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  1. CGinDC

    Whole30 & Trying To Conceive

    I wasn't on this board last year, but I did a Whole30 in February 2016 to get my self ready to TTC. I ovulated right on schedule during my Whole30 and got pregnant that same month. We hadn't been trying before, so I don't know if the Whole30 had anything to do with it, but I just wanted to share that my ovulation wasn't affected. I'm back on a Whole30 now to even out my postpartum hormones. Good luck to everyone TTC!
  2. CGinDC

    epic animal fats sold out

    Where are you located? They're sold out in my local Whole Foods and no longer appear on Thrive's website. I did get a notification a couple of months back that they had issued a recall on a bunch of their fats. Maybe it's related to the stockouts?
  3. CGinDC

    ideas for SAME breakfast everyday?

    I'm so happy to see this recommendation - my biggest beef with frittatas is how rubbery the eggs get after being in the fridge. What kind of squash do you use? Is it cooked first and then pureed?
  4. CGinDC

    Why not start on a Wednesday?!

    I believe it's fat OR nuts OR olives - so, if you have half an avocado, that's your fat for the meal. I've never really gone through the "kill all the things" phase - I skipped right from the hangover to being tired for several days. Maybe you'll skip it too? I got super tired around 4:00 today, but I think I'm not eating enough on the days that I'm home with my baby because he tends to nurse more. I finished off our breakfast leftovers and felt a little better, but I'm going to get to bed early tonight.
  5. Glad we have a little group forming here! How is everyone feeling? I have had a slight headache on and off the last coupled ays, but it really hasn't been bad. My husband hasn't felt bad at all, which is surprising but awesome. I do think he was in the "kill all the things" stage the last couple days, though - so grumpy (despite saying he felt really good). He seems better today, thankfully.
  6. CGinDC

    Why not start on a Wednesday?!

    Strep is much better, they gave me a z-pack for that and it works quick. I also caught it early since I knew my stepson had it I pushed for the test. Pinkeye is not going so well - hasn't gotten any better with the RX drops, which means it's probably viral and I just have to let it run its course. Silver lining - I've had lots of time at home to prep meals! How are things going for you?
  7. How's it going @emily.irl? Hasn't been too bad over here, thankfully it's a holiday weekend so it's been easier to stay on top of prep and cooking. I need to meal plan for the week, though. I know the moderators recommend 4 template meals for BFing mamas, but I'm not sure that applies to me since X usually only nurses morning and night. I'm trying to drop my mid-day pump/nursing session so I'm not too concerned about supply, but I'm guessing I'd need at least a little extra to sustain those two nursing sessions?
  8. CGinDC

    Starting Jan 8

    Mind if I join you guys? I started on the 10th but there don't seem to be many active threads. This will be my 4th Whole30...well, almost - I had to cut my second one short at 21 days because of a work trip overseas. My last one was in February 2016 and I got pregnant while I was on it. I developed a pretty bad habit with sweets while I was pregnant which has been hard to kick, so I wanted to reset now that I'm starting to wean my son. I'm on day 5 and so far I haven't had any particularly bad side effects, but they might be overshadowed by the fact that I have strep and pinkeye and feel pretty crappy because of those. Kids are toxic, man. Thankful it's a holiday weekend and I can at least take it somewhat easy at home.
  9. Wondering if a moderator can weight in here. I have a 13 month old who is breastfed twice a day - morning and night. At this point he doesn't need the calories, I more want him to get the immune system benefits from nursing so I don't think I need the four full meals every day. Is three meals and a snack sufficient? I know I need a little more but I'm just not sure how much.
  10. I'm on Day 3 of my 4th Whole 30. It's been a couple years since I've done one and I'm kinda striking out with recipes so far. I also just found out today that I caught strep and pinkeye form my stepson, so I'm just not super into cooking at the moment. What are everyone's go-to comfort food recipes? Preferably that aren't too labor intensive? I'm fine with cooking some but I don't want to be in the kitchen for hours at a time.
  11. CGinDC

    Why not start on a Wednesday?!

    Just going to whine a bit: I have strep and pinkeye. The plague seems to be going around daycare, my stepson's school, and my office. I need to eat but I so don't feel like it.
  12. CGinDC

    Why not start on a Wednesday?!

    I almost ate a cheese ravioli when I was making my boy's dinner - I usually taste one to make sure it's cooked enough. Oh well! I am also trying to be pretty strict about things but also will be a little more forgiving if I do accidentally have something with trace amounts of sugar in them or if something is cooked in canola oil, for example. My husband has been on call all week - he's in IT and once a quarter he has to be online to respond to after hours issues, which means he can't help with dinner except in cleaning up. So I'm having to pick up my boy, get him home, fed, and in bed, and then cook our dinner. We haven't eaten before 8:30-9:00 all week. I'll be really glad when this week is done!
  13. CGinDC

    Why not start on a Wednesday?!

    @forkthis me too. I almost licked the spoon I used to dish up my son's yogurt this morning (which is what I do with a lot of his food, most of which isn't compliant). I'm going to have to be extra vigilant! How has day one gone?
  14. CGinDC

    Why not start on a Wednesday?!

    Starting today as well! It'll be my fourth go-round, and from my experience days 3-5 are the worst so I figured it would be better to start middle of the week and not have to be in the office when I'm feeling crappy. I first did a W30 about 3 or so years ago to address joint pain and reflux, and I had some positive gains on both. I have been on NSAIDs for arthritis in my spine since I was 27, and after the W30 I was able to cut my does in half. My reflux goes completely away while on a W30 and I have narrowed the triggers to refined carbs, and beer, which makes me sad. One other positive that I didn't expect is that I sleep like a rock - I've struggled with insomnia for most of my life, so this by itself almost makes it worth it. My last W30 was in February of 2015 - I did it in preparation to start trying to get pregnant. I wanted to be the healthiest I could be because I have thyroid issues and at 37 was a little on the old side to be starting to try for the first time. Not sure if it was the W30 that did it but I got pregnant right away...and after really trying to do the reintros well I fell off the wagon pretty hard during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. I've had a major problem with sugar and baked goods ever since, and I need to kick the habit. I still have 20 pounds of baby weight to lose, and I was already about 10 pounds over where I'd like to be, so weight loss would be a nice side benefit. But mostly I need to re-establish healthy habits. I can feel the effects of my crappy eating - I'm foggy headed, joints ache, super emotional. Some of that is obviously related to having a baby, but I think it will be improved. I would love to trade ideas for easy meals. I love to cook and enjoyed previous W30s because it forced me to branch out and try new recipes. I just don't have a lot of time to prep and cook these days, so I need to figure out how to simplify. Fortunately my husband is joining me on this one, so he'll be able to take some of the load off with cooking and prep (and luckily he's a good cook).
  15. CGinDC

    Starting January 10th

    My husband and I are starting tomorrow too! I've done this a couple times before but I have a 13 month old baby now, which is going to make things a little harder (who am I kidding, a lot harder). Glad there are a couple others out there who are also starting mid week!