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  1. reneeruecks

    no weight loss, what did I do wrong?!

    I just want to hear from other ppl if this has happened to them, and what they did moving forward
  2. reneeruecks

    no weight loss, what did I do wrong?!

    I just don't understand how things could have gone so much differently this time around. I appreciate your help but I also just want to hear other ppl's stories and see if mine is the same. Being over weight is having an effect on my hormones bc the more excess fat you have hormones get stored. So yes weight loss is important, it's not just bc I'm vain and want to be slimmer, it is really having an effect on other things. I am in this forum for support from everyone, which is what I thought it was for? And I thought ti would be ok to bring up weight loss since i did it in the post whole 30 section. I don't think anyone can argue that being 5'4 and 206 lbs is healthy
  3. So, this is my 3rd completed whole30! The 3rd time around was waay easier. After the first week I really didn't care about sugar. I do still miss it in my coffee sometimes, and all the halloween candy has looked extra good this weekend, but I have stayed strong! I am really disappointed however, bc I DID NOT LOOSE A LB. Last year when I did it I lost 10. I did have some nsv, but not as many as before. I don't know what is going on? My husband said maybe bc I'm a year older? I just don't understand how not eating sugar,dairy, alcohol, bread and grains I didn't loose weight. The scale stayed right at 206. I wonder if I didn't have enough fat, or if I had too much? I didn't eat as much fruit as I did before, I don't know. I'm so perplexed. I do want to continue eating this way bc I did feel better than eating sugar and crap but I am feeling so defeated about the lack of weightloss. I am 5'4 and considered morbidly obese at 206, so weight loss is very important for me.
  4. reneeruecks

    My hormones are getting worse!

    @Kallista thanks! I didn't loose one lb! I'm at a total loss what to do with this weight loss battle!
  5. reneeruecks

    My hormones are getting worse!

    @Kallista thank you so much! I ordered it! There's just some contradiction with the whole 30. Who knows what to do lol. I am going to do another whole 30 and see if this month was just a fluke!
  6. reneeruecks

    My hormones are getting worse!

    I'm not working out at this time. As for veggies I usually always just have broccoli, mushrooms, green beans, spinach, cucumbers, I eat a lot of olives, seeet potatoes and reg potatoes.
  7. reneeruecks

    My hormones are getting worse!

    My hormones have been off balance since having my son 2.5 years ago. I have had major issues losing weight since I've had my son and the only success I've had with weight loss was when I did the whole 30 last October. I felt absolutely amazing, my skin was amazing, but I don't think I tackled the emotional aspect of food as much as I should have and I was unable to stick to the plan once I started eating other foods again. So I went right back to feeling like crap! I had not started taking any supplements for my hormones last year when I did the whole 30 , but I knew something was not right with my hormones. Im not pre diabetic yet, but if my numbers stay where they are then this is something I could be dealing w/ 10 years from now . So I was just as bad last year too! Every morning for breakfast a usually have three eggs a whole bunch of spinach sweet potato and regular potato all cooked in a ton of duck fat. I sometimes have avocado with bfast. Then I have 2 cups of coffee with full fat coconut milk and I usually put a huge spoonful of ghee or coconut oil in each cup. Everything else throughout the day kind of berries, but I do have a large lunch and a large dinner. I usually have potatoes at lunch and just protein vegetables and fat for dinner. I eat until I'm full and satisfied and I definitely can go 4 to 5 hours without eating. If I really do need a snack I usually just have a handful of nuts or an egg. I really just don't know why this experience has been so different. I am sleeping well which is great because I'm not always such a great sleeper, I'm waking up early and with ok energy. I'm just really feeling frustrated
  8. reneeruecks

    My hormones are getting worse!

    This is my 3rd w30. My hormones are worse than ever. Last year when I did it I felt absolutely amazing and this year I am all over the place. My period came 10 days early, I feel like I have been pms ING the whole time and it is bad. Last year I had no signs of pms and a great period. I have also been getting stress hives. This is my 4th time this week. I just feel like I want to scream, cry, I have no patience at all and I feel bad bc I have been snapping at my son bC I have no patience. My hormones are worse than ever. I was taking DIM for my estrogen levels for 3 months im on day 18
  9. reneeruecks

    Whole30 and Weight Loss

    @ladyshanny I don't think it should be the whole focus of this but I just feel like it could be celebrated more. Loosing weight is VERY important for optimal health. I'm not even looking at it as being thin, I'm looking at loosing weight as being healthy. You can't be healthy if you are obese so I just don't get why if ppl talk about weight during their whole 30 it's dismissed. I understand it's a nice break, but I just feel like weight loss is important as well.
  10. reneeruecks

    Whole30 and Weight Loss

    I" so confused as to why weightloss is not something to be celebrated on this program? loosing weight is an AMAZING accomplishment that is a total life changer. I don't understand why it's treated like the plague. Most ppl have a lot of weight to loose and loosing it will in turn give them a healthier, happier life.
  11. reneeruecks

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    My period was 10 DAYS EARLY! This has NEVER in my life happened. I am on my 3rd whole 30. Last year when I did it my period was fine, and I had no PMS which was awesome, this month has been the WORST it's been in awhile, I have no clue if it's due to the whole30 or what, but I am not happy about it. I am also so bloated this time too.
  12. reneeruecks

    period 10 days early and I feel like quitting

    weightloss is a huge issue for me bc I am on the road to becoming pre diabetic and that will not change unless my weight goes down. So yes that is my major goal, I was feeling great until my double period, which has never happened in my life I might add. I can feel as great as I want but If my weight doesn't go down then I am not healthy, so nsv are really not my top priority. Bc of the diest restrictions in this plan my nutritionist suggested this was the best way to go for me, for my health and weight. I really get so annoyed when ppl make remarks like jmcbn. I'm also so frustrated with my body right now. I do not tamper with my meals, I eat until I'm full and I'm not counting calories or weighing foods and I'm eating my fats. I am fully committed to this program and bc weight loss is my goal I shouldn't do it? There is no way a person cannot loose weight by cutting out alcohol, sugar, bread, grains and dairy so I wish they would stop avoiding and embracing that ppl loose weight on this program! loosing weight is more than a side effect for me. I look at is as life or death.
  13. I am on day 16 and today I am just so defeated. Last week I was feeling great, totally over my sugar cravings and was starting to feel really good. My period came 10 days early on sunday and it has just really ruined how I feel. I still weigh 206 after doing this for 16 days, what is the point. my whole purpose of doing this was for weightless, now I probably will barely see any since I'm having double periods. I also wonder if my period coming early is bc of the whole30. This is my 3rd time doing it and it has never happened before. I am just so frustrated and don't see the point.
  14. Ok thank you so much for your help. I don't think I'm eating enough fat. I also really haven't been eating any fruit either. My plate is big and full when I eat. Big heap/ handful of veggies and def a portion or more of meat and usually 1/2 a potato I will try tidying more water. I'm 200 lbs do I def need more water
  15. I guess now that I have put it out there, I really only eat fat once a day unless I have some nuts. What are some good fats? I feel like I have kind of gotten in a food rut. To be honest I'm at the point in the" whole30" where I'm over food. I don't really know the portion sizes bc I don't weigh or measure anything. In the morning I have 3 eggs usually. I eat within an hour and not stressed really. I sleep pretty good I think, it could always be better though. I do wake up a couple times a night.