meals. (if you’ve genuinely got low blood sugar you need glucose not fructose, fructose doesn’t raise your blood sugars) Do you do the pre/post workout snacks? They are largely protein ba
  3. @Lorna from Canada funny you say that about anxiety; one of the things I noticed after doing my first W30 was that I didn’t feel anxious driving anymore. I used to get terrible anxiety on fast roads and I’d be gripping the wheel til my knuckles were white, and then one day noticed I just wasn’t doing it anymore. Now I don’t drive anywhere fast due to Lockdown! @50andstillhereThe reason I started doing this was because of running. Previously I had done LCHF and lost a fair amount of weight, but as my running increased, I couldn’t sustain it. I would end up bingeing and I felt really d
  4. I did know that about the baked goods and I know I would not be able to resist them so I’m glad they’re out. I do have some really good paleo bake recipes for after the 30 days though! It’s certainly a lot easier navigating this as I never leave the house except to pick the children up from school and to go for a run, so no meals out of the home to deal with.
  5. That’s really interesting, thanks all. Definitely food for thought! I haven’t had those raw bars (yet) they don’t really appeal to me, but was just wondering. I haven’t reintroduced sugar since my July whole30, literally I had 1 choc and a piece of cake at Xmas and that’s the only grain of sugar that’s passed my lips since 20th July. (Massive sugar dragon though, he is still lurking every day!) I was just wondering regarding the commercial products vs homemade because it surprised me that they make products and mention them when they don’t advise them. I read that email too @becs and I supp
  6. Lots to catch up on! I read your daytime posts with my morning coffee, I think I am a few hours ahead of you? The buffalo cauli do look amazing, I also need an air fryer so I will try them in a hot oven today! I make a spicy baked cauliflower using coconut cream, tandoori spice and an egg yolk, coat the cauli and bake, then when it’s cooked use a tbsp of coconut cream, some raisins or dried apricots , some flaked almonds, mix it in so it’s a bit like a ‘Coronation’ type sauce. It’s really nice in a baked potato, you can add shredded chicken to it as well. I am really surprised at the
  7. They are so much nicer if homemade as well. I do sweet potato with rosemary and garlic and bake them til they are almost overdone, they go all sticky and stodgy! I’m really craving ‘something’ today but I don’t even know what. Carbs probably. I feel quite restless and keep wandering into the kitchen. I forgot to take the meat out of the freezer for our dinner tonight too so I will have to improvise and I was really looking forward to my planned meal so the replacement better not disappoint. I had some minced lamb to make some koftas for lunches but I think I will make those for dinne
  8. We had fish last night too, there’s a theme! We had salmon with stir fry veg and a tahini and lemon sauce. sprung out of bed this morning at 5.40, this isn’t always a welcome side effect of w30 for me. I feel like the quality of my sleep improves but the length of time I sleep for doesn’t. I don’t feel tired though, so must have slept enough. today it’s another busy day of working (from home). I forgot to get the meat out of the freezer for our dinner tonight, so may have to change my menu around. @Lorna from Canadayour buffalo cauli sounds good, could you share a recipe pl
  9. Yes I was quite pleased with 50+ portions of Veg. I love veggies but I’m not very imaginative and there’s only so much salad I can eat, and I do find I don’t eat enough of it. Pre-cooking loads plus making ‘traybakes’ and big Mixed salads/slaw really helps. I’m the opposite of you @Lorna from Canada, I feel like I’m eating WAY too much. I don’t know if I am or not, without weighing or calorie counting it’s impossible to know. I remember this from before; my brain simply isn’t used to relinquishing this tight, lifelong control over my fuel intake. You feel full and satisfied? Then you
  10. People are very weird about food, you are right. I think people want a ‘magic bullet’ but when you say ‘here it is’ they cannot bear the thought of this (miserable?) life without junk food. I think also, that because I am slim, people feel that they can comment freely on what I eat, whereas when I was 3 stone heavier they wouldn’t have done that. But the reason I am slim is because I eat like this! I rarely talk about food by my choice, but people ask, and then it’s really hard not to say isn’t it? I think we just have to quietly nod and smile! I have very vocal in-laws as well so I get it fro
  11. @christine19well done. That just shows why it’s so important to clear the cupboards and make sure there’s things in for emergencies! I find sometimes when I have one of those days, I wake up the next day feeling v really refreshed and motivated. It’s like it’s a mini hurdle to cross. I looked back over my week last night, I know technically it’s more than a week, but I like to reflect on it and set goals for the week ahead. My food had been good but I had been having too much fruit I think, and nuts, so I’m going to try and cut right back on both this week. I cannot buy almond butter
  12. I found the same with split peas, I was so pleased they were allowed this time, just really to get an additional protein source for variety. I bought yellow split peas and exactly as you all describe, I had terrible bloating and stomach pain. Then I remember that actually I’ve always had this with peas and beans; I used to follow a Mediterranean style diet and could never eat lentils etc on that! I can manage green peas though and I find them really a good addition (eg crushed peas with fish is delicious, and you can make a pea And ham soup with them that’s really nice) today I really mu
  13. I need to look for FFF too, I’ve only read the intro book and ISWF. I’m feeling good today, soooooo glad I didn’t crack last night. Today I ran an absolutely belting 6km in well under 5 mins per km and did loads of jobs round the house. Maybe the tiger isn’t roaring yet but I think she’s just starting to purrrrrr !
