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  1. Crastney

    I don't get it. Baffled.

    if by 'pep' you mean the 'tiger blood' which gets talked about on here - that's usually a lot more likely if you eat oily fish as part of your meals. I would certainly aim to drink more water, and probably also eat more food. I know, you're trying to lose weight, that eating more seems a stupid idea. it is counter-intuitive, but if your body doesn't think it's getting enough food to survive then it'll make more of an effort to store any food for later use.
  2. it depends on how you like it, but ideally if it still tastes sweet then there's still sugar, so you probably should leave it a bit longer. After the first 7 days, just keep trying it everyday. at some point it will no longer taste sweet, and then as you leave it longer it'll get more and more vinegary. stop and bottle at whatever point you feel comfortable with the amount of vinegar taste. Add sugar to the bottles, and that will then ferment in the bottles to produce the fizz (I use around a half to one teaspoon per litre bottle), leave for maybe a couple of weeks warm for that sugar to completely convert. I do tend to make a batch which takes probably three weeks or more to make and then I might drink it all before getting another batch on so I don't always have some around. Strictly speaking, whilst on W30 you shouldn't be having any added sugar, so you can add apple juice, or some other naturaly sweet addition to the bottle for conditioning, and if you leave it long enough the sugar will be converted, and there'll be some fizz. or you can avoid that step by bottling whilst still slightly sweet. with this process you shouldn't get bottle bombs, but if there's a lot of sugars to ferment, and you have deficient bottles, and you fill too full, and you leave too warm for too long, well, then you might get an explosion - but it's incredibly unlikely.
  3. I've just finished the last bottle of my third batch - probably didn't leave it long enough in first fermentation, as it was still sweet when bottled, and each bottle grey it's own little layer of SCOBY - which I felt terrible about when I put it in the compost. The initial one, still in the tapped kilner jar will be ok to start the next batch. If I got my arse in gear I'd start making a new batch as I started the last bottle, then wouldn't run out - oh well. it's all good. calling a SCOBY Toby makes sense, but why Maggie?
  4. Crastney


    I have another batch of Kombucha bottled, and conditioning. I was under the impression that if you add any sugar to the bottles, then this will get converted by fermentation in the bottle, and the CO2 will be trapped, which is what causes it to be fizzy. I'm not currently doing a W30, so added 1/2 tsp of sugar per litre bottle, which is less than I use for conditioning when brewing beer. I'm always unsure of kombucha, as it's fermented, there's a small amount of alcohol, which would make it non compliant, however, the benefits of the antioxidents, and other benefits of fermented tea drink, apparently outweigh the small amount of alcohol. I'm guessing that the sugar thing is a bigger issue, and yes it'll carbonate, although less, and slower, if you don't add sugar to the bottles.
  5. Crastney

    The crazy things people say

    If that was me I'd ask if he'd get me to pick up a 6 pack of beer and a fifth of bourbon, if I was a recovering alcoholic, or if he would ask me to pick up a packet of cigarettes if he knew that I'd quit smoking - his answer would surely be 'no', so why ask me to pick up diet coke if he knows I'm steering clear of it? unless he's one of those people who say, what's the harm in you buying it for me? You're not consuming it. That's the kind of person you really don't need as a friend during Whole 30.
  6. drain, sink, toilet - all the same really - was wondering if there was a problem with it being processed elsewhere? It's not going to cause an issue in the grey water or sewerage, so probably ok.
  7. I ended up bottling the kombucha that had mould on it (but only a smidgen) - 1 tsp sugar in each litre bottle, left somewhere warm ish, and since my last post I've drank the whole lot - 3 x 1litre bottles of it. they were all slightly fizzy, with a nice taste - I added a slice of lime to each bottle. so the mould wasn't ever an issue. now though I didn't want to re-use that original scoby, so it went down the drain and I've brought some more 'live' kombucha from a shop, and I'll culture that up as a starter, then produce another batch. is it ok to dispose of an old scoby down the drain?
  8. my kombucha got mould! to start with there were just a few blue mouldy spots, which I lifted out, but they came back, and I tried to lift them out as well but they ended up getting sucked into the SCOBY underneath, and then sinking. I will have to ditch the entire batch. just when it was starting to get interesting flavour too. I've been draining off a small amount each day or two to see what the flavour is like, and when it's no longer sweet, for bottling. I knew that I wouldn't necessarily get a proper scoby from this one as it was from an old batch from the fridge. I don't have any white distilled vinegar, and didn't want to use ACV like before, so maybe this was the issue. If I ditch this I won't have a started SCOBY so will have to go out and buy a bottle of kombucha that's still 'live' - that's easy enough. this morning when I tasted it it had started to get a fizzy tingly sensation on the tongue as I drank it - not sure what this was, as it should not have carbonated as the container wasn't sealed. anyway - back to square one.
  9. Crastney

    The crazy things people say

    thanks - I have forwarded that website to my mother.
  10. Crastney

    The crazy things people say

    Colleague: Wow you always eat so healthily! Me: yeah, you should see what I eat at the weekends at breakfast with MIL MIL - what's this 'cashew butter?' looks a bit posh (ie expensive) - what's wrong with peanut butter? Me: - peanuts aren't allowed on Whole30 MIL: but you're not doing Whole30 at the moment. "I know, but we like it, and there's some left, so we're eating it" "but you're not allergic to peanuts!" (thanks for confirming that for me, I'd never have known! - I've never actually been tested, and I could be very slightly allergic, without knowing - that's what W30 is for right? but she just 'knows' that I'm not allergic! ) ... she reads a bit of ISWF "You can't have alcohol on Whole30! - I'll take back that bottle of Limnocello that we just gave you then if you're not going to be able to drink it" (they're just back from a trip to Italy) "we're not doing Whole30 at the moment! we can have alcohol if we chose to" (didn't you see me sharing a bottle of wine with you at dinner only last night!?)
  11. yes, the scoby was out of the fridge before I started washing the new jar. then I made the tea, which i let cool down to about 25C. I think I used about 8 teaspoons of loose leaf tea, and made a full pot, and I think that was about 1 quarter of the jar - so I added three times the water as the tea. we'll just have to wait and see how it goes.
  12. The wife got me one of those brewing/serving glass containers with a clip lid, and a tap on the bottom - ideal for continuous brew of Kombucha. I found my old SCOBY in the fridge, I made a strong pot of tea, added a cup of sugar, several cups of water, and the scoby to the glass jar and hopefully it'll start to ferment again. I can use the tap to draw off a sample each day, so that I don't overbrew it this time. When I have the right flavour I'll bottle about two thirds, and make up some more sweet tea. then I'll have to see how quickly I drink it.
  13. Crastney


    Yikes Shaggy! Scoby doby do! *SCOBY - Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast - theliving thing that ferments sweet tea into Kombucha.
  14. Crastney


    If you buy an organic one (aren't they all organic?), that might specify that it's unpasteurised, or that it contains the 'mother' or something like that, then you can create a starter pot, and then a SCOBY, and start making your own, then you know what's in it, and that its compliant, and you can add the flavourings you want. soon you'll have scobys coming out of your ears!
  15. Crastney

    Can i have balsamic vinegar?

    there are plenty of choices of other balsamic vinegars though, and quite a few are compliant - remember - allways read the lable of "ingredients"