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  1. whole30_patricia

    I was going to wait until Day 40 before I had alcohol, but...

    Thanks. I also weighed in and actually GAINED weight. I'm trying not to feel bad, as I worked out like a beast this last month so I'm going to chalk it up to muscle mass. @slc_melissa I think you've got a point about this all and I'm going to loosen up a little bit. Also, I'm going to do another Whole30 as I *just* started uncovering some of the deeper psychological elements of food choices and behaviors around food. For some of us complicated peeps, 30 days just cracks the can open. Anyways. Once you all supported finding a way to have my wine tonight--suddenly, I didn't need it so bad. Go figure.
  2. whole30_patricia

    I was going to wait until Day 40 before I had alcohol, but...

    Thanks so much. I can tend to be a rigid person, but I'm also pretty aware when I need to give myself a break--and though I don't want to go hog wild--when life throws you 10 curveballs with spikes (as did happen to me recently), sometimes it helps to have wiggle room. I think this sounds good and I'll do a slow roll reintro. Appreciate the feedback. I think there's a tish of ambiguity re: vino etc. as it's not one of the "groups." Plus, at 31, I think most people are like WINE FIRST!!
  3. I have been pretty determined to wait until Day 40 to have alcohol in the evening. However, it's Day 30 and I am really considering having a martini tomorrow night. It's been a pretty crazy few weeks for me on all counts, and my soul, my SOUL wants a drink. Is the idea here that, at times, the sugar and booze will send us off the plan/reintro etc.? Reintro is still very important to me. I want to do this correctly and I know I can. I know I can wait 10 more days for some alcohol, but I needed somewhere to dump this whine-fest. And, get feedback. Thanks.
  4. whole30_patricia

    When to reintroduce wine

    What category is wine? "Whole30 encourages you to follow a four-step plan to conclude the program and reintroduce foods to your diet. The suggested plan follows a 10-day framework, which starts with adding legumes and non-gluten beverages (like wine!), followed by non-gluten grains, dairy, and lastly gluten-containing grains." http://www.thekitchn.com/why-whole30-is-really-more-like-whole40-239849
  5. whole30_patricia

    Day 31

    Absolutely! I already have so much to say about this program (and I'm going to unpack it for a long, long time)--but the first thing I'd tell anyone, is, "DO YOUR DANG RESEARCH AND STOP FINDING WAYS TO CHEAT AND THEN COMPLAIN THAT IT'S NOT WORKING." I read a lot of posts that pretty much are just silly and off plan, across social media posts. Thanks again! ttfn
  6. whole30_patricia

    Day 31

    Can you do SWYPO after day 30? I wouldn't mind a little baked french fry or some type of banana cacao powder ice cream.
  7. whole30_patricia

    Day 31

    Although, I have a very special party on the 11th. I really would like to have a cheers with my friend at his retirement party. I'm thinking maybe I can move legumes to the end, as they are the least probable to have issues with, and then after the 11th, go strict Whole30 4 days, reenter legumes and test those as the final item of reintroduction. Does this sound like a logical compromise (AND do able, can commit to coming back on day 12 to clean up and test legumes). Or, is it just a good idea to just surrender and take my time. It takes at least 11 days to do the reintro correctly. But, I'm trying to find a "real life" workaround which respects my life and the program's intentions. Thoughts?
  8. whole30_patricia

    Day 31

    Thanks! I will heed your advice. I'm actually at the point in the program, where the reward by food/booze/substance is really diminishing by the day--so I think it'll be what I actually *want* to do by day 31--not something I am forcing. BTW, though I cannot totally recognize it, somewhere under all this planning brain, I'm very, very a) HAPPY I embarked upon this Whole30 journey (I've been reading about it for years--just finally had the perfect storm to try it), and b.) that I am DOING IT!! Thanks for your responses and support. =]
  9. whole30_patricia

    Day 31

    Note: I am on Day 20. So. I intend to follow the reintroduction schedule, and stay on the Whole30 during that. And intend to go paleo with a side of Whole30 for life, since my Sugar Dragon is big, huge and monstrous so I don't want her to get hooked on honey. In any event, I'm over here on Day 20, thinking how much I'd like to have a vodka martini or glass of wine on Day 31 and maybe some cashew ice cream made with agave syrup (one, the other or both). Neither the sugar or booze are on the reintro plan--but I believe that is because booze and sugar are the "things we dont use because they are plain and simply not promoting health," and they are things to use when I deem it's worth it. Am I understanding this correctly? Is my strategy for a "Day 31 ZOMG I would love love love the slight martini buzz" experience/experiment a solid strategy? Or does the reintro phase stay really strict Whole30 and only reintro the 5...6 foods: gluten grains, non-grains, legumes, dairy...I forget the others. Thanks for your input. Appreciated!
  10. whole30_patricia

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    Would you have a FB group or something? For these all in encounters, I like private groups for support. I love your idea.
  11. whole30_patricia

    Cream substitute for coffee

    I've been making almond/cashew and store the vanilla bean casing and cinnamon stick in the container I store the milk in, so it gets more flavor. Also, I am using the meal as breakfast, squished up with a banana. Thx to this thread, I just ordered a frother. I feel like my coffee is the one thing I really know you can't mess with--with all the shifts going on, so making it super ENJOYABLE in a sacred, non-addictive way is what i'm focused on. I feel like getting coconut milk but I think that might SWYPO it for me. Too creamy. Too delish.
  12. whole30_patricia

    Whole30 approved almond milk?

    Good morning! FTR, I made straight up almond milk and it's still amazing. http://stupideasypaleo.com/2013/06/17/homemade-almond-milk/
  13. whole30_patricia

    Who's doing the #JanuaryWhole30?

    I'll be using meditation to get through this, I'm sure. Until the "feel good" part kicks in.
  14. whole30_patricia

    Whole30 approved almond milk?

    haha. cute. and, i was just reading and now get it: this is on the behavioral psyche part of things--being able to do without creamy goodness...a crutch.
  15. whole30_patricia

    Whole30 approved almond milk?

    Can you tell me why this is SWYPO? what's different between this and nutpods? Thanks, @littleg. I was thinking about it yesterday and also couldn't figure out the issue. Other than that it's yummy, but so is a sausage meatball. Looking forward to learning more.