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  1. Well, it's been a rough week. Huge deadline at work and my 19 month old daughter is sick with a fever and diarrhea. We had her tested for covid today, should get results back in 2 days. It was tough but I have stayed compliant. I may not have followed the template 100% but I've been pretty close, so I call that a win. I haven't kept a log the last several days but I'll try to get back to it.
  2. Been away for a few days so let's see if I can remember what I've had the last few days! Day 6 (Saturday): M1: Root vegetable hashbrowns with two fried eggs and two slices of bacon. 2 cups of coffee with hazelnut nutpods M2: Chicken salad over lettuce with lemon dijon dressing M3: Vegetable soup with compliant chicken meatballs, dollop of mayo on top Day 7 (Sunday): M1: Sweet potato hash with chicken sausage and two eggs. 2 cups of coffee with hazelnut nutpods M2: Vegetable soup with complaint chicken meatballs, dollop of mayo on top M3: Bunless
  3. It's been a hectic couple of days. I have three major deliverables due for work next week, and we're behind. I have a feeling the next 7 days will really test my resolve to stick with this one - I know tonight has been difficult, there i nothing more I'd like to do than kick back with a beer or glass of bourbon since I just finished work at 11:00 PM. M2 yesterday was leftovers - kabobs and veggies from the night before, and zucchini soup with a dollop of mayo M3 yesterday: my darling husband cooked what he thought was a W30 compliant pot roast with carrots and potatoes, except when h
  4. I realize this reply is way late, but I came across this post today. If you're still trying for the W30 lifestyle, and needing other fat ideas, I usually make a batch of homemade mayo when I'm doing W30s and just put a dollop of that on my breakfasts, which are usually some kind of hash or scramble with eggs and different veggies.
  5. M3 yesterday was beef & lamb kabobs, grilled asparagus, and cauliflower (about a cup of each), and a clementine. And I wasn't hungry before bed! For the first time in a while I got myself into bed by 10:00 - I was so beat, and just dragging and feeling overall pretty blah. I woke a few times at night but didn't have any trouble getting back to sleep, thankfully. My period started this morning so that could have been part of it. M1 today was a breakfast hash with sweet potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and chicken sausage, topped with two fried eggs and mayo. One cup of coffee with hazel
  6. M1: The rest of the sauteed greens and sausage with two scrambled eggs topped with mayo. One cup of coffee with milkadamia. M2: The rest of the tuna salad, over lettuce with homemade dressing. It wasn't enough for a meal so I heated up one of the primal kitchen meals I got - the chicken pesto one. It was good, but for sure not a full meal (asI suspected since it only has 250 calories). So between the two, I think I ate enough. My stomach has been bothering me today - I was a little nauseous before bed last night and today I've had some serious bathroom issues. I'm hoping it's just a
  7. Update: I had one for lunch today and it's definitely not enough food, volume wise. Could work for a mini-meal or if you're supplementing with other food (like I did today, since I didn't have enough prepped for a full meal).
  8. Oh I wish we had a Sprouts near us! I went to make some hashbrowns the other day, ones that we already had in our freezer from a few weeks ago. I looked at the label just in case...sure enough, dextrose. Ugh.
  9. It was - super easy, and both kids liked them! I was literally scrounging for some extra veggies because my husband ate most of the leftover cabbage we had. We had some baby carrots so I just put them in a sautee pan with a little avocado oil, a few dashes of coconut aminos, a little ginger powder, and little water, then covered them and let them cook for maybe 15 minute over med-low heat stirring every few minutes so they didn't burn. It will definitely be in our rotation from now on!
  10. So, M3 was 2 chicken drumsticks braised with onions, about a cup of roasted cabbage, and a cup of carrots sauteed with ginger powder and coconut aminos. I realized I didn't have a separate source of fat but I did eat the skin on the chicken and there was a healthy amount of avocado oil in the carrots and the chicken. M4 was a smaller portion of tuna salad over lettuce.
  11. 8:15, I had dinner two hours ago and I'm hungry. Guess I'm not eating enough...gonna have to get into the tuna salad that's supposed to be for my lunch tomorrow.
  12. Well, I'm not sure if my meals weren't big enough yesterday or if I need a fourth meal due to the fact that I'm still (kind of) nursing my daughter, but I was so hungry before bed last night - like, stomach rumbling hungry. So I went ahead and made a batch of tuna salad with homemade mayo, carrots, and celery, since that's what I was planning to eat for a couple lunches this week. Had a small portion of that before bed and that tided me over. I'm surprised, I have hardly any supply left and my daughter mainly nurses for comfort before bed, so I didn't think I'd need the fourth meal. I guess I'
  13. Hi there, I started my fifth W30 today. It's been about 3 years since my last one and in that time I had my second child, a baby girl who's 19 months old now. She is still nursing 1-2 times a day but it's mostly for comfort, as my supply is negligible these days. I'm planning to wean soon. Given that I'm hardly producing any milk any more, I didn't think that I'd need to go for four full meals. I'm also not too worried about any supply drops since I'll wean her soon. But it's the end of day one, 9:30 PM, and I'm hungry. Here's what I had to eat today: M1: Compliant sausage with
  14. Day one in the books. I forgot to mention the two cups of coffee I had with milkadamia this morning. For lunch, a bowl of veggie and beef chili over a small sweet potato with a dollop of homemade mayo on top. Dinner was two chicken drumsticks braised with onions, roasted cabbage, and a bowl of zucchini soup. Right now the big challenge is resisting the urge to indulge in nighttime snacks and/or a glass of wine or beer, which has become a habit. So I'm going to put myself to bed early (another thing I've not been good about lately) and try to put it out of my mind.
  15. I just started my fifth Whole30 and was happy to see Primal Kitchen's frozen meals at my local market. I have two small kids (19 months and almost 4 years old) and life is...hectic. I've been a little worried about my ability to prep enough food with everything going on so I'm glad to have this on hand for those days that meal prep just isn't possible. I noticed that each of them has a serving size of about 250-270 calories though. I know we're not supposed to pay attention to calories on the Whole30, and I usually don't, but this does not seem like enough calories for a meal that's suppo
  16. Starting my 5th W30 today. My last one was when my almost 4 year old son was just about a year old, and now I have a 19 month old as well. I'm in major need of a reset, my fatigue and brain fog has been awful lately. Not to mention heartburn has been acting up a lot, and I know it will get better with the W30. I'm also looking forward to better quality sleep, but not looking forward to this first week because I have a feeling my sugar hangover is going to be pretty bad. Breakfast: Compliant sausage sauteed with mixed greens, topped with two eggs fried in avocado oil and homemade mayo
  17. Day one here! First thing I've noticed is that breakfast was hard to get down. I have been really bad about making sure I'm eating breakfast lately - it wasn't an issue when pregnant or while breastfeeding because I was always starving when I got up. But it was hard to get that whole plate down. @ChristyJ and @KTH1010 did you both start today as well?
  18. Hi everyone! I've done I think 4 Whole30s before, the last one maybe two years ago, once I had weaned my son (he's 3.5). My daughter is 18 months and we've had an enormously stressful year, even aside from the pandemic, and I've just gotten way off track with unhealthy eating habits. My body feels weak and tired, and I'm in desperate need of a reset. Trying to do this with two young kids will be a challenge for sure. Is anyone else planning to start towards the end of October? My husband are out of town this weekend, then I want to spend next week doing some freezer meal prep so I'm not h