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  1. higs

    Newbie starting today June 4

    Checking in. Morning all, Day 4 already! I had a 6:00 am workout with my strength coach today, and boy did I feel sluggish. Like, c'mon, legs! Halfway through I remembered I'm in the first week of a Whole30. That would explain it!
  2. higs

    Newbie starting today June 4

    Hi all, hope you're hanging in there on Day 3. Re: breakfast: I almost never eat eggs for breakfast. I eat a "meal one" which is a big pile of roasted veggies (I cook those up on Sundays and eat them all week), a good sized bit of avocado and a compliant sausage. Even when not on a W30, I eat that breakfast regularly because it fills me up for hours, it's delicious, it's fast and it's really easy. But, I'm not much of an egg eater and I don't generally have time to cook in the mornings, either. Where I always struggle is pre- and post-workout food. I've read the recommendations about those a bunch of times and still haven't dialed it in right. Today I have an early spin class and normally would eat a banana and peanut butter ahead of time, breakfast after. But I'm fumbling about trying to figure out what to put in my gym bag for the post-workout meal (and eating a can of tuna after riding hard for an hour is so unappealing) to tide me over before I can get to a good breakfast. Good luck all!
  3. higs

    Newbie starting today June 4

    Hi team June 4! Get lots of rest this week and be sure to hydrate well. If you're anything like me, expect to be groggy and spacey for a couple days. My experience is that the first positive W30 benefit I experience is deep, wonderful sleep usually after just a couple of days. And energy and clearheadedness follows a couple days after that. Have fun! Welcome to the ride!
  4. higs

    Newbie here!

    Let's hijack RunnerKelly's post since that one has June 4 in the title.
  5. higs

    Tomorrow the Whole30 Begins

    I'm starting today too. Congrats on your awesomely beautiful shopping cart. May it be the first of many!
  6. higs

    Newbie here!

    Hi Brocha! I'm starting today too. Good luck with your Whole30! This forum has some great resources for recipes. I did the W30 a few years ago with a woman who gave our little forum group a food item for each day, and a bunch of recipes with each. It was really fun, and I tried so many foods I wouldn't normally have eaten! I think those recipes are posted somewhere; I'll try to find them.
  7. higs

    Newbie starting today June 4

    Hi RunnerKelly! I'm starting today, too! Congrats on making the leap. Europe, amazing!
  8. Hi gang! I'm excited and a little nervous to be back here again after quite a long time away! I've been around the Whole30 block a few times but not recently (are there any old Dirty30-ers around the forum anymore?), and old habits have crept on back. I'm due and overdue a reset, and I'm looking forward to new lessons and habits and recipes - I've learned something new with every W30, it seems. This time around, I'm hoping to really nail the pre- and post-workout meals since I never got that dialed in. And I'm always game for new recipes. And I'm eager to get back to that blissful, deep, Whole30 SLEEP!! Starting today with my old familiar "meal one" after a big cookup last night. Breakfast: an Aidell's chicken apple sausage (compliant and delicious), roasted Brussels sprouts, mashed white sweet potato with ghee, and avocado. This meal will fuel me for 5-6 hours and is my favorite meal of the day. Oh, and black coffee. Never have quite gotten used to that... I broke my ankle earlier this spring while training for a marathon (stupid pothole) and am now easing back into running after putting on a few pounds after a more sedentary life this spring than what I've been used to. I'm mentally preparing myself for a sluggish couple of weeks - then ENERGY. Day 1, here we go! I hope some peeps out there in the W30 universe will join me for the ride. Company and support makes so much difference!
  9. higs

    9 June Start

    Awwww. I sure miss this group of amazing people. Funnest W30 I ever did.
  10. higs

    Commiting to a December 26th Start Date

    Day 26. Last night I really really really wanted a glass of wine, and tonight I know I'm going to be wanting something stronger than that. I'm trying to strategize getting through an intense period of time while maintaining my Whole30. I think that's going to be mean a long walk after work tonight, and doing something active and distracting. And maybe some yoga. How do you all get through the times when you want to throw in the towel?
  11. higs

    Commiting to a December 26th Start Date

    Hey everyone! Day 24 here. The finishing stretch! I am in sort of a doldrums phase where I'm starting to get cravings just because I'm getting bored. Been here before -- I'm reminding myself to stay the course. So I'm thinking about the "NSVs" (non scale victories) I've had so far: Sleep like a rock, most nights 8 hours Better mood Increased energy No more late afternoon slumps Night sweats and hot flashes are gone Generally more motivated to do stuff Immune system great: I haven't gotten the cold going around This doldrum phase for me usually just lasts a few days, and then I'll get past it and re-motivated. Eyes on the prize, gang! I'm trying to change gears to think about my strategy for this time next week when the official 30 days are done. So how are you all? Hanging in there? Excited to finish, or thinking about continuing on in some way? What are you discovering? Hope everyone's doing great!
  12. higs

    Commiting to a December 26th Start Date

    @stravajunkie, you got this. Go for the template! Good luck and finish strong!
  13. higs

    Commiting to a December 26th Start Date

    @michelle123 , thank you for sharing!! That is awesome. High fives to you on all your successes!
  14. higs

    Commiting to a December 26th Start Date

    Yay!! That is awesome! I've been meaning to try the cauliflower fried rice... It sounds tasty.
  15. higs

    Commiting to a December 26th Start Date

    @access2003, I did legumes first on one of my Whole30's (one where I actually tried proper reintros!). No ill effects. What I did find, though, is that the beans seemed to push the veggies off my plate. The more beans I ate, the fewer the veggies. I'm not sure why it worked that way for me, but that's what I noticed. Legumes are definitely something I'll add back in here and there, though. I'm starting to think about rents, too. I want to start with dairy this time -- vey minimal. I have a suspicion that dairy makes me sad, and I want to test that theory. I plan to keep basically on a Whole30 and try dairy in limited quants for at least 2-3 weeks so I have a pretty good feel for the effect. I ran my first 5k of the year today - actually walked most of it but it was great to get out. It was 9 degrees with the windchill and very icy! Fun though, and inspiring to get after it. How is everyone else doing?