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  1. Wow! Great results @wp3 Congratulations. I tend to agree on not continuously W30-ing. I did that for a while and all I learned was not to trust my own ability to decide about foods. I also felt so deprived that it triggered binging. So now I have a little more freedom but stick to what I know feels good and well away from sugar, Good luck for the onward journey
  2. Hi @Hope4Overcomers! On day 5 and starting to settle in. My goal this weekend is to find some good new recipes to try as my tried and true are getting a little too familiar and rote. I follow the instagram feed and bloggers like nom nom paleo so have lots of inspiration but welcome any and all suggestions. My mini epiphany this week has been if not now then when? I can't keep bouncing back and forth and need to commit to getting this food, body image thing conquered once and for all. My old pattern would be to do W30 for 60-90 days and then have a big fall. Now I just want to reset and put my energies into food freedom. I know what works and what does not. I just have to listen to myself! Sounds like you are in great shape for a restart!
  3. @Hope4Overcomers Good luck tomorrow. Thinking of you. Just wrapped up Day one redux. Stomach so upset from off plan slide that sticking to it has been easier!
  4. You're not alone @Elizabeth33 I am starting over today too. Stress got the better of me and i slid right back to old patterns. But I do know that the definition of failure is not trying so I am trying again And I am also remind myself if not now then when? You can do it. I have no doubt. Welcome to day one!!
  5. Hi everyone. Hope you don't mind me jumping in. I have been on and off Whole30 for a while as means to control stress, anxiety and bad eating habits. On the latter, I am 70% a healthy eater, cook all my meals but the other 30% is binging under stress and eating way too much sugar, my drug of choice! I am still battling for total food freedom but have absolutely made progress with the guard rails that W30 provides. I would like company as I try to use all my lessons learned to keep improving and finding the right balance. My lessons learned thus far are not substituting plates of fruit for sugar or overdoing the sweet potato and carb-heavy veg to compensate. And keeping my beak out of the nuts as they really upset my stomach. One thing to say, another thing to do. Anyway, wishing you all a great start and day!
  6. I am really confused now! I thought their iced teas --without any classic syrup -- were compliant?! I like the green tea. Help?!