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  1. #SeptemberWhole30

    Welcome, Aurora Blue. I will be interested to see your results with the low FODMAP husband has the same condition and he is so skeptical of how much Whole 30 will help. Please keep posting here!!
  2. #SeptemberWhole30

    Hi Srohe. Working at a bakery sounds awesome and treacherous!! I found this blurb below under the Whole30 Program rules -- and Im sure we all deal with having to turn down food at one point or another. For me, rather than declining the food and trying to explain the program and why Im doing it (which usually leads to eyes glazed over, a vacant stare or an occasional eye roll from the person I am speaking to), I just say No Thanks. No explanation needed. You never, ever, ever have to eat anything you don’t want to eat. You’re all big boys and girls. Toughen up. Learn to say no, or make your mom proud and say, “No, thank you.” Learn to stick up for yourself. Just because it’s your sister’s birthday, or your best friend’s wedding, or your company picnic does not mean you have to beat anything. It’s always a choice, and we would hope that you stopped succumbing to peer pressure in 7th grade. Maybe that will work for you?
  3. #SeptemberWhole30

    Good morning everyone!! just checking in on day 2. I did all my meal planning last night and looking forward to trying some new recipes that look and sound delicious!! I have a Whole30 board on pinterest with some great recipes and Im happy to share them if anyone is interested. I try to find recipes that are fast and easy -- with ingredients that are readily available. I enjoy cooking but the weather is super nice here this time of year so the less time in the kitchen, the better for me! What are you making this weekend?
  4. Newbie struggling with first week

    Pinterest has a TON of Whole30 recipes -- some very simple, some complicated. Be sure to check there for some ideas. Meal planning is essential and may seem like a pain at first but it gets easier and makes life during your Whole30 so much better! No one wants to grocery shop everyday!! Good luck!
  5. First Day Jitters (I CAN do this!)

    Check out the #September Whole30 thread for September starters!! Its a great way to experience your journey with others!!! Join us!
  6. #SeptemberWhole30

    Hi everyone -- mind if I join you? I've done 4 rounds of W30 over the last couple of years and have found that joining a thread like this and sharing experiences is very helpful for me. A group of girls at work are doing this round with me too! Get your mind right for Day 1 tomorrow! This is going to be fun!!
  7. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Hi all. Glad to hear everyone is keeping up and hanging in there. Hedgehog8, sounds like you had a great trip!! Jogging along the Berlin wall - that sounds amazing! Glad you are on the mend, Liz's Journey. Ugh nothing worse than a stomach bug. Marjet, I tried Kombucha and LOVE it! I got a mango and a berry flavor (GT brand) and cant believe I didn't try them before. The kid at Whole Foods told me to ease into it as they can be an acquired taste. I jumped right in and am enjoying them right off the bat. Speaking of Whole Foods, went there to pick up a few specialty items that a paleo blogger that I follow has recommended -- ended up spending $100 on two bags of groceries. Ugh, I love that place but my lord, some things are so expensive! I am trying a vegan/paleo/non-dairy nacho cheese sauce made by a local company called The Honest Stand - I'm not a big cheese person but like to have tacos/nachos and have heard the cheese sauce is really good. They also make blue cheese sauce, smoked cheese sauce and a couple others. I've also found that using plantain chips instead of chips aren't my thing. Whole Foods sells the brand Siete that makes incredibly yummy casava tortillas and they just started selling the Siete chips too. Also discovered a gluten free cocoa rice cereal that I have been nibbling on -- just like rice krispys and brand is Mom's Best. No weird ingredients and I found a recipe to make rice krispy treats with them. I may be venturing into dangerous territory with those. Hope everyone is doing well Kelli
  8. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Marjet, what brand and flavor of Kombucha do you like best?? Im going to try some and have read some brands/flavors are downright awful. Please share!
  9. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Did someone say Butternut Squash Soup?? I absolutely LOVE it too! So very good, especially when I roast my own squash and full fat coconut milk in the blender until its super smooth. I've made it with store bought packaged squash too and it wasn't nearly as flavorful. I sprinkle some (compliant) bacon on top and cant believe how good it is. It will be my go -to meal when I am old and have no teeth to chew anything. I will suck it through a straw... Congratulations to each and every one of you for completing your W30! When I started this February 1 starters thread, I knew we would have fun, and encourage and share and make it through. Proud of each of you. Looking forward to continuing on here...
  10. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Wow, never heard of Shrove Tuesday but my lord, that sounds like my kind of holiday! Congrats MarJet!!! Yay!! Will you stay on this page for your next 30 days?
  11. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Good morning everyone!! Liz'sJourney, you are definitely an inspiration and thank you for sharing! LadyLisbette, glad you are enjoying ISWF. Such valuable info. Glad to see that a few of you are continuing on after your 30 days! I finished yesterday but I will keep close to the program too -- it's weird, my last two rounds, I had a list of food I missed and couldn't wait to get back to (rice, cream in my coffee, corn chips). Now that I'm done, I planned next weeks menu and the meals are no different than what I've been doing the last 30 days. No rice, no cream, no corn chips in the plan. And I'm totally fine with that. NSV #1. Skin is clear, soft and happy. This is always a big NSV (#2) for me since I have had skin issues for years. I sleep like a log, wake up refreshed and energetic. Workouts are improving. Mind is clear. Weight is down 7 lbs. I feel like I am still a bit moody and need to work on drinking more water, but overall I'm happy. Going to a concert tomorrow night and going to have a drink or two. May just stick to vodka with lacroix (what..who am I?!!). I am a big beer lover but not sure I want to drink beer, then have rumbly results while dancing and singing. Who's next? Cant wait to hear from other finishers! Kelli
  12. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    So sorry to hear about your stepdad, SommerM. Can you make a shopping trip and buy a few things to get you through the next days? Maybe some (compliant) Larabars or RX bars will be good in a pinch.... Make things super easy -- meat, pre-cut veggies, fats. Saute in a skillet. Keep us posted, hang in there.
  13. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Last day for me as well, although I thought tomorrow was until I read your post, DeRynn. Can I consider that a NSV? I plan on sticking around this thread too -- its a good group, and a good place to check in every now and again. Speaking of doing another round, I think a few of us have done several rounds but there are a lot of first timers too. I recommend doing another round -- especially if you are just now reading ISWF. Give yourself some time to read the book, "ride your own bike" and then apply what you've learned in the real world. Keep reading those labels because that may help you think twice about what you are putting in your body. Personally, I found that I did really well for months and months, then the holidays hit and I went off the rails. But I know that W30 works, and here I am again. You guys are experienced now, so I hope you pay it forward and come back to this forum to give advice, lend support and encourage those who are new! Dont forget to share your NSVs (and SV if you want) here when you finish!! Kelli
  14. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    No, coconut milk does not taste like coconut. I don't think it tastes like anything really but is a great substitute for creams/dairy in soups and other sauces. Coconut oil is another story-- I've found that the virgin coconut oil has a coconut taste/smell. I only use (nonvirgin/promiscuous ) regular coconut oil - and it has no flavor. You should try it -- I think you will be surprised.
  15. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    SEE!!!!!!!! Isnt that gratifying??! You impacted someone's life Last weekend of our 30 day journey, guys. Im looking forward to reading all of your NSVs next week. Have a great weekend!!