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  1. evaq

    Starting January 2!

    This is my 3rd whole 30 (I've done 1 for the past 3 years) and every time I do it, I'm reminded of the kind of power sugar has over me. It never gets easier for me because over the course of the year, I inevitably give in and let my sweet tooth run rampant and make some not-so-excellent choices. So when I do a whole 30, I'm extra vigilant about not letting sugar/fruit weasel it's way back onto my plate. This has to be a full-on reset for me. Fruit is optional in very small qtys (1/4 to 1/3 of a cup) with meals. I usually choose berries/apple. And limited sweet potatoes and very few if any nuts and definitely no snacking (fruit, larbars, RX bars or otherwise) unless it's an emergency. I sound kind of hardline but that's completely based on my relationship with sugar. It's a formidable dragon for me. Doing a whole 30 makes me very much aware of all my crutches (for lack of a better word) and better prepares/equips me about how my body feels when it's happily fueled vs how my body feels when my cravings are making my food choices. It's easy to forget or blur the difference. When I'm done my 30 days this round, I plan to loosen up a bit ie strict 80% of the time, relaxed 20%. But I'll try my best to keep any kind of sugar consumption reduced dramatically. ps. Are you getting enough healthy fat in your meals? That'll play a critical role in satiety (and curb snack cravings).
  2. evaq

    Starting January 2!

    Guys, we're 1/3 through! Woo hoo!!!! I'm getting tired of my own cooking and eating the same food but I only have myself to blame since I do a lot of big batch cooking to simplify the shopping/prep/cooking. And I'm happy that my running/workouts haven't suffered this time around. I remember how tough and heavy my legs/lower body felt when I did my first whole 30 and tried to run. Stay strong and keep up the good work everyone!
  3. evaq

    Starting January 2!

    @DeeZaftig Most people use coconut aminos for stir frys - 1 bottle goes a long way. You can find it in health food stores and specialty stores. I live in Toronto and can find it in all my health food stores plus Bulk Barn. If you live in the US, I know that both Wegmans and Trader Joe's carry it. TJ even has its own house brand which is a lot cheaper (2.99) vs standard $7-$8 per bottle. https://www.amazon.ca/Coconut-Secret-Original-Soy-Free-Seasoning/dp/B00LWQLCJ4/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_325_bs_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=BR0VD9GHENQ3Y2ZF86YG
  4. evaq

    Starting January 2!

    @elizabeth.joan Do you live near a Trader Joe's? They carry their own house brand and it's a lot more reasonable (I think $2.99?) than most health food stores (which is where you usually find it). It's also sometimes labelled as "raw soy-free seasoning sauce". The ingredients should be: organic coconut tree sap, sea salt.
  5. evaq

    Starting January 2!

    Just started today too. Hi everyone! This will be my 2nd whole 30 (first one was in 2015). I definitely need to rein things in and hit the reset button for myself. I'm trying to take the things/recipes I learned from my first whole 30 and hopefully that'll make things a little smoother. ps. I now have an instant pot so sweet potatoes, beets and long/slow braises on tough cuts of meat are a breeze. That will definitely make things easier.
  6. Hey, late to the party (as usual for me!) but for any T-dot'ers: Sobeys and Metro both have compliant Italian sausages. Sobeys: look for their own house brand (Sensations). Metro: look for their house brand (Naturally Raised). But double check the ingredients list to make sure they haven't changed the formula and snuck in any sugar or wheat (breadcrumbs). I find that having even a tiny bit of sausage (1/3 piece) with my eggs makes my tummy feel much more satisfied.