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  1. Day 5… feeling extremely tired. Like, sleeping 9-10 hrs a night and still feeling sluggish during the day, sometimes needing a nap. Am I missing something in my diet (more carbs??). Or should I be concerned about another health issue?
  2. Woke up on Day 12 after 10.5 hrs of sleep feeling incredibly weak. I was extremely fatigued yesterday, went to bed early, but woke up this morning feeling so weak I could barely stay standing long enough to prepare breakfast. Are a huge breakfast — 3 eggs, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 avocado — and feel a little better but still feel like I need a nap. What gives?
  3. I’m on Day 11… super tired today and it’s not due to lack of sleep. Haven’t had any real issues or cravings until this evening. I just want a glass of red wine and some chocolate — my evening comfort foods. Trying to remember why I decided to do this in the first place. Could use some encouragement bc I’m *this* close to caving.
  4. Are these ok? I popped one in my mouth yesterday without thinking and then wondered... what is in these things anyway?
  5. Are non-alcoholic spirits ok? Like Monday Zero Alcohol Gin or Wilderton Botanical Distillates? Or is this like the pancake/treats rule, where even if it is technically 'compliant' it is not in the spirit of the program?
  6. Hi Christy, Awesome! I'm not quite sure the best way to stay in touch -- there isn't a DM function on here, is there? I suppose we could just keep replying to this thread or... ?? For the past couple nights, I have eaten ground pork-stuffed peppers. They were a bit bland (as I have found many Whole30 recipes to be). Last night I added avocados, which helped a bit. Lunches have been tuna nicoise salad, and breakfasts are eggs with either sweet potatoes or avocados. The one thing I struggle with is being hungry! I don't think I'm getting enough calories (I'm a thin person so can
  7. Hi Christy -- YES! I started today, too! Would love to have a journey & accountability buddy for the next month, if you're open to it? I've also done 3 previous Whole30's... I am kind of doing a whole life reset at the moment, and this is to recalibrate my palate, energy needs, and correct some bad habits I've slipped into (oh, the nighttime snacking...). Hope the first day is going well for you! What are you cooking for dinner?
  8. 4 eggs?! For breakfast, I eat *two* cooked in fat (usually coconut oil), along with either 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 avocado, or a banana -- and that keeps me plenty satiated until lunch. Sometimes I'll switch it up and scramble my 2 eggs with zucchini & onions or whatever other veggies I happen to have in the fridge.