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  1. Hi Laurenacc! What a fabulous post! You give me strength and inspiration. I've tried several things on reintro and discovered new things about my allergies. I lost 5lbs on W30. I need to do another and focus on integrating other more important changes to my diet and lifestyle. Definitely seeing that hormone changes have made diet changes necessary. omg getting older sucks. The lbs don't melt off as easily anymore! W30 made me realize that sugar is absolutely horrid. Sinus issues etc. Love how I felt (clean) after whole 30! Gearing up for the next round... wishing I
  2. It's sooo quiet in here. Are we the only 2 left Laurenacc?
  3. Laurenacc, what do I win? Quinoa? I think that's what I'll eat. I need it. Tired of nuts LOL and my digestion is slower with them... despite all the veggies and fruit! Peanuts AND chickpeas all on the same day? You rebel
  4. P.S. I saw someone mention Trader Joe's having a Shakshuka base. I'll have to look at the ingredients and check it out! Not as a reintro
  5. Is it finally day 30? I'm stoked but believe it or not, I have no real enthusiasm for something off the plan!? What is everyone choosing to reintroduce tomorrow?
  6. I'm STILL here! Shakshuka? Never heard of it! I'll Google it. My meals have been pretty simple. Grilled chicken ( pretty darn good with a little cayenne, garlic, & salt!) Hamburger (lean) grilled Eggs... shrimp... fish. Lots of good salads and roasted veggies. Nuts, avocados, etc. I miss a little bit of quinoa with some meals. That will be one of my first additions.
  7. Yay! The half way point! I'm starting to feel settled, like doing another round following would be a great idea... maybe a break in between for the weekend. I was never very good at reintroduction. I do know the things that absolutely don't bother me though. Laurenacc, I love your account of reintro! Definitely noticing my face, upper body, stomach looking much improved and edema from food allergies is under control. That's a huge win! <3
  8. YES! Or just plain becoming reclusive. I just had a friend text me: "Hey girl! You alright?" because I disappeared off the face of the earth
  9. Dinner sounds yummy! I still feel bloated and fat too, but I agree - overall I feel a notable improvement. Except running. Zero energy. I feel like I just began. Someone did mention that problem goes away around D17...
  10. Hi Pearlgirl2017, why do you think you're having trouble resisting cravings? It's been hard for me too, but I've battled it this long and I'm having fewer. Yay! I think for me, it was letting all the sugar leave my system. My tastebuds followed eventually lol. Quick meal prep... have to love that. One thing about W30 is it takes my focus off food being enjoyable and makes it more about meals for sustenance. I do like that lesson. I'm just going to oven bake some boneless skinless chicken breasts for dinner (extra for the week) and have a nice fresh salad. Found some blackberries too
  11. LOL, yummy breakfast Pearlgirl2017! (I'm totally not above eating some cold leftover brussel sprouts when I'm hunting down a quick eat. Guilty of it as a matter of fact I got to meal prep. Did some pieces of salmon and a good salad for the week. Added some fresh mint to the greens. Avocado, heirloom tomato, mushroom, celery, cucumber, mixed baby greens.
  12. Yes, time to change it up. I'm tired of almonds and carrots lol. I could really go for a nice salad with avocado on top! I just saw the BEST post on FB. Someone is using their cheap little waffle iron from Target to make veggie toast! I.E. She used zucchini spirals. Squeezed all the water out, added a little egg, seasoning, mix ingredients, fry to crisp in the waffle iron, then top with tomato, prosciutto, etc. Sweet potato is another good one for the waffle iron...
  13. Peargirl2017, how was your energy at the gym? :(... I am anxiously waiting for my first run... once my twisted ankle heals.
  14. That sounds like a yummy recipe! I love riced cauliflower.
  15. Welcome Guestoff! You lost 30lbs last time you did W30?!