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  1. CGinDC

    Whole30 & Trying To Conceive

    I wasn't on this board last year, but I did a Whole30 in February 2016 to get my self ready to TTC. I ovulated right on schedule during my Whole30 and got pregnant that same month. We hadn't been trying before, so I don't know if the Whole30 had anything to do with it, but I just wanted to share that my ovulation wasn't affected. I'm back on a Whole30 now to even out my postpartum hormones. Good luck to everyone TTC!
  2. CGinDC

    epic animal fats sold out

    Where are you located? They're sold out in my local Whole Foods and no longer appear on Thrive's website. I did get a notification a couple of months back that they had issued a recall on a bunch of their fats. Maybe it's related to the stockouts?
  3. CGinDC

    ideas for SAME breakfast everyday?

    I'm so happy to see this recommendation - my biggest beef with frittatas is how rubbery the eggs get after being in the fridge. What kind of squash do you use? Is it cooked first and then pureed?
  4. CGinDC

    Starting Jan 8

    Mind if I join you guys? I started on the 10th but there don't seem to be many active threads. This will be my 4th Whole30...well, almost - I had to cut my second one short at 21 days because of a work trip overseas. My last one was in February 2016 and I got pregnant while I was on it. I developed a pretty bad habit with sweets while I was pregnant which has been hard to kick, so I wanted to reset now that I'm starting to wean my son. I'm on day 5 and so far I haven't had any particularly bad side effects, but they might be overshadowed by the fact that I have strep and pinkeye and feel pretty crappy because of those. Kids are toxic, man. Thankful it's a holiday weekend and I can at least take it somewhat easy at home.
  5. My husband and I conceived on the first try when I was in the middle of a Whole 30. We had never tried before, so I have no idea if that is the reason, but I was 37 at the time and have had thyroid issues since I was 19. My docs had been on my case to start trying as soon as possible because of those two factors - turns out they were worried for nothing!
  6. CGinDC


    My gynecologist didn't know anything about MTHFR and my first OB appointment is on Monday. I'm hoping he might have more information, because my primary care doctor is also completely clueless. When I had the genetic results sent to him he sent me a referral for a hematologist....just one more doctor to see. I've already got monthly visits to my OB and Endo on's going to be hard to hide this pregnancy for very long at work if I'm out so much!
  7. CGinDC


    Thanks Praxis. My OB/GYN is squeezing me in for an appointment this afternoon - hoping to get a referral from him.
  8. CGinDC


    Also, I should mention that I got tested because my sister tested positive for two copies. And she's had three healthy babies. So, while I'm definitely concerned, I'm trying to stay positive and read as much as I can about it.
  9. CGinDC


    Funny you should mention babies, I found out this morning that I'm pregnant! I'll definitely look into specialists, but I'm a little encouraged that the mutation I have seems to be the less risky one. And thankfully it's only one copy.
  10. CGinDC


    Hi all, I just got some labs back from my doctor. I'm positive for one copy of the MTHFR A1298C mutation - not a surprise, since my sister recently tested positive for two copies. However, I'm currently trying to get pregnant and one of the risks my doctor listed was fetal development issues. I've already started taking a supplement that contains both methyl folate and methyl B12. What else can I do? My doctor doesn't seem to be very knowledgeable about the mutation or its effects.
  11. CGinDC

    Failed Mayo 101

    I've been making olive oil mayo for a while now, but I was always doing the method of bringing things to room temp in a bowl, the doing the super slow drizzle of oil while using the stick blender. It always worked for me but was kind of a pain in the arse. I tried the method of using a wide-mouth mason jar, dumping everything in, and raising the stick blended up and down a couple times. So much easier, and the second time I did this I didn't let things come to room temp first. Still worked great! I'm very happy to have found this thread.
  12. CGinDC


    This thread just saved my butt! I'm in a mall and I have an hour to kill before a doctor's appointment. FYI, the ingredient have been updated--they now use rice bran oil for most meats. I assume it's still not kosher. Updated link below: