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  1. January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    How's everyone doing? It's gotten very quiet in here...I know we're on the downward slide now, but I'm strangely feeling some of my cravings from the early days creep back in. Bought a cupcake for a friend last night and I was inhaling the scent and drooling over it. I don't know if I actually want *that food*, or if I'm just tired of having to be so vigilant about *everything* all of the time. It's exhausting -- all the cooking, label checking, restaurant questions, etc. One thing I find is not good for me about Whole30 is the "striving for perfection" aspect of it. I know I've intentionally or unintentionally made a few slip-ups here and there, but I've always made the best food decisions I can in a given situation. For example, this weekend, I went to my teeny tiny hometown where you get looked at sideways for asking for things "gluten free"... I met an old mentor of mine for lunch, and had to have a 10-min conversation with the waiter to figure out that there was one sandwich they could put on some lettuce instead of the bread for me to eat. I'm pretty sure the turkey had carrageenen in it and the bacon was noncompliant, but I figured it was better to eat *something* than to go hungry. I'm not going to start over for it -- psychologically, it's just too distressing for me to beat myself up over small things like that. My goals are about changing my eating habits and killing the sugar demon (obviously, still a work in progress). Eating 3 well-rounded meals based on the meal template has eliminated my snacking and need for a nighttime wine/chocolate nightcap. To me, that is more important than worrying about whether I need to start over b/c the turkey I ate may or may not have been adulterated. How is everyone else doing?
  2. January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    I am a Health Technical Advisor for an international humanitarian organization. I get to travel to fun places like South Sudan, eastern Congo, Liberia, etc. What do you do?
  3. January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Hi all, It's been several days since I've checked in, but I've kind of been on cruise control. My travel dates are final: I leave on Thursday to go to Liberia for 2 weeks, followed by Congo for 2 weeks, and then Jordan for 1 week. I am bringing enough Paleo Meals To Go, Rx Bars & Primal Pacs to at least get me through Jan. 30... then I will keep doing my best with the fresh food that is available. I may have to break down and eat rice, but since I normally eat "primal", white rice here and there doesn't bother me. @Mimahirn -- sorry about your incident last week... I can't believe it was with nut butter! I would have totally given in to dark chocolate, which is the one demon I'm still fighting. Like right now... I know I'm going to be gone for 5 weeks, and I usually indulge a little before I go, knowing I won't have access to certain things for awhile. I *so* want to dive into my freezer to eat the 1/2 bar of Theo ginger dark chocolate that I know is up there... But then what was the last 19 days for? In any case, I admire your resolve to start over, and I think focusing on your habits is totally key. As for the rest of you, thanks for the continued meal suggestions and updates! We're almost 2/3 done!!
  4. January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Hey everyone, Day 12! Though I actually had to look at a calendar to figure it out. Yep, I've gotten to the point where I hardly notice the days... I've gotten over the detox hump, and now seem to be a bit on cruise control. The amount of meal prep and cooking still takes up more time than I would ideally like to dedicate in 'real life', but that's why I'm doing this, right? Though I usually made healthy (read: Paleo/primal) menu choices, I was eating out more than I would like in the latter part of 2014. Can't say I have any game changing recipes... If I get home late from work, broiling a salmon filet and steaming some broccoli takes less than 15 mins. And browning a pound of ground beef at the beginning of the week always lends itself to many uses -- scrambled in eggs in the morning, on a pile of greens for lunch, topped on spaghetti squash for "spaghetti" in the evening... I also wanted to throw another question into the mix: What have you learned about yourself so far on this journey? For me, it's realizing the purpose that my vices served me. I always look forward to my red wine and dark chocolate at the end of the day to soothe me, to wind down, to wash away the stresses of the day. The amount of cooking required for W30 helps to fill that gap, but I think I'm also still searching for other alternatives. I lead a pretty high stress, "on all the time" kind of life, so I think there are also bigger life solutions I need to seek beyond the nutritional components. (I'm actually starting transcendental meditation later this month for this purpose...). Yay for holistic, transformational life changes!
  5. January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    @Mimahirn: For the mayo, are you using the WellFed recipe? Where do you find the light olive oil? I've searched high and low and can't seem to find it, and they make a specific point in saying NOT to use EVOO...
  6. thirsty??!!!!

    I have also been EXTRAORDINARILY thirsty... I noticed around Day 4/5, and now I'm on Day 11. I drink water constantly throughout the day, but by mid-afternoon, there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to quench it. I've started drinking kombucha once in awhile, which helps for a little while. Eating also helps fto get the fuzzy tongue feeling to go away for awhile, but I don't want to eat when I'm not hungry. Any suggestions?
  7. January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Thanks for the support, Rox! I found these after some googling last night: I know there's also RxBars. But I may be in Liberia for 2+ weeks, and I can't bear the thought of not eating fresh food for that long. I might bring some of this stuff with me, do my best with what's there, and just extend my W30 when I return. Liberia will then be just a semi-compliant "pause", if you will. Please still send ideas if you have them! Rox - hang in there! Every day I have a difficult day, I wake up the next morning and realize that's all it was -- just one day. This too shall pass
  8. January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Food availability is the main concern... Monrovia (the capital city) may be less of an issue, but certainly when I get out to our field site, I will be in trouble. Rice is the main staple and will be pretty unavoidable. Since I will be forced to eat out most of the time, I will have very little control over the finer details (e.g., sneaky sugars in sauces, sulfites, carrageenan). Also, Africans LOVE to cook with Maggi cube, which is pure MSG. Anyone know of any W30 compliant dried backpacking meals? Other suggestions for how I might still be successful?
  9. Ok... before you freak out, I *know* that dark chocolate is OUT for W30. I haven't eaten any. That being said, in my "normal" not-W30 life, I feel like the dark chocolate I eat (often ~70% cacao or more) is less sweet than the dried peach I just popped in my mouth to help me forget about the dark chocolate that I'm craving (I'm on Day 7 of my third W30). I understand that even a 70% dark chocolate bar contains refined sugar, and often soy lecithin and vanilla, which is why it's off-plan. BUT, it seems that *so* many people are doing W30 to kill their sugar dragons. Theoretically speaking, if "slaying the sugar dragon" is someone's primary goal, wouldn't it be better to grab a really dark piece of chocolate when you're craving something sweet, rather than the dried peach I just ate, in terms of both sugar content AND nutrient density? (The polyphenols found in the cacao of minimally processed chocolate bars like this one actually have anti-inflammatory properties!) Just playing devil's advocate I'll still wait until Day 31 to eat my chocolate.
  10. January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Congrats to everyone -- we are one week in! Feeling pretty good today. The nausea and headache fog I was experiencing days 4/5 has left. Doing well with meals, not feeling hungry in between. I do notice that I'm super thirsty all the time, so trying to stay hydrated. And I'm still *craving* dark chocolate. I think I read somewhere that if we are craving sweet things that we should try to add more fat, so maybe I'll try that. One big worry that came up today -- I might have to travel to Liberia for work in the next week or two. Though I will certainly try, I have no idea how feasible it will be to continue if that happens. (Liberia itself doesn't worry me... I was there in October during the peak of the Ebola epidemic.) ps - @Rox, your goals are so inspirational!
  11. January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    @Mimahirn - I have a similar goal -- definitely to slay the sugar dragon! More specifically, to get out of my nightly red wine/dark chocolate habit. It's my go-to, it's my comfort at the end of a long day, and I need a reason to unlearn this habit because I start to expect it and reach for it without really thinking. And from there it's a slippery slope for me -- suddenly it becomes gluten-free pizza (hell, regular pizza), family birthday cakes, drinking more than just *one* glass of wine a night, eating out often with all its sugar & soy-laden trappings...
  12. January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Oie... I spoke too soon about not getting the crazy side effects I experienced the first time around. Day 5, and I had a really difficult time waking up (despite 8.5 hrs sleep) and I woke up with a blazing headache / brain fog that is following me throughout the day -- like a hangover, but I obviously didn't drink last night! Nausea has subsided somewhat, but still don't have a huge appetite -- 2 scrambled eggs & 1/4 sweet potato for breakfast. It's 1:30, and I still haven't been hungry for lunch, but think I'm going to force myself to eat anyway. Hang in there, folks -- this stage will pass soon. So glad to have you all as support for keeping going! (The dark chocolate is still calling to me, everywhere I go...)
  13. Hey all - I'm in the Day 4 nauseated club... Had no desire to eat breakfast, but forced it down (2 fried eggs & 1/4 avocado). Felt really ill afterwards, and couldn't eat again until 4 pm (leftover lamb tagine & 1/4 acorn squash). That sat in my tummy ok, but felt nauseated again about 2 hrs later. After reading some posts elsewhere (, I tried the sweet potato thing with some ghee & cinnamon -- helped a little, but I'm still not feeling so hot. I've also felt generally tired/lethargic today. I've been Paleo/primal for the past 2 years, but fell off the wagon the latter part of this year (lots of international travel for work, and the holidays...). This is my 3rd W30, so I thought I knew what to expect, but I guess I'm learning it's different every time! For example, I haven't had a lot of the crankiness/headache/fog/malaise I had my first time around... but I've never experienced this nausea/fatigue thing. I know I didn't eat enough today, but I really couldn't bring myself to eat any more than I did. Hoping this passes soon!
  14. January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    On to Day 4! So far so good... I must have been eating cleaner than I thought before, because I'm not experiencing any of the crazy effects (crankiness, sleepiness, headache, etc). I did have to fight off a serious chocolate demon last night after a very serious conversation with my ex-boyfriend... Seriously, came so close to giving in and just joining everyone who's starting on Jan. 5. Uh, emotional eating, anyone? I had a cup of Natural Calm (magnesium anti-stress drink), and it went away. This morning, though, I'm not feeling hungry *at all*. I had to force down 2 fried eggs and 1/4 avocado, and I'm feeling sick to my stomach from just that. I know a lot of people in the Paleo community are proponents of intermittent fasting... Should I listen to my body here if it doesn't want to eat, or for W30, should I be forcing food down, even if it makes me feel sick?
  15. Sub for couscous in Moroccan tagine?

    Thanks everyone! Especially for the suggestion to just serve to all. I decided on acorn squash and chard!