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  1. dnewc

    SeptemberWhole30 starting 9/14/20

    I had a bit of an unintentional fail - I had cooked some compliant chicken with green chilies and my daughter heated some up in the microwave to make tacos. I was just going to have the same thing but on top of a salad. She heated a bunch extra so I piled it on my salad not realizing until I had eaten a fair bit that she had added grated jack cheese in with it. I have already made a bunch of compliant food and I was doing fine. I am going to stick with it but I can't consider this a WHOLE 30 unless I just keep going longer. I may try again after Oct 21st when I get back from a camping trip. Happily I am still enjoying the benefits like amazing sleep!
  2. dnewc

    SeptemberWhole30 starting 9/14/20

    @pearlgirl2017 -That soup looks amazing. I'll have to try it next - I'm still working on my leek-potato-spinach-mushroom-chicken soup. I love it but I made a bunch.
  3. dnewc

    SeptemberWhole30 starting 9/14/20

    I'm doing great so far, but the smoke has cleared in Santa Cruz so we can sit outside and I am meeting a friend for what would normally be "happy hour" more recently "social distance glass of wine". Wine is so tempting but I guess I'll bring some La Croix or Kombucha. It's all about good company after all!!
  4. dnewc

    SeptemberWhole30 starting 9/14/20

    Thanks for the tip C-J . I did not have time to prep mayo after all so I will definitely look for the Primal Kitchen. But I did make soup tonight. I put a ton of spinach in (well like a pound and a half) - so satistfying.
  5. dnewc

    SeptemberWhole30 starting 9/14/20

    LOL the pork shoulder - I over cooked it and the sugars in the puree burned a little. I would definitely try it again and it was edible, it just could have been better. I wasn't paying attention. I need to shop - I am going to make some chia pudding jars for breakfasts for the rest of the week with berries and nuts. I think I'm going to keep it pretty simple tonight and do roasted chicken and veggies to go with it and then prep some mayo and maybe one of the dressing recipes I had a bit of a family emergency this weekend which threw off my planning and prepping - my mother fell and broke her jaw. I went to visit and made a bunch of soups for her to freeze in single portions. They just happened to be Whole30 friendly and pretty tasty so maybe I'll do a soup for myself tomorrow. Leek and potato with spinach mushroom and chicken.
  6. dnewc

    SeptemberWhole30 starting 9/14/20

    Hi folks, I'm starting today too. I've completed a couple of Whole30s, felt really good and had great success, but more recently I had a couple of false starts and then got really relaxed and complacent about my eating habits during shelter-in-place. It's been al about comfort food and comfort wine haha. It took me this long to realize what I've been eating and drinking hasn't been helping my body or my spirits. I'm excited to start Whole30 and looking forward to the good night's sleep I know I'll be getting. I'm going to experiment with a pork shoulder, mango puree and lime in the pressure cooker tonight. Then spend some time planning a menu for the rest of the week. Here's to us! We can do this!