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  1. janer1114

    meat fatigue (two questions)

    Thanks for all the info everyone! I was turned off by my turkey meal last night, but the turkey I ate this morning with coconut milk and garam masala was very very tasty...
  2. First, I've been eating some amazing foods and really enjoy the process so far - I'm on end of Day 18. I just made a tomato based sauce with ground turkey to eat over spaghetti squash. The sauce wasn't very flavorful and the ground turkey had a really strong taste. My first question is - does ground turkey usually have a strong taste or was I eating bad ground turkey? Last time I made it, I don't remember it being so memorable....but, perhaps I wasn't paying attention. The sell by date isn't until 8/17 and I only bought it 3 days ago. It's been in my fridge since I bought it. So, this was possibly the first dish I made on my whole30 that I didn't really enjoy. Normally, before Whole30, if I was making a tomato sauce I would not have added meat. I would have had it just with pasta and maybe a little cheese. When I was a little turned off by the meal I made I thought of this and started to feel a little tired of meat all together... Does anyone take a break, even for just a meal, from eating animal protein? What other options are there? I haven't read about what vegetarians do on whole30, because I am not one, but what will happen if I have a vegetarian meal every now and then?
  3. janer1114

    Bison Burgers and Leftover Soup

    two questions in one post: 1) anyone have an amazing recipe for bison burgers?? I'm making some tonight and am about to start researching.... 2) i have leftover silky zucchini soup in the fridge. I made it on Sunday, July 19...it has chicken and beef stock in it....do you think it's still ok to eat?? thanks!
  4. janer1114

    Sausage and Bacon

    Yeah, I guess since I don't really eat it much anyway, I don't need to search it out - there are just SO many recipes with it! Thanks for info!
  5. janer1114

    food dehydrators?

    do you have a food dehydrator? is it a good purchase? what do you use it for mainly?
  6. janer1114

    Sausage and Bacon

    I don't really eat much sausage and bacon in my regular, non-paleo diet....but there are so many recipes with sausage in them....am I right that as long as it's raised well and doesn't have additives sausage is fine? Same with Bacon?