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  1. We went out to eat last night for the first time since doing the W30. I had a glass of wine, steak, and fries. The fries triggered a little bit of heartburn - it's not the potatoes, I've been eating them basically day. So it's either just that they were deep fried or it was the oil they used - I didn't ask. Also today, my SI joint is achy - that hasn't happened in a while. I'm adding dairy in today - had cream in my coffee this morning and cheese in an omelet. We're going to my in laws for dinner tonight and there will be some cheese in things there too. We'll see what happens!
  2. Ugh, those nights (and the days that follow) are so hard. I have not planned my reintroduction day well but I did add a big scoop of peanut butter with my sliced apples this morning. I was on the fence about just doing a normal W30 day but then figured I can wing it a bit.
  3. You guys. I was made aware yesterday that I have been doing reintroduction wrong EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I thought that once you added something back in, it was back in - even as you add in other things one by one. Apparently that is wrong, and a quick look at the Whole30 website guidance confirmed. So, for example, I'm adding in legumes today. After today I shouldn't eat legumes again until I've gone through everything else one by one. Maybe this is why I've never been able to pinpoint things.... What is everyone starting with?
  4. Seriously so hard. No time during the day and by the time they're in bed I'm exhausted. Also, I'm not someone who can work out at night - it revs me up and then my sleep suffers. I like the idea - in theory - of waking up a bit early to take a walk before the kids are up, but let's be real. I'm getting 7 hours of sleep on a good night, and when I get less than that I pay for it. I really don't want to willingly cut an hour out of my sleeping time.
  5. Yes, it becomes a bit overwhelming. I'm doing legumes first because I don't eat them that much anyway, so I don't think they're the problem. With non-gluten grains, I'll probably do rice first and then corn separately - those are the two that I eat the most frequently. Then dairy, then gluten will be last.
  6. I have done a few but I need to do a slow roll reintroduction. I have never had a ton of immediate effects when I add things back in, but over time my reflux gets bad and moods become much more variable. I'd like to pinpoint whether it's just processed carbs in general, the combination of carbs and dairy, alcohol...like, is it something specific or is it just the combination of certain things over time?
  7. Day 29, can you guys believe it? I feel like I've kind of been coasting the last week, it hasn't seemed as hard but I also think I'm not sticking to the meal template quite as well as I should be (filling the plate with veggies can be challenging). I'm having mixed feelings about reintroduction. While I haven't exactly felt tiger blood, my mood is significantly more stable, and my sleep is better (at least, when I can manage to get myself in bed on time). I've done multiple rounds before and eventually just go back to my old habits, so I'm really trying to be more introspective about how I want to transition off the W30 - particularly recognizing my patterns of self-soothing with alcohol or food (or both, let's be honest). This season of life is just really stressful, with young kids, aging parents, and career advancement. I definitely need to find better ways to cope. Part of that will be waiting to reintroduce alcohol or sugar. I think I'm going to start with reintroducing legumes. I don't eat a ton of them anyway and I've never noticed any issues when I've reintroduced them in the past. What are everyone else's reintroduction plans?
  8. I hear you on this. It's gotten a lot easier to just throw something together out of what's in the fridge, but I'm also feeling kind of blah with meals lately. I had a couple cooking fails yesterday, which sucks because I'm not going to throw out food just because I'm not happy with it. The one exception with that is the roasted butternut I made with dinner last night that tasted like dish soap - not eating that. I think I hadn't rinsed the pan or the silicone mat well enough when I did the dishes. It was the last two squash from my summer garden so it was really disappointing. My cold is just about gone, which is a relief. Now to make sure I'm continuing to get decent sleep (7.5-8 hours for the last four nights, which is a freaking miracle) and not slacking off on making sure I'm following the template. A couple times over the weekend I found myself skimping on the veggies because we didn't have a lot already made. Also going to try to get more movement into my week. I had made a good start but was so worn out last week from being sick that I only did my pilates class on Saturday, and nothing else. I'm aiming for doing at least something - even just a 15 minutes walk outside - ~3 days a week.