  14. It’s Saturday morning here. I must admit that last night I was tired and grumpy and I really missed my red wine and my snacks after a long stressful week. James is also not drinking which helps, although I suspect he might crack today as his team is playing and he will he watching that on tv, and I suspect he might like a beer to do so! I remember last time I did W30 it was summer (And lockdown) and every afternoon in the first week or so I would go chill in my hammock in the sun for a nap! No chance of that now as it’s -5* here this morning, although I am definitely feeling that tir
  15. Yes I have a spiraliser for courgette/zucchini. I tend to make cauliflower rice rather than noodles if needed. I have never seen the spaghetti squash though! I also like noodles made of cauliflower or broccoli stalk, although you do need a chunky shaped stalk for the spiraliser to work properly.
  16. I don’t think we can get spaghetti squash over here, is it a particular type of squash that shreds like noodles? Or just any variety of squash made into noodles?
  17. I didn’t reintroduce very much last time, I figured I would wait until I actually wanted something and that never really happened. I reintroduced red wine (immediately on day 31!) and then only really had very small amounts of preservatives which meant I could eat things like chorizo and pastrami again. I did 160 days until Xmas eve. Then at Christmas I had dairy (2 chocolates) and I felt like my skin was crawling all day, 2 oatcakes with liver pate on, and a piece of Christmas cake (which was actually dairy and gluten free anyways but did have sugar) over the 3 days. Although what I
  18. That looks nice @christine19, we don’t have many things like that available here unfortunately, often they are either a) crazy expensive or b) have sugar added. We brits seem to have sugar in everything I’ve just made myself lunch: baked potato (I oven bake 10 at a time and freeze them, then they only take 5 mins in the microwave), and a jumble salad of tuna, mayo, Harrisa paste, chopped celery, chopped tomato and red pepper, spinach and parsley- mix it all together and add salt and pepper. finished work for the day, went for a run - feeling really good today!
  19. That’s amazing that you can get whole30 compliant things out of the house. I’m in UK and there isn’t anything really. We have lots of dairy free things available but they are often full of soy or sugar. I have found occasional things that are compliant but they tend to be quite expensive so I usually just start from scratch. Due to lockdown I haven’t actually eaten out at a restaurant since March anyway so I suppose there’s one benefit!
  20. Tonight I made Moroccan meatballs and spicy tomatoey sauce, forgot to take a picture as I was soooo hungry! I worked til 1pm, then went for a long run (12kms/8.5 miles) and felt really good! Really enjoying the clear head and energetic feeling! I’m not craving either really, although I could EAT - I think that’s just the effect of stopping the snacking. I do eat a lot of calories because I run so much, so being led by my appetite does mean I can put away a big meal!
  21. I love sweet potato, especially cold for some reason! This morning I have had 2 slices of Parma ham, half an avocado and a banana, and 2 black coffees. I was having almond milk in my drinks but it Gives a bit of a sour taste so I’ve decided to go black and it’s much nicer.
  22. I find the insomnia can get worse in the first week or so of W30 (or actually any lowish carb diet) but it did settle last time. I felt like I was sleeping more deeply even though I wasn’t getting more hours.
  23. Also, I changed my mind for dinner and made this Italian chicken bake/casserole - it was so tasty!
  24. @KTH1010 I’m a bit like you, I find I never get my workout snack and lunch properly sorted, I’ll have occasional good days but never consistently do it. I’m now working from home due to national lockdown for 7 weeks so I think I will make a packed lunch each day when I prep for the children’s lunch boxes and then have nothing else. I graze when I am bored unfortunately. Exercise is such a normal thing for me that I just do it without thinking about it really. I run 5x a week and do a few Outdoor classes (these have now been cancelled but will be online). I find this way of eating so n