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  1. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Hi everyone. Checking in to see how you all are? I am chugging along. Binging under control and making healthy choices but it truly is the proverbial one day at a time. I keep having to mutter "Rome wasn't built in a day" to myself and try to suppress the mean girl thoughts that invariably come up. I cannot escape the fact that I have gained weight over the past year or so from the on/off yoyo fest. And it doesn't make me happy. But unlike my usual trick of restricting calories and beating myself up I am trying to eat intuitively, watch portions (i.e. just because sweet potatoes are healthy doesn't mean that 4 cups are a good side dish!) and exercise. The rest should solve itself and will stay off if I do it slowly. Off to grocery shop for the week shortly and then to tackle all the weekend chores. Have you been watching the Olympics? Loved to see the skiing even if I can't do it!
  2. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Hi everyone. Great to hear your updates. @Dragonslayer, your soup sounds just what the doctor ordered. @littleg Congrats on the move and new house. You're the second person who has highlighted Bret Contreras so I definitely need to check him out. I really want to start lifting heavier weights. Food freedom is interesting. I've toggled between too much discipline and then extreme stick my head in the fridge. The answer lies in the middle and that is what I am working on. One day at a time. My middle zone means mostly W30 with a little dairy. Weirdly I have no desire to add back legumes or bread. What I need to work on is that the answer to my disordered eating is with me and I have the tools to change it. So far I feel like I am making slow but sure progress. A lot of snow here today but then in the 60s next week. Looking forward to some warmer temperatures! In anticipation of warmer weather we made the best chicken skewers last night adapted from Mel Joulwan's shashlik recipe. It's W30 compliant and I have tons of left overs for lunches. Here's what I did Cut about 3lb skinless boneless chicken breast into chunks. Put in a bowl and add in half a cup of plain soda water or seltzer, juice of a lime, 2 bay leaves, tablespoon of smoked paprika, teaspoon each of cumin, coriander and salt. Then add in a bunch of fresh tarragon. Stir and cover in fridge for minimum of 2 hours. Thread onto skewers and grill. Have a great rest of weekend!
  3. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Welcome home @Dragonslayer. It sounds like you have an incredible support network. On the wedding front, do you ever look at They have gorgeous ideas. It's a sleepy Sunday here. Just managed to stir myself to go to exercise class and now about to tackle weekly meal prep. Roasting veggies for lunch and making chicken Marbella which is a big favorite, and incredibly easy. Full disclosure, I am not W30 right now. I am trying a Whole Me, which is 75% W30 and then some freedom around the edges for things like oatmeal or almond milk or a little dairy. I would like to lose some weight and need to have options beyond nuts to stick my beak into! Taking it day by day but so far so good....... Maybe it's food freedom but not sure!
  4. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you take comfort in knowing that your mama will always be with you in your heart. Sending huge hugs and OMG I cannot believe the dog bite. Animals I think can absorb stress and then they don't have an outlet like us. I am thinking of you, your strength and incredible grace throughout all of the challenges you've faced. You truly are a rock star. @littleg Congrats on your 40 and way to go on the 60. I am funk-less and experimenting with less rules. So 70 percent W30 and the rest not, like a smoothie with protein powder once in a while or a little parmesan. Snap, my little is 8oz! Will share some more -- compliant -- recipes that I have been playing around with.
  5. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Happy weekend! Hope you're doing well. @Dragonslayer Your aunt sounds so lovely!
  6. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Here's the new sheet pan recipe. I ended up not having all of the ingredients, so ad-libbed instead and it worked out ... surprisingly simple .... Preheat oven to 400 Take a large cauliflower and cut into florets. Toss in large bowl with tablespoon on olive oil and salt and pepper. Line a large baking tray with parchment and put the cauliflower on one half and put in oven. While the cauliflower is roasting, in the same bowl add in about a 1LB of boneless, skinless, chicken breasts that you cut into long strips. Add in the zest from one lemon and about two tablespoons of fresh tarragon. Season to taste and toss with half tablespoon of olive oil. Once the cauliflower has cooked for about 12-15 minutes, remove from oven and add the chicken to the second half of the baking tray. Cook for another 12-15 minutes. While the chicken is cooking, gently toast a quarter cup of slivered almonds in a small saucepan. When everything is ready, sprinkle the almonds over the chicken and cauliflower and serve
  7. Boston/suburbs with guests

    @Beckaa Legal Seafoods is a great option. They're very good about allergens and I've never had a problem getting plain grilled fish, baked potato, steamed veggies and avocado etc. As @ladyshanny said, you can pretty much eat anywhere, although Chinese can be super challenging, as long as you're prepared to ask questions.
  8. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer That's so amazing and not surprising that the medical community is getting on board. Great too to have allies around you, It's like a big hug. I am still in a funk but continuing to fight my way out. I feel like I have a case of the worst PMS although I am perimenopausal so its any guess when the "M" in that acronym will appear. I am thinking I will truck on fighting the binge urge until the start of lent and then use that period to do a really solid W30, ergo three template meals and no snacking. From there it's on to my version of food freedom after a reintroduction period. I am so inspired by everyone on this board and am determined that this is the year i will conquer this dragon.
  9. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer I think it's amazing how open and honest you are in asking for support. i need to do that more. I would be completely powerless in front of cinnamon cake. It's my favorite spice in the world. But only with sweet things if that makes sense? You sound so strong despite everything you have going on. Just my two cents but don't get too hard on yourself about what you've gained weight wise. It's just a number and a reference point. But it doesn't define you. Hope you can catch up on some sleep.... Today was mixed. Did well all day, went to exercise class and then inhaled my body weight in nuts. And then ate a huge dinner. One day at a time though, one foot in front of other.
  10. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer Thinking of you this week and sending hugs. I am sure it will give your mama so much comfort to see you married. Thank you to you and @littleg for your support. I've crawled back out and am figuring out next steps. One day at a time is the short term answer. Trying out a new sheet pan recipe this week and will post if it's a success!
  11. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Big hugs @Dragonslayer
  12. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Thanks so much @littleg What you said is perfect,
  13. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Sorry for the silence! @littleg so glad the little guy is feeling better and that some sleep has been restored. @Dragonslayer will check out the docuseries today. I've had a really tough week. Totally spiraled into old binge patterns albeit not as bad as they used to be. Still very hard mentally and struggling to haul myself out Made a clutch decision to take a mental health day today in hopes that I can regroup. Coming back here is the start as is practicing self compassion. The place I go when this happens is very negative, I feel like I have no self control, and feel unattractive. sorry for the pity party but it's my current reality. Hoping that I can turn things around and climb back up. Thanks for listening
  14. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer I don't think the day count matters - 5,7,9 etc. - as much as how you feel each day and that you keep trying. You're learning things every time you don't achieve your goals and that's win too. Long day and crazy week but light is on horizon and I just learned that i don't have to travel overseas for work next week and am happy about that.
  15. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Thanks @Dragonslayer and nicely done today. I love the plates idea. It's so easy to pick up handfuls of stuff and not be aware. Enjoy dinner!