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  1. it depends on how you like it, but ideally if it still tastes sweet then there's still sugar, so you probably should leave it a bit longer. After the first 7 days, just keep trying it everyday. at some point it will no longer taste sweet, and then as you leave it longer it'll get more and more vinegary. stop and bottle at whatever point you feel comfortable with the amount of vinegar taste. Add sugar to the bottles, and that will then ferment in the bottles to produce the fizz (I use around a half to one teaspoon per litre bottle), leave for maybe a couple of weeks warm for that sugar to completely convert. I do tend to make a batch which takes probably three weeks or more to make and then I might drink it all before getting another batch on so I don't always have some around. Strictly speaking, whilst on W30 you shouldn't be having any added sugar, so you can add apple juice, or some other naturaly sweet addition to the bottle for conditioning, and if you leave it long enough the sugar will be converted, and there'll be some fizz. or you can avoid that step by bottling whilst still slightly sweet. with this process you shouldn't get bottle bombs, but if there's a lot of sugars to ferment, and you have deficient bottles, and you fill too full, and you leave too warm for too long, well, then you might get an explosion - but it's incredibly unlikely.
  2. Avocado

    can you have it? yes of course, you're an adult, have what you want. but Is it Whole30? - technically yes, the ingredients are compliant, but as above answers, it's not following the template, and it's not a meal you can 'eat', so if you do this, you're kind of not going to get the full benefits that Whole30 brings, if you follow it 'properly'. are you trying to bend the rules to fit something that you liked before, which you don't want to leave behind?
  3. I've just finished the last bottle of my third batch - probably didn't leave it long enough in first fermentation, as it was still sweet when bottled, and each bottle grey it's own little layer of SCOBY - which I felt terrible about when I put it in the compost. The initial one, still in the tapped kilner jar will be ok to start the next batch. If I got my arse in gear I'd start making a new batch as I started the last bottle, then wouldn't run out - oh well. it's all good. calling a SCOBY Toby makes sense, but why Maggie?
  4. Kombucha

    I have another batch of Kombucha bottled, and conditioning. I was under the impression that if you add any sugar to the bottles, then this will get converted by fermentation in the bottle, and the CO2 will be trapped, which is what causes it to be fizzy. I'm not currently doing a W30, so added 1/2 tsp of sugar per litre bottle, which is less than I use for conditioning when brewing beer. I'm always unsure of kombucha, as it's fermented, there's a small amount of alcohol, which would make it non compliant, however, the benefits of the antioxidents, and other benefits of fermented tea drink, apparently outweigh the small amount of alcohol. I'm guessing that the sugar thing is a bigger issue, and yes it'll carbonate, although less, and slower, if you don't add sugar to the bottles.
  5. Do I eat dinner or skip it?

    I agree with SugarCube - I'd suggest smaller bagged meals that you can eat in 10 minutes, and maybe have 4 smaller meals a day rather than 3. as long as the total amount of food is about the same. you're active so you could get away with slightly more food. I would try to stop and eat, rather than eat while driving though. There are legal rules about how long you should work without a break too...
  6. Fat % Scale

    are you volunteering to take a closer look at her stools?!
  7. Compliant Starbucks Drinks?

    eating the right foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you'll find that your energy levels become a lot more even, and you might find that you just don't 'need' coffee anymore (though it might take a while). I found that if I made coffee first thing before eating breakfast then I ended up drinking it, but if I made breakfast first, and started drinking a pint of water with it, I quite often didn't want/need the coffee. I went from 3 or 4 a day down to usually just 1, sometimes none a day. drinking kombucha also helps as something different to water. best bet in coffee shops is either espresso, or black Americano (even though Americano is technically just an espresso with hot water, you still get asked if you want it black, or with milk...?!)
  8. The crazy things people say

    If that was me I'd ask if he'd get me to pick up a 6 pack of beer and a fifth of bourbon, if I was a recovering alcoholic, or if he would ask me to pick up a packet of cigarettes if he knew that I'd quit smoking - his answer would surely be 'no', so why ask me to pick up diet coke if he knows I'm steering clear of it? unless he's one of those people who say, what's the harm in you buying it for me? You're not consuming it. That's the kind of person you really don't need as a friend during Whole 30.
  9. I made some yesterday - I reuse the jar that my olives came in, and double the standard mayonnaise recipe. so 2 eggs, 1tsp salt, 1 tsp mustard, about 500ml oil (this time I forgot the lemon juice, but it was not terrible, just slightly different flavour) - put all into the jar, if the blender fits in, otherwise I used the jug that the blender comes with, which is just wider than the blade end. dump all ingredients in, put blender to bottom, blend, till it starts to emulsify, then lift slowly. I think it took me less than 2 minutes total. don't worry about making too much, you'll love it so much, and have it with everything, it'll soon be gone way before it goes off.
  10. drain, sink, toilet - all the same really - was wondering if there was a problem with it being processed elsewhere? It's not going to cause an issue in the grey water or sewerage, so probably ok.
  11. Weird hours, help me plan!

    do you have any employment laws? If you work over 6 hours, you're legally entitled to a half hour break. if it's quiet, get someone else to cover the front desk, and get the hell out of there, go for a walk, 5 minutes, sit for 20 minutes to eat a meal, 5 minutes walk back - feel refreshed and energized!
  12. I ended up bottling the kombucha that had mould on it (but only a smidgen) - 1 tsp sugar in each litre bottle, left somewhere warm ish, and since my last post I've drank the whole lot - 3 x 1litre bottles of it. they were all slightly fizzy, with a nice taste - I added a slice of lime to each bottle. so the mould wasn't ever an issue. now though I didn't want to re-use that original scoby, so it went down the drain and I've brought some more 'live' kombucha from a shop, and I'll culture that up as a starter, then produce another batch. is it ok to dispose of an old scoby down the drain?
  13. If anyone new reads this and just takes away what I've selected above then this post was worth it.
  14. Day 9: Snacks, or lack thereof

    I normally have half an Avo, about 12 olives, and probably mayo as well, if I'm making a salad type meal. this will be with 3 fried eggs, and lettuce, and maybe other veggies. It really is quite difficult to eat too much fat.
  15. it sounds like you started W30 with the best intentions even though you probably didn't need to do a W30 as much as some other poeple need to do one. I'm guessing that you've not got/read 'It Starts With Food' - I'd suggest you do, it is full of the why's and wherefors for all the rules, and as you're fit, and know a lot about nutrition already it should all make sense. From the meals you've written about in your original post, I'd reiterate what all the others have said, that you've not eating enough veggies, you're eating too much fruit, probably far too many nuts, not enough proteins/healthy fats each meal. You don't need to have different meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can just make a big batch of something compliant and just eat that three times a day, then make something else compliant and eat that, but most people prefer to have some variety. some of your dinners look good - just make double, and save one portion, and have it for breakfast. it'll be quick to prepare, and should be compliant. I wouldn't normally tell you to stop, but you might need to eat a lot of everything for a few days to get back into a healthier mode, and then extend the W30. If you're up to it, you could stay compliant and just eat four meals a day for a few days. You definitely need to eat more food if you're doing more exercise - the meal template is a rough guide, but you're doing a lot more exercise than most so you should definitely be making your meals at the very top end of the template. instead of 3 eggs and half an Avo, try 5 eggs and a whole Avo, with all the extra veg, if you can't do eggs, try two chicken breast instead on one. just for a few days, see how you feel. Please come back and tell us how you get on - I'm sure you'll succeed, and we love success stories here! you'd be amazed at how many people on Instagram and FB claim to be doing W30, and tag things as W30, but are just way off plan, and have never read the books or understand what they're doing.