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  1. This is what it looks like up close And here's a shot of how it looks like today: I'm thinking it's mold :/. Either way I'm starting a new mother SCOBY tonight. I was planning on 1 cup of sweet tea and 1 bottle of kombucha. It took a while for my SCOBY to grow last time. Any tips in speeding up the process? Or a different mix to use?
  2. I'm holding out for now. This morning the top was much thicker. I'll post another photo tonight. This would be day 7 of the first fermentation.
  3. Help! So I grew a SCOBY from a plain bottle and this is what she looks like: It took a few weeks, but totally worth it. I started my first batch of tea 5 days ago, and I finally opened (took over the towel and rubber band) to see if it was ready for 2F. Here is what I saw: Is this mold?? Do I need to start all over? If my SCOBY doesn't have mold on her, is she safe?
  4. I knew food could affect my hormones! I've tried to do research in the past to find foods i could eat to boost my levels. I'm an endurance athlete and I've been on BC until about June last year. I ended up with some bad poison ivy and in that whole processes forgot to start my new pack of pills. I decided to go back on them when my next period came. Well, I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting. In October I got my levels checked and my hormone levels were basically like post menopausal low. (I'm 29). I did a dose of progesterone to try to get my period to start. No dice. In