  9. So funny, same thing happened to me this morning—2 days early. I’m feeling crappy because I have a cold but hoping once my cycle is over and I’ve kicked this virus I’ll be feeling amazing! I made a big pot of chicken veggie soup the other day and that’s been 50% of my meals this week. Just needing that comfort food.
  10. Hate to admit it, but weight loss (or at least, kicking off healthier habits that can lead to weight loss) was a secondary goal for me too. I think I've probably dropped the extra holiday pounds but would like to lose some of the extra weight I've been carrying ever since I had my kids. I like that the standard response from the W30 people on that is that if you have weight to lose, you will likely lose some. And that rapid weight loss is never sustainable. It's hard to remind myself of that but it is true.
  11. Halfway there, woo hoo! Things have been okay. Cravings have been minimal but we've been in a bit of a recipe rut. Wing night Friday was great - I tossed the wings in arrowroot flour with a few seasonings, put them in the air fryer for about 15 minutes, then tossed them in the Primal buffalo sauce, and put them in for another few minutes - delicious. Other than that I've been underwhelmed with what we're cooking. Last night I had my first food dream, but it was about alcohol. I was with a friend who currently lives in Honduras and figured it was fine to have a few drinks with her since she was out of town. The first few times I did a W30 the food dreams were so intense. I am sleeping more soundly once I get to sleep but I still can't manage to get myself in bed before 11. And I am waking up to pee a couple times a night, which is annoying - even when I stop liquids by 7:00. What gives? So even though I'm in bed for 8 hours I'm only getting about 6.5-7 hours of sleep, and it isn't enough. My sleep tracker app consistently shows I get above normal light sleep and below normal deep sleep, so I do think it's important I'm actually sleeping (not just in bed, but sleeping) for 8 hours. It's tough with young kids, after they go to bed is the only time I have to myself and to connect with my husband so I often end up staying up too late. @KalinaM do you struggle with this at all?
  12. @KalinaM the kids are having pizza and I’m making wings for movie night. So excited!
  13. I highly recommend the following blogs for recipe ideas - these are some of my go-tos. Most have Whole30 specific recipe sections. https://meljoulwan.com/ https://nomnompaleo.com/ https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/ https://wholefoodfor7.com/
  14. 10 days down, guys! I am also feeling kind of blah today. I think I might have a sensitivity to avocado, I am not a huge fan of them to start with but every once in a while I’ll have some. And I recall a couple of instances in the past when they have not sit right in my stomach. Well, the past few days I’ve been adding avocado as a fat source. This morning I had some on my breakfast hash (that I’ve eaten two times prior with no incident) and almost immediately got a stomach ache and pressure headache. Weird. I’ll be avoiding avocado from here out. We did a good job cooking large enough meals the last few days that we had leftovers for lunches and even dinner tonight, but I’ll have to get back in the kitchen tomorrow—fridge is starting to look kinda bare.
  15. Oh! One more post from me, something I'm pretty proud of. Our front yard is pretty small and until last winter had a very large maple tree in it. We had to take it down because we figured out is was hollow inside, so it was a in danger of falling on the house. The yard is south facing, so I turned the whole thing into a vegetable garden last year. It was a TON of work, and I grew way more than we could eat, but I froze a ton of stuff that we're making use of now. Last night I made sweet potato coins out of the smaller purple sweet potatoes, and I have blanched swiss chard in the freezer that will go into braised greens at some point. I also still have 5 different winter squash that I'll use to make a couple things - curried butternut soup, and I think I'll make a compliant version of this dish: https://realhealthyrecipes.com/recipes/butternut_squash_with_kale_and_sausage I also have 4-5 bags of frozen tomatoes that I've been using to make sauces, okra that can go into some vegetable soup, and a bunch of dried peppers that I used to make a compliant chili crunch oil (loosely based on this recipe: https://www.chilipeppermadness.com/recipes/chili-crisp/. I also grew choricero peppers that I'll use to make this sauce, from the Basque region of Spain: https://clovegarden.com/recipes/djx_biscay1.html. It's seriously so good on fish, chicken, or just on a spoon. You can use prosciutto in place of serrano ham. I also made a bunch of pickles but haven't been eating them because some of them definitely have sugar (the bread and butter ones) and I can't remember if I put sugar in the dill spears. I'll need to remember to mark things better next year.
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