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  1. Hi all brewers, I currently have my first ever starting batch going and so far so good. I bought the scoby from a very helpful lady on E-bay UK and followed her tips and advice. I will check on Friday how it taste as suggested then start with a full new batch in my 6L massive glass jar, very exciting I would like to hear your best flavouring successes if you would like to share, please The Elderberry sounds like a great start, thanks for that Kabob Cheers, Maria
  2. Thank you KB. I also found this site which is a U.K based company I copied this info which I think has loads of info and explaning the process in and answers a few questions I have seen in this thread. We have produced naturally organic cultures (scobies) for kombucha makers in the UK and Europe for over 14 years. Our experience and understanding of the product, and all things related, is comprehensive. If, for whatever reason, you wish to discuss or have any queries about your brew please don't hesitate to contact us on 05600 498552 or [email protected]
  3. Wahey ..... I have managed to read through all 55 pages, don't ask how long it took - but wow this is fascinating , I also want to try! So where do I start, what size starter scoby jar/container and what size for the first fermentation do I need to get? I live in the U.K and the only place I found selling Komucha is Amazon, green or red Komucha 750ml for a staggering £5 + pp and when I have asked in health shops (my 3rd today) they haven't got a clue wHat I am talking about :/ Would it be to hot to do the process in my airing cupboard (my boiler/geyser is in there) or would it be